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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 299

“Letty, what are the both of you doing? There are many servants going in and out of the villa. The both of you… should avoid being like this. You as well…”

I wasn’t sure what was going on. Coming back to my senses, I lifted my head and looked around.

Ashton appeared out of nowhere. His handsome face had intensely darkened, and he looked murderous.

I looked at him and uttered in a croaky voice, “You’re back!”

He stared at me silently, and his gaze was terrifyingly dark. I only realized that I was leaning in Marcus’ arms when I had fallen asleep.

That was why upon entering, they saw Marcus and I sleeping soundly while leaning against each other.

The moment I knew why Ashton was angry, I stood up instantaneously. However, because I had been sitting for too long, I felt dizzy straight away and I fell back onto the sofa.

Before I knew it, I landed on Marcus’ lap. He woke up and had his arms around me. “You need to take care of yourself since you’re weak.”

I was stunned. Suddenly, I was dragged up and Ashton uttered, “Mr. White is a loving person. However, you don’t need to worry about my wife.”

While saying that, he hugged me tightly in his arms and I felt a wave of coldness surrounding me.

“Huh!” Marcus stretched his waist and said casually, “Why are you so nervous, Mr. Fuller? Are you afraid that I might steal her?”

Marcus was obviously trying to provoke him. Ashton pursed his lips, and his eyes narrowed dangerously. “Mr. White, where do you find such confidence? Why would you think she might like you?”

Marcus raised an eyebrow, shifted his gaze, and looked at me with a smile. “Letty, what do you think of me? Do you hate me?”

It seemed like he had other intentions while saying that. Ashton’s grip around my hand tightened.

I pursed my lips and remained silent because it was all too silly.

Seeing that I was silent, Ashton glared at Marcus and said sarcastically, “My wife is a stellar person. However, Mr. White, you need to remember that she is a married woman.”

I felt that their conversation was rather silly.

He gave Marcus an icy stare and carried me into the room that was just a few steps away.

After he shut the bedroom door, Ashton immediately cornered me in the doorway.

His hand grabbed tightly onto my waist as he lowered his head and glanced at me. There was a hint of suppressed anger in his voice. “Aren’t you going to explain yourself?”

I pursed my lips and let out a sigh. “There’s nothing going on between us. He might have been suffering from a lack of sleep because he was busy with his parents’ funeral. When he fell asleep, I just wanted to cover him with a blanket. Then he pulled me and that led to what you saw earlier.”

I apologized after seeing the sad look on his gorgeous face. “I know. I shouldn’t have done that. However, Ashton, I can’t just ignore him. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be standing here. This has nothing to do with whether I like him. It’s the fact that he had saved me before and I owe him because of that. He was by my side during my darkest days. In turn, I should be here while he is going through a tough time. I hope you can understand that, alright?”

He pursed his lips and gazed deeply into my eyes. After a moment of hesitation, he replied, “Yes, I can understand that!”

He continued, “You’re allowed to be there for him during these times but you have to keep your distance after everything is settled, alright?”

He wore a black coat that day. There were drops of melted snowflakes on his shoulder. After not seeing him for a few days, his hair had grown longer, and he looked more haggard.

I nodded. It must have been hectic for him these few days. Since I could finally have some of his time, it would be wasted if we continued bickering!

He put his arms around me and pecked my forehead with his lips lovingly. “Let’s go out for dinner. What do you feel like having?”

I was taken aback. “Aren’t we staying for dinner with the Whites?”

“No. It’s been a few days since I last saw you, so let’s have a meal together. Just the two of us!” He hugged me and pressed me against his chest tightly. “Do you miss me?”

I could hear his heart beating and my lips curled instantaneously. “What are we going to eat?”

He pulled away from me slightly, cupped my face in his hands, and caressed my face. “What do you feel like eating? Why don’t you miss me?”

I knew he wanted to hear me say that I missed him, but I couldn’t bring myself to say that for now.

“Let’s have steak.”

He chuckled. “Hm, do you miss me?”

He buried his head against my neck. “Last night, I’ve thought about you the entire time in the hotel. I just wanted to hold you like this forever.”

He had never spoken such sweet things to me. I couldn’t stop myself from staring into his deep, shimmering gaze.

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