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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 314

John was angered by my remark. “I’m making a mountain out of a molehill? You tried to kill yourself for God’s sake! Are you going to keep saying that it’s nothing until you’re dead?”

Feeling helpless, I kept trying to change the topic. “I gave you the documents yesterday. Is the Moore family making any move now?”

I could vaguely hear him sigh. “Uncle Louis looked into Hector and Savini just like you asked. He found something and has gone to J City today.”

I nodded. “Oh, by the way, Cameron might look like she’s not involved in this. Since their relationship is purely professional, it’d make investigations hard, as everything will look normal. Tell Uncle Louis to look into Hector’s wife. He’ll probably find out the deal between Hector and Cameron then.”

“Got it. Wait for me at the company. I’ll pick you up in a jiffy.” I had thought that I managed to distract him, but he just wouldn’t let the matter slide. He must be an idiot.

Taking a deep breath, I said calmly, ”Don’t come. I’m leaving the company now.”

The elevator was here, so I hung up. It wouldn’t take a few minutes for me to leave, so it was impossible for him to pick me up. Unless he could fly.

I thought I could leave right away, but unfortunately, life had to throw a wrench in my plans. Ashton came for me when I arrived at the first floor. He was in a black bespoke suit, looking dashingly handsome with his extraordinary height and attractive looks.

I subconsciously tried to evade him, but before I could, he was already walking over to me. Before I knew it, he was hugging me without a care in the world. “When are you going to stop throwing a tantrum?”

I pursed my lips, but I didn’t resist since everyone was looking at us. “I’m not throwing a tantrum.” I forced out a smile.

Just when he was dragging me out of the company, a conspicuous sports car skidded to a halt, attracting everyone’s attention. The door spun up in style, and out came John. He was wearing sunglasses, and he radiated a thuggish air.

John took off his sunglasses when he saw me in Ashton’s arms, and he squinted at Ashton. “Mr. Fuller, can’t you see she doesn’t want this?”

Ashton threw him a look of disdain before turning to me. “So this is why you don’t want me around, huh?”

What the hell? This is slander! ”No.” I said calmly, “I have no idea why he’s here.”

Handling Ashton alone was problematic enough. Adding John into the mix would be a recipe for disaster. I looked at both men before caving in. “Fine, I’ll go for the checkup.” Then, I went into Ashton’s car.

At the psychology department within Top Three Hospital, only I and the psychologist were in the ward. The psychologist, Dr. Davidson, was an elderly man.

“Dr. Davidson, Mr. Fuller has asked me to give you this.” The nurse came in and gave a document to Dr. Davidson. Before she left, she glanced at me with a serious look.

After Dr. Davidson was done reading through the document, he adjusted his glasses and looked at me. “Are you frequently bugged by insomnia, Scarlett?”

I thought about it before answering, “Yeah, whenever I lose control of my emotions, I’ll lose sleep. Does that count?”

“Yes. Your emotions got the better of you, but you have to learn how to vent them out. Come to me whenever possible, and don’t bottle your feelings up. Life goes by us fast, and before you know it, you’re already an old geezer like me.”

Dr. Davidson seemed to be having a casual chat with me, and I nodded in agreement. He wrote something to me and smiled. “Do whatever you want. Don’t hold back too much.”

I took the prescription and was stupefied after seeing it. Most of them were just calming pills. “This is the same prescription.”

“Yes. You’ve been haunted by your depression for years. At this point, a full recovery is impossible unless you yourself want to heal. All I can do is tell you to keep moving forward no matter what,” he said calmly.

I nodded in silence. When I came out of the consultation room, Ashton and John looked at me. “How was it?”

I paused for a moment and smiled at their reaction. Then I handed the prescription to Ashton. “He told me to make sure I take enough water every day.”

“What?” John was mystified. “Dr. Davidson said so?”

I nodded and tilted my head. “Even the doctor says I’m fine. You guys should stop asking me to consult a doctor.”

John frowned. “But that’s just…” He glanced at Ashton, who was looking upset, and he stopped talking. After a moment, he said, “Uncle Louis wants you to come with me to the Stovall residence next week for dinner and a chat. He wants you to get to know the family.” John looked at me.

I froze for a moment before I nodded. Then, I yawned. “I didn’t sleep well last night. So I’ll be going back now. See you.”

He was going to say something, but seeing that I was sleepy, he stopped in his tracks and nodded. “See you. Rest well, Scarlett.”

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