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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 284

Sally’s reply was calm. “You don’t have to be so mean. Both you and your mother own some shares in White Corporation. I won’t take away what’s yours.”

“You can have everything,” Marcus declared. “The shares mean nothing to me. You can have them. After all, you’ve schemed and worked hard all over the years.”

“No need!” Sally’s heels clicked on the floor. “I will only get what’s mine. Please tell your mother to stop bothering me. That incident had nothing to do with me. She should move on by now.”

“Nothing to do with you?” someone shrilled from the door. It was Sharon. Her eyes were reddened and swollen. Gazing at Sally menacingly, she declared, “If you hadn’t seduced Benjamin, he wouldn’t fall out of love with me. We’ve been together for decades! We grew up together and traveled all over the world!”

She walked into the house and sobbed. “I was with him when White Corporation was at its lowest point. He loved me dearly. When Marc was born, I took great care of him until he left to go overseas. I thought we’d live happily ever after, but I never expected your arrival would lead to our divorce in his fifties! Sally Fuller, you said it wasn’t your fault, but we only started arguing after you showed up. If you hadn’t acted all pitiful in front of Benjamin, he wouldn’t have fallen in love with you! Things wouldn’t have turned out this way! You’re an heiress yourself. Why did you seduce a married man?”

Sharon’s expression clouded over with hatred. “Why do you even love him? He can’t even give you a child. Are the shares worth that much? You’re nothing but a lowly b*tch!”

Her last sentence was an insult.

Sally’s expression soured immediately. She clenched her hands like she was trying to control her anger. Suddenly, a soft laugh escaped her throat. “Yes, I’m a b*tch. But don’t forget, you’re also one. Sharon, think carefully. Why did Benjamin insist on a divorce?”

“Because of you, homewrecker!” Sharon yelled aloud. “You seduced him and ruined our family. It was all your fault!”

“Ha!” Sally scoffed. “It seems like you’ve forgotten about your past. Remember what happened in Victory Hotel ten years ago? Do you seriously think no one would know if you kept it a secret and forget about it?”

Sharon’s face contorted. “W-What are you talking about?”

“You know what I mean. You didn’t know that man showed the video of your wild night together to Benjamin, right?”

Sharon paled instantly. Her body trembled as she stuttered out, “Impossible. Benjamin found out? Seriously?”

Sally continued, her face devoid of expression. “He knew. To prevent a scandal from breaking out, he’d pay whenever the man blackmailed him with the video. Do you know how much he had suffered? You knew how much he loved you. Why did you upset him with your actions?”

“No!” Tears rolled down Sharon’s cheeks. “I knew nothing about that night! I wanted to explain, but I was upset when I saw him with you. That was why I argued with him. I didn’t know he knew everything!”

Sally watched her breaking down for a moment before explaining, “We were innocent back then. To cover up your scandal, he promised to give me some of his shares and money. Fuller Corporation was on the verge of bankruptcy back then. It was my father’s effort, so I needed his help and agreed to his conditions. We put up an act so a scandal of his affair would break out. That man knew his video was useless by then. Do you know why that man ended up dying in a car accident? Benjamin arranged for his death because of you.”

Sharon collapsed on the ground, wailing profusely. “Why didn’t he tell me about it? Why?”

“Tell you?” Sally’s expression darkened. “What can you do to help? After the man died, you nearly killed Benjamin for that scoundrel. Why would he tell you about it? So you can hate him for killing the man you loved the most?”

“That’s utter nonsense! I don’t love that man at all. That night was an accident. After he died, I went to look and saw you with him. I was so upset and ended up stabbing him. This is driving me crazy.”

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