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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 296

He placed the breakfast that Mrs. Eriksen had brought earlier next to me. “No worries, he can wait.”

After he had accompanied me for breakfast, Ashton went back to the study.

I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to because I had a good slumber the night before. I was bored after being on my cell phone for some time.

I wanted to spend some time in the study reading books, since my ankle wasn’t hurting much after Jared had applied some medicine on it.

Slowly, I motioned towards the study. As I was about to knock on the door because Ashton and Jared were in the room, I heard them talking in hushed voices. “How is she now?”

“She has been having high fever and is absent-minded most of the time. The Moore family found a doctor for her and she is well-taken care of. Since Cameron was transferred away, she doesn’t have the time to be there for her.”

There was a silent pause before Jared asked, “Are you planning to visit her?”

“No. She didn’t have anyone when Parker died, but now she has the Moores. She will be fine.”

Jared nodded and said, “It seems like things have progressed for you and Scarlett compared to before. Are you serious about Scarlett?”

“She is my wife. I’m not too sure if serious is a word to describe a marriage.” Ashton’s voice was rather calm yet slightly arrogant. “What about you? Have you moved on after so many years?”

“Moved on from what?” Jared seemed unhappy.

“Since you have, it’s time for you to find someone else to settle down together,” Ashton said firmly.

“Damn!” That was the first time I heard Jared swearing. “Ashton, there must be something wrong with you. Are you worried that I might intervene in your marriage, that’s why you’re focusing on my personal life? Why don’t you ask Joe to get married!”

“He is in love with someone. It’s only a matter of time before he gets married. As for you, what’s going on with Macy? I thought you’re serious about her when you sacrificed your life to save her during the accident. Why aren’t you doing anything about that lately?”

That was the first time I thought of Ashton as someone who was meddlesome. Jared opened the door while saying, “I think you should just set up a matchmaking agency.”

The moment they saw me at the door, they were stunned. Ashton raised an eyebrow. “What’s the problem?”

I shrugged. “I’m here for some books!”

Out of curiosity, I turned to Jared and asked, “Dr. Crest, what’s going on between you and Macy? Haven’t you been in contact?”

Jared was taken aback. He replied after taking a pause, “I don’t know!”

Upon hearing him uttering those three words nonchalantly, I almost lashed out at him. I thought he would treat Macy differently based on the conversation he had with Ashton earlier.

But why did he sound so nonchalant about it!

I left after picking up some books, then I took a glance at Ashton. “Send me to White Corporation if you’re not busy.”

Mrs. Eriksen was right. K City started snowing in just a few days. I wasn’t able to head out because of my injured leg.

During my recovery, I gained more weight because I was either reading books or sleeping in the villa.

Upon seeing that my ankle had almost fully recovered and thinking that I could finally go out for a walk, K City snowed heavily.

I loitered on the balcony while admiring the snowy white scenery. Ashton was busy with work and didn’t have the time to accompany me.

At that moment, I recalled something Macy had said. When we were younger, she wanted to find a city that would snow so she wouldn’t miss out on every winter.

In just a blink of an eye, new year was around the corner. I recalled when Jackson said he would return with Macy by the end of the year.

I reached out to grab my cell phone right away and phoned him. The call was connected after a few seconds.

I could hear Jackson’s hoarse voice on the other end. “It has started snowing in M Country. What about K City?”

I nodded. “Yes, it has already started snowing since two days ago and the snow level is rather high. The whole world has turned white. So are the both of you coming back anytime soon?”

I paused for a moment before expressing my thoughts. “I miss the both of you.”

Jackson seemed to have caught a cold as his voice was rather hoarse. “I was planning to go back initially, but it’s not even three months and now it’s already winter. I have been pondering if I should go back but I’m worried my body wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything. I might need to wait until early spring.”

“What about Macy? Why hasn’t she called me or returned my calls for so long? I really miss her.” My heart shrank as I stared at the snow falling outside the window.

“She is taking an afternoon nap with the baby. I’ll let her know to return your call once she wakes up.”

My brows instantly furrowed. “Jackson, be honest with me. Has something happened to her? If not, why wouldn’t she reply to my messages? I would understand if it’s once or twice, but it has been three months now. Why isn’t she responding?”

After a prolonged silence from Jackson, I couldn’t help but asked anxiously, “What happened to Macy? Are the both of you alright?”

“She… She’s alright. It’s because she hasn’t fully recovered after giving birth and I brought her to M Country for rehabilitation. She wouldn’t allow me to tell you whenever you call.” Nothing seemed strange when he said that.

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