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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 308

Folding her arms across her chest, she looked at me with her alluring eyes and continued, “It’s a wonder how Cameron managed to climb to such a high position over the years, but of course, she has her fair share of dirty secrets. It just so happens that I’m in possession of those secrets. Don’t you think handing them over to the Moore family would be much faster than investigating on your own?”

A crease formed between my brows. “Why would you help me?”

She laughed as though I had just asked a stupid question. “The child in your belly was my grandnephew. Isn’t that a good enough reason?”

I scoffed in response. “It’s probably been at least three months since the incident, right? And you probably knew about it for quite some time already, yet, you’re only telling me this now. Do you think I’d actually believe that you’re doing all this just for your grandnephew?”

Her reason was blatantly implausible.

She let out a tinkling laugh and remarked, “I finally understand why my father allowed an ordinary woman like you to marry Ashton. Even though you’re not that smart, at least you still have some brains.”

I narrowed my eyes into slits. She’s obviously mocking me!

“What do you want from me?” I asked and subconsciously glanced at my watch.

“I want you to tell your godfather, Louis, to get the police to stop investigating the White family!” She leaned against the wine cabinet beside her, taking up a casual posture.

Stop investigating the White family? Won’t that mean that she can legally take over White Corporation and become the chairperson?

With Marcus gone, no one would be able to lay a hand on White Corporation except her.

I smiled politely and replied in a cool tone, “Ms. Fuller, I think it’s best we find time to sit down and properly discuss this matter. This isn’t something that should be hastily settled with a few casual words. Anyway, I’m meeting a friend soon, so let’s talk some other time.”

She frowned but didn’t argue. Narrowing her eyes, she agreed, “Sure. We’ll talk some other time.”

After leaving the villa, I drove straight to the meeting place. When I arrived, Stacey was already waiting for me.

From her empty coffee cup, I could tell that she had been waiting here for quite some time.

Upon seeing me, she glanced at her watch and raised her brows. “You’re half an hour late, Ms. Stovall.”

I shrugged and sent her an apologetic look. “I’m very sorry. I got caught up in something.”

She offered me a small smile but didn’t comment otherwise. Then, she took out a document from her bag and handed it to me, saying, “This is the transaction history between Cameron and Savini Tuffin. Have a look.”

“Savini Tuffin?” I froze for a good few seconds before recalling who this person was.

He was the one who knocked me unconscious back then when we were dealing with Felix.

Stacey nodded. After the waiter refilled her cup, she continued, “Savini is the middleman between Cameron and Hector. He’s the project director at AC Credit and he handles the quarterly audits of several companies under Cameron, so the transactions between them are within reason. Even if someone investigates it, they wouldn’t find anything unusual.”

My brows pulled into a frown. “So, the money transactions between Cameron and Hector are basically done through Savini?”

She nodded, but I was still slightly confused. “Savini and Cameron are both entrepreneurs, so it’s normal for them to have transactions with each other, but what you’re telling me is that Cameron wires money to Hector through Savini. Savini is an entrepreneur, while Hector is a politician. So, if the transaction between them is too large, it would no doubt arouse suspicion.”

Stacey hummed in affirmation. “My thoughts as well, so I continued looking into the exchange between Hector and Savini. I found out that Hector’s wife owns a livestock company. It’s quite a large-scale production and has been operating for nearly a few decades.”

“So, you’re saying that Hector collects money through his wife?”

She nodded and went on, “Also, I found someone to look into Hector’s wife. She’s been a housewife in the past few years, so she basically won’t have the time nor energy to run such a large-scale livestock farm. In fact, Hector spent a few hundred thousand to buy a piece of land in a remote village for the livestock farm. He simply threw in some chickens and hired a local villager to keep an eye on the place, so it’s basically been left unattended to all these years.”

I could somewhat catch her drift. This livestock production company, to put it bluntly, was nothing but a front for money laundering. In fact, it probably didn’t even bring in any profits. The accounts registered by this company were used to facilitate money transactions between Hector and other businessmen.

It was no wonder that Louis couldn’t find anything even after investigating for such a long time. Hector was too cunning for his own good.

After a short pause, I looked at Stacey and asked, “Are there any transfers from Cameron in the livestock company’s account records?”

She shook her head. “No, Cameron has been very cautious. The companies under her have no reason to collaborate with the livestock company, so her transactions are all done through Savini.”

“Then, what about Savini? On what basis can he transfer money to Hector?” Savini was from an audit company. Even though audit companies often conducted business with all types of companies, money should be credited, not debited, from their accounts. Hence, an audit company wiring money to a livestock company wouldn’t make sense at all.

She smiled and explained, “I wondered about that as well. It wasn’t until later on that I found out that Savini owns a frozen meat market. This way, no matter how large their transactions are, it would still be considered reasonable and legitimate as it’s completely normal based on market demand standards.”

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