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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 287

After a pause, he continued, “Also, stop calling me in the middle of the night from now on. My wife is a light sleeper, and she has a bad temper. If she wakes from the noise, I’ll have to take a long time to coax her because she’s hard to coax.”

At that, he promptly ended the call and switched off his phone.

Gazing back at me, he raised a brow and asked, “Are you satisfied?”

I rolled my eyes. “You have a few screws loose.”

I then burrowed myself into the blanket. And so did he. When he settled down on the bed, he placed a few kisses on me again.

It was getting late, so I closed my eyes, about to sleep. Right then, I sensed something wrong.

Frowning, I pushed Ashton, who was holding me tightly, away as I roared, “What are you doing?”

“I’m hard.” I could hear no tinge of embarrassment from him, and he made it sound as if he were talking about the weather.

Nearly choking on my saliva, I took in a deep breath before replying, “If you want to act crazy, get out. Stop annoying me.”

Like a shameless man he was, he pulled me into his arms and mumbled, “Where can I go? It’s a cold and lonely night. Don’t you think you’re a little cruel to me?”

Holding my breath for a few more seconds, I plastered on a fake smile. “Mr. Fuller, thank you so much for your praises.”

He smiled back. “You’re welcome.”

I was a second away from strangling him there and then.

He was so shameless to the point he might as well stop wearing clothes like a civilized person.

“Ashton, if you’re not going to keep it to yourself, let’s sleep in different rooms from now on. If you keep doing this, I won’t be able to sleep. You know I’ve always had trouble resting.” What I was telling him was nothing but the truth. No ordinary person could stand his actions for long.

He paused before whispering, “Twice a week. I won’t touch you any other time, okay?”

Maybe strangling him was not enough; throwing him out of the window was better.

He doesn’t mean twice; he definitely means two f*cking nights!

Rolling my eyes at him, I stopped arguing because I was too tired. Hence, I commanded, “Sleep.”

In my daze, I felt him embracing me. When I hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier, I sighed. “Ashton, sleep in the guest room.”

He hoarsely muttered, “Once?”

I pursed my lips, but my exhaustion was pulling me into the land of dreams. “Ashton, I’m very sleepy right now.”

And I truly was. That was why I had no idea how I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke to see him putting on his suit. He looked noble and elegant, worlds away from the animal he acted like last night.

At the sight of him, I mumbled under my breath, “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

However, the man had a keen sense of hearing, so he heard my words despite how quiet I said them. Narrowing his eyes, he walked over with a smile on his lips.

I ignored him as I shut my eyes, about to sleep for a while longer.

Unfortunately for me, he had never been nice to me. He dug me out from under the blanket before he started rubbing against my pajamas.

I only managed to get his hands off after several blows. When I finally succeeded, I shot him a grim look. “Ashton, don’t you know how annoying you are? You won’t let me sleep at night, but you won’t let me sleep in the morning either. If you want to kill me, do it quick. Stop dragging it out.”

A laugh escaped him, and he rubbed his face in my ear. “Scarlett, are you having your period?”

Instantly, wrath rose in me like a tide. I pulled the closest pillow to me and hurled it toward him. “Get lost!”

It seemed like he was used to it, as he pecked a kiss on my forehead before leaving.

At the start, I had no plans to leave the house today. However, Stacey called and asked to meet me.

After Felix’s event, she had come to K City. She, a highly educated and witty woman, soon joined the Moore family’s company after a few interviews.

We ended up agreeing to meet at a tearoom. It seemed like the residents of K City rarely drank tea, so it was tough for us to find one.

However, as long as we wanted to, a tearoom could still be found.

The tearoom she found was located in a more secluded district. The two of us then ordered a pot of floral tea after we sat down by the window.

“They’ve sentenced Felix to death, and I’m finally free. Thank you,” she said right after she sat down.

With a faint smile, I replied, “No need for thanks. I have my own plans myself.”

She smiled back, not minding her reply. “Mr. Fuller’s company is in big trouble, right?”

Her words made me tensed up for a moment. I knew Ashton would not publicize the matter, and the only ones who knew were the few shareholders that had a prominent position in the company.

Finally, I inquired, “The Moore family did this?”

She shook her head. “No. It’s Cameron’s side. I’ve heard of Jared and her making a move earlier, so I’m sure this was planned. Everything went wrong for the two hundred hospitals managed by the Fuller Corporation in the country and overseas. That’s why I’m thinking that they might be trying to destroy Fuller Corporation.”

At that, I tensed up again. Ashton had been busy recently, but he was the kind of person who shared little with me, so I barely knew anything about the incident.

From Stacey’s words, I realized the situation was grave.

“Any evidence?” Isn’t Cameron under investigation? How did she find the time to set Fuller Corporation up?

Is she trying to divert our attention?

Stacey shook her head. “I just realized it recently. Before Mr. Fuller planned to come to K City to expand his business, I found out from Felix that Cameron and Jared have been meeting frequently. Back then, I didn’t know what they were trying to do. Now that I think about it, they must have been planning for the hospitals’ incident.

The few hundred hospitals have been making illegal extra fees. In fact, one of the old patients in K City’s hospital had passed away for months, but the hospital is still finding reasons to charge the patient’s family. There are a handful of cases like these in the country, and every hospital will come across a case like this. The hidden charges are always either checkups or medication. However, this case is much more serious than the others.”

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