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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 324

Nevertheless, I was curious as to who exposed the entire debacle to the public.

The Baumans knew nothing of this. Besides Sally and me, who else could it be?

I couldn’t understand any of it, so I simply stopped thinking. Looking up at Ashton, I asked, “Is everything alright at Fuller Corporation?”

He seems pretty exhausted lately.

With a faint smile, Ashton shook his head. “We’re expanding, so there are bound to be some difficulties. Don’t worry. I can solve the problems easily.”

Clearly, he didn’t want me to worry. I changed the topic deftly. “I might go to M Country to visit Macy and Jackson. It might take a while.”

His brows furrowed up. “It’s almost the end of the year. Why can’t you leave after the celebrations?”

I let out another sigh. “I’m just worried for them. You told me Dr. Crest is in M Country, so I told him to keep an eye on both Macy and Jackson. But he didn’t send me anything.”

After I finished bandaging his wound, Ashton tugged me down to sit beside him. “Let’s talk about this calmly, shall we?”

As he was rarely this patient with me, I gave him a nod. “Sure, go on.”

“The temperature in M Country is at least ten degrees lower than K City. You’ve just recovered, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to head there now. Do you understand?”

I inclined my head.

He pulled me into his arms and added, “Besides, Louis is going to hold a grand party to celebrate you being his goddaughter. Also, your plan to take Cameron down is about to succeed. Won’t you stay and see her ending for yourself?”

It took me a few seconds to realize what he was saying. Looking up in surprise, I blurted out, “Y-You know about it?”

Chuckling lightly, he brushed his finger across my nose. “Do you seriously think Stacey could get access to all the information easily in K City?”

Lips parted in surprise, I stared at him wordlessly as warmth enveloped my heart. He knew what I wanted and never stopped me from doing anything. Instead, he gave me his full support by helping me secretly.

A wave of warmth washed over me as I snuggled into his embrace. “Thank you, Ashton.” My voice was hoarse.

He pressed a kiss on my forehead before inquiring, “Why did Rebecca come here today?”

“For her mother,” I replied curtly. My belly wasn’t aching anymore, but I couldn’t summon any energy.

Ashton spoke. “I’ll ask Joe to escort her to M Country. She’ll live there peacefully.”

“Mm,” came my cool reply.

Sensing my displeasure, he lifted my chin and forced me to meet his gaze. “Are you upset?”

“No.” I shook my head and exhaled. “Ashton, I know you’re forever responsible for her the moment you made your promise to Parker. We can’t predict the future, so let’s just savor the present.”

George was a retired soldier. He had brought Ashton up to be a responsible man. Hence, even though Ashton never loved Rebecca, he’d still take good care of her.

I must say Parker had picked the perfect person to take care of his sister.

Sally was determined that it was me who told the reporters about her past, so she deliberately made things difficult for me.

Ashton was on a business trip, and I was fed up with Sally’s mocking comments. Hence, I went to White Corporation to view the progress of the OrbitTech project.

Before I could leave, I bumped into Cameron outside. K City was freezing in winter, so she was clad in a fashionable but warm outfit—black thigh-high boots and white knee-length puffer jacket.

Upon spotting me, she alighted from her vehicle and removed her sunglasses. “Ms. Stovall, you’re pretty busy. Are you heading out in the cold?”

I knew why she was here and went straight to the topic. “Ms. Anderson, why are you here?”

She flashed an elegant smile. “It’s freezing out here. Do you mind chatting in my car?”

After pulling the door of her car open, she added, “Don’t worry. The car is well-heated.”

I entered the passenger seat. “What is this about?” I asked.

“Did you provide that information to Louis?” she inquired without any hint of warmth.

Tilting my head, I pondered about it before responding, “Which information?”

She curled her lips into a smirk and fiddled with her sunglasses. “To be honest, you are exactly like me when I was young—vindictive and cold. I’ve worked hard over the years just to marry Zachary. Now, I’ve finally achieved my dream. You’re smart enough to attack my weak spots—Rebecca and Zachary.”

She added, “You dug up dirt about me so the Moore family would kick me out. But have you ever thought about how I’ll retaliate? After all, I didn’t suffer from a fatal blow. When I launch an attack, what will happen to you?”

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