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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 313

Ashton took a spoonful of soup and looked at Sally calmly. “It’s going to be a hassle.”

“No, it’s not. We’re all going to the Fuller Corporation, anyway.” Sally was getting more and more upset.

Just then, Rebecca, who had been silent for the most part, uttered softly, “Ash, you don’t want to see me, do you?”

He looked at her, nodding solemnly. “Yes.”

Oh my.

Rebecca was hurt by that remark, and I could see her on the verge of tears. She stood up, answering quietly, “I won’t be disturbing you then.”

She was going to go out, but Sally stopped her. “Oh, you child. He’s just joking with you. Don’t leave.” Then, she pulled her back to the table. Sally was the elder in the house, so she glared at Ashton. “Where are you going anyway? Why is it going to be a hassle?”

Annoyed by his aunt’s constant nagging, he put his fork down. “I have some business to attend to.” When he noticed I wasn’t eating much, he frowned. “You don’t like the food?”

I shook my head. “Nope. The taste is fine, it’s just a bit noisy.”

Hearing that, Sally, who was already irked to begin with, blurted, “Scarlett, you’re a part of the Fullers. What did you mean by that? Can’t I stay over for a few days? I’m in my nadir here. Are you going to chase me away? I’m Ashton’s aunt!”

My appetite was instantly gone. Feeling amused, I said, “Oh, so you know you’re the elder here, Ms. Fuller? It’s the twenty-first century now, but you’re still trying to get another wife for Ashton, huh?”

“Get him another wife?” Sally frowned. “What are you talking about, Scarlett?”

I arched my eyebrow. “Ah, so you’re trying to break us up, then.”

Her face fell after hearing my caustic remark. “What nonsense are you spouting, Scarlett?”

I laughed. “Is it really nonsense though? Since you’re his aunt, I’m sure you know Rebecca likes Ashton. I’m sure you know she wants to marry him. But who is she to you, and why did you bring her here? Are you trying to give her a chance to seduce Ashton and make him divorce me?”

I was getting agitated, and I looked into Sally’s eyes as I continued, “You can tell it straight to my face if you dislike me. I can get a divorce at any time. There’s no need to take her here, you know?” I stormed out of the dining room after that, not giving her any chance to retort.

Behind me, I could hear Ashton growl out, “Aunt Sally, you know she’s not in the best of health. You didn’t have to keep going against her. Come at me if you want to vent, not her.”

I didn’t listen to the ensuing conversation since I had gotten into the car outside the villa by then. Ashton followed me out not long after, and he smiled when he saw me sitting leisurely in the car. “You done venting?”

I rolled my eyes and said nothing more. Then, I started the car so I could go to White Corporation. He quickly got into the passenger seat. “Where are you going?”

“White Corporation.”

He frowned. “No. You’re going to see a doctor first.”

I pursed my lips and stopped the car. “Get out. I have some business to attend to.” I stared at him calmly.

He leaned back against the seat. “Fine. Get your business done with and then we’ll go for the checkup.”

“Don’t you have better things to do? You’re being annoying, Ashton.” He was following me around the whole day like I was a criminal.

“My to-do list today only has one thing on it—stay with you.”

I tapped the steering wheel, feeling frustrated. With no other choice, I tamped down my anger and looked at him calmly. “Fine, but you’re driving. I don’t know the directions.”

He arched his eyebrow and sat up before giving me a peck on my cheek. “You can go to the company after the checkup. It’s still the same thing.”

I frowned, but I waited for him to get out of the car patiently. He went around the car, and when he was about to open the door, I finally let loose. I squinted at him and locked the door. “Have fun strolling, Mr. Fuller.”

With that, I floored the accelerator, leaving him behind. I could see his expression darkening from my rear-view mirror. Then, I drove to White Corporation without sparing him another glance.

There wasn’t much to do, but there were still things that needed my attention. Even though Marcus was gone, the company was still running as usual. I talked about work with Richard for a while before coming out. Just then, I received a call from John. “Where are you?” he asked coldly.

“I’m at White Corporation. What’s up?” I wasn’t in a hurry to leave after getting out of the office. Instead, I took the call as I stood beside the elevator. The signal was bad inside.

Sounding like he hadn’t slept, John’s voice was hoarse when he said, “Give me a few minutes. I’m taking you to the hospital to see a doctor.”

Feeling slightly irritated, I spat, “I’m not going.”

My refusal angered him. “And why is that? You’re going to kill yourself if you leave your illness untreated.”

D*mn this guy!

“I’m perfectly healthy, John. Depression is just an emotional issue. It’ll be fine if I keep it in check. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. I don’t have time for this. Now tell me, how’s your investigation on the Moores?” I shifted the topic since I didn’t want to talk about my checkup.

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