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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 322

I pursed my lips as a fresh swell of rage rose in me. Scanning her venomous being, I let out an abrupt laugh. “That means your mother shouldn’t exist in this world too. Do you know what will happen to her next? Come, let me explain everything.”

Seeing how furious she was, my voice grew increasingly cold. “Next, she’ll be charged for bribery, theft, murder, and illegal trading. Then, her assets would be seized and auctioned off. Even if you and Zachary could get her out of jail, she’ll be left with nothing.”

I paused and let out a sinister chuckle. “She used to be a wealthy and powerful woman. Now, she’d returned to square one, broke and left with nothing. Do you think she can handle the pain? By the way, I heard that the youngest daughter of the Moore family, Emery Moore, is back. You must be in a tight spot now. If she loses everything, I wonder how you’ll survive in the Moore family.”

As the color drained out of Rebecca’s face, I shrugged casually. “Well, I can’t wait for that to happen.”

“Scarlett, you b*tch!” She raised her hand to give me a slap, but I gripped her wrist before she could do that.

Her gaze was ablaze with fury and killing intent.

I released her and chuckled lightly. “Don’t stare at me. I know you hate me, but I can’t help it. I’m sorry, Rebecca.”

Utterly furious, her lips curled into a smirk. “Do you really think I care? Yes, I can’t be with Ashton anymore. But he’ll never forget about me. After knowing that my mother is in trouble, he has arranged everything nicely for me. Even without the Moore family’s help, I can survive abroad with his arrangements.” She sneered, “Scarlet, you’ll live under my shadows forever. I might be suffering, but so are you!”

I was overwhelmed momentarily by her words. Ashton has thought of everything.

When I snapped back to reality, Rebecca was gazing at me smugly. “He might be your husband, but he’ll grow sick of you one day. Time will tell everything. By then, no matter what has become of me, he’ll still take care of me. Scarlett, you might think you’ve won, but the truth is, you’ve lost miserably.”

Shrugging casually, I pretended as if I wasn’t bothered. “Congratulations in advance, then. Regardless of how he’ll treat me in the future, it doesn’t matter to me now. No one knows what will happen in the future, right?”

Her breathing got heavier, as though she couldn’t understand why I was still calm. She raised her hand to try to hit me again, but thought the better of it.

“Tell me what you’re going to do next. Scarlett, since things have gotten ugly now, you don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.”

I smiled faintly. “Why would I do so? I’ve always been a bad b*tch. When I take revenge, I like to torture my enemy. An instant kill is not fun at all. Torturing her is far more interesting. I’ll watch as everything slips out of her reach slowly while she has a mental breakdown. Just thinking about it sends a thrill of anticipation through me. It won’t be fun if I reveal everything to you now.”

“You must be crazy!” Rebecca’s face contorted with anger. “Scarlett, if you insist on making me suffer, I’ll make your life a living hell, too!”

She might be enraged, but this was my house. In the end, she spun on her heels and left in a huff.

Before she left, she hissed, “Scarlett, if I can’t have it, nobody else will!”

She was so overwhelmed with hatred. My drowsiness faded away as I stood at the door blankly.

“You’re good at pissing people off.” Sally’s voice sounded from behind.

I glanced at her coolly and said nothing.

Even though I ignored her, she continued, “Cameron is particularly vengeful. You should either defeat her entirely or make sure she ends up in jail forever. Otherwise, if she comes back later, you’ll be in trouble.”

I stared at her calmly. “Are you saying I should kill her once and for all?”

After all, only the dead wouldn’t be able to make a comeback.

She snickered, “You can try that.”

How ruthless of her.

Our conversation ended after that. I entered the kitchen and told Mrs. Eriksen to prepare some ginger carrot soup for me.

I was talking to her when Ashton’s call came in. His voice was crisp and clear as usual. “Are you at home? Do you have any cravings? I can buy them for you.”

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