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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 278

His voice was low and soft. Clearly, he was trying to ease the tension between us.

I knew I shouldn’t be mad at him anymore unless I wanted a divorce.

After a brief hesitation, I shifted nearer. “It still hurts. I feel sleepy but I can’t fall asleep.”

He pulled me closer to him. “Mm, I know. Close your eyes and stop thinking of anything. You’ll fall asleep soon.”

It was already the next day by the time I woke up.

I thought Ashton would be at work, but he was still lying by my side with his eyes shut. Gazing at his Grecian nose, which cast a shadow on his cheek, my gaze trailed down his face. There was stubble on his chin as he stayed up late last night.

His sleeping figure was handsome and regal, a far cry from his usual icy demeanor. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I had a good night’s rest, so my brain was no longer muddled. I stood up to wash myself.

My movements must’ve startled him awake. He pulled me back to the bed, allowing my head to rest on his arm with a light peck on my forehead.

“You’re awake?”

I nodded dazedly. “Why are you not at work?”

He rubbed his chin against my cheek, his stubble prickling my face uncomfortably. “It’s the end of the year, so I will be busy at work soon. I slept in with you because I’m free today.”

I pressed my lips together. “But I have to go to work today!” OrbitTech and White Corporation had started on the project. I was only in charge of the progress, but I had to pay attention anyway.

“I’ll come with you.” He came closer to me.

“Huh?” What does he mean by that?

He raised a brow before kissing the corner of my lip. “Does your company have a rule stating you can’t bring your husband to work?”

No, but…

I stared at him. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He was an attractive man in an influential position. If he followed me to work, the others would talk.

“It’s fine. It’s a great idea.”

I was at a loss for words.

“I’ll go wash up!” I rose to my feet and entered the bathroom.

The weather was getting colder as winter had arrived. There was a thick mist hanging in the air outside. I turned on the faucet and waited for a while before the water heated up.

Ashton came in after me. I noticed his dark eye circles. He must’ve slept late last night.

“What time did you fall asleep last night?” I asked.

He yawned and replied, “2 a.m.”

That late?

It was only seven in the morning, so I told him, “Why don’t you sleep in?”

Ashton pulled me into his embrace behind me as he answered, “Jared told me to be with you 24/7.”

What the heck?

“You can wash up. I’ll take a shower.”

His sudden announcement took aback me. Why is he suddenly acting this way?

My gaze followed him instinctively before I caught myself in time. “You can take a shower. I’ll wait for you outside.”

Before I could leave, he grabbed hold of my arm. “Why are you avoiding me? It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.”


He pecked on my lips lightly and said, “Go on. Wash up.”

As he turned the faucet on, I stated my request. “Ashton, let’s go to the doctor when you’re free.”

His eyes glinted. “You’ve finally thought it through?”

I nodded. “I heard taking too many pills is bad for my health.”

“Ha!” He suddenly guffawed. As the water gushed down, he came to me and ran his fingers through my hair. Grabbing my head, he devoured my lips in a possessive kiss. When he finally released me, he spoke, “This isn’t just about your dependence on sleeping pills. Stop running away from me, okay?”

I inclined my head. My lips were throbbing from his kiss, so I lowered my head and complained, “You’re always rough. Why can’t I run away?”

It was a criticizing remark.

He burst out laughing. “Yes, it was my fault. I’ll be more gentle from now on.”

I shoved him away. “Take a shower!” After washing my face briefly, I walked out.

I wasn’t that desperate to watch him shower.

After having breakfast, Ashton followed me to White Corporation. We left home early in the morning, but because of the morning traffic, it was almost 9 a.m. when we finally arrived.

Luckily, I didn’t have to clock in.

The elevator was packed with people. Ashton’s arms formed a shield around me so the others wouldn’t squeeze into me. He was tall and handsome. Besides, he had appeared in the financial news in K City frequently.

Most employees working in White Corporation recognized him instantly and kept stealing glances at him. Some even greeted him warmly.

However, I was put in an awkward spot. Ashton and I were locked in an intimate embrace, so someone asked, “Mr. Fuller, are you dating Ms. Stovall?”

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