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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 285

Marcus’ expression was as dark as night.

As he stared at Sally, he uttered coldly, “Is there a point for you to say this now? Benjamin is dead. Are you trying to kill my mother too?”

Sally sneered, “So you want your mother to hate your father for the rest of her life? He’s been framed for so many years, so why can’t you let him die an innocent man?”

“I’m the one who should die! I should be the one to die!” Sharon cried out as she climbed to her feet. When she looked at Sally, she laughed. “He loves me. Yes, he loves me.”

I sensed something amiss about her behavior, so I said to Marcus, “I think you should send her to the hospital. Something’s wrong with her.”

Few could withstand a shock as intense as that. After glancing at Sally, Marcus helped Sharon out of the White residence.

Now, the only ones left in the house were Sally and me. Looking at the apathetic woman, I mumbled, “Aunt Sally, it’s getting late, so I’ll be heading back first.”

Before I could take more than three steps, she uttered, “Do you think I did this wrongly as well? That I shouldn’t talk about these old matters?”

At that, I froze for a moment before turning to look at her. “Benjamin didn’t mention it when he was alive. Maybe he had other plans.”

“Ha,” she scoffed. “He’s only keeping it to himself because he’s concerned about Sharon’s feelings and reputation. What other plans can he possibly have?”

I could not help but frowned at her words, sensing the disgust in them. “Aunt Sally, Benjamin’s plans are also his concerns. All he wants is to protect his first wife’s reputation. The way you’re saying it is dismissing half of her life.”

She had endured in silence and stewed in hatred for half of her life. In the end, she realized she was the one at fault; she had been the one to hate and love the wrong person. There was no way Sharon could spend the rest of her life at peace.

She looked at me and narrowed her eyes. “Are you trying to put in a good word for Marcus? Do you mean that my life isn’t the same as everyone else’s? My entire life was ruined because of her. I didn’t marry the one I love, and I don’t have anyone to grow old with. At the end of the day, I’m the miserable one.”

To my surprise, I felt no urge to extend my sympathy to her despite seeing her suffering. “Aunt Sally, Benjamin gave you half of White Corporation’s shares and the emergency fund. These are the things you exchanged for. All those years he had been with you, he gave you all his love and attention. You shouldn’t be too greedy. You’ve enjoyed his wealth and love. Now that he’s gone, you’re complaining that he has wasted your time. Do you think that’s right for you to do so?”

Everyone had a choice. When she made her choice to follow Benjamin back then, she should have known that a day like this would come. It was only a matter of time.

Glaring at me, she hissed, “It’s all because you killed the daughter-in-law of the Fullers. You’re on the side of the outsiders. Ashton’s an idiot to have fallen in love with you.”

I knitted my brows and stopped replying to her. Perhaps our brains functioned differently from each other. No matter what I did, I could not share the same thoughts as her.

When she looked for me because of Rebecca’s baby, I knew she was someone who prioritized herself.

After leaving the White residence, the sky was already dark.

I headed back to the villa, thinking that Ashton had already gone home. However, I saw no signs of him at home.

Hence, I went to the study room. In the afternoon, I had gone through many documents in the office, and there were a handful of terms I was not familiar with. This would be the best time for me to research them.

While I was reading, Mrs. Eriksen asked me to go for my dinner. As I was too focused on my research, I told her not to disturb me.

By the time Ashton came back, it was already late at night.

He must have realized I was not in the bedroom, so he came to the study for me.

Noticing him, I looked away from the computer screen and fixed my gaze on him instead. “You’re back!”

He gave me a small smile before walking over to me. As he sprawled by the edge of the table, he asked me what I was looking at.

The faint fragrance from him made me subconsciously furrow my brows.

I was not one to use perfume frequently, and he rarely used them too. Furthermore, I could tell that the scent was a women’s perfume.

Immediately, I dropped the smile on my face and stood up. Avoiding his hand that reached out to grab me, I went straight to the bedroom.

Stunned by my actions, Ashton quickly followed me as he queried, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m tired,” was my only reply to him before I entered the bathroom, about to wash up.

He stopped me and asked with a deep frown, “Scarlett, be honest with me, okay?”

“Aren’t you tired after staying out for a day?” I was not angry. In fact, I was even smiling when I said those words.

In response, he narrowed his eyes and uttered icily, “I’m not. Did I come back too late?” After a pause, he apologized, “I’m sorry. I won’t let you wait for me for that long from now on. I’ll try my best to finish my work up as quickly as I can, okay?”

“No need for that. Your work is more important.” I shoved him aside and entered the bathroom.

Before I could close the door, he squeezed in. Noticing my still-upset look, he furrowed his brows and hugged me from behind as he leaned his chin on my shoulder.

He murmured affectionately, “Nothing’s as important as you.” With that said, he rained kisses on me.

The scent of other women assaulted my nose, and frustration grew in me. Pushing him away again, I pursed my lips before ordering, “Ashton, go out. I’m going to shower.”

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