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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 273

Sobbing, she declared, “I was too stubborn and unreasonable. Ash, I’ll change my bad habits. I’ll be good!”

Ashton frowned. After all, he had been taking care of her for years. It wouldn’t be easy for him to forget her.

He glanced at me without a word, and I immediately knew what he was about to do.

After a pause, I told him, “You can stay with her. I’ll go to the doctor myself.”

He pursed his lips. “I’ll join you later?”

“No. She needs you more than I do.” He was obviously worried about her. If he leaves with me, he’ll be worried the whole time. Why would I humiliate myself?

Tears rolled down Rebecca’s face. “Scarlett, are you still mad at me? I apologize on behalf of my mom. I would’ve stopped her if I had an inkling of her intention.”

With that, she fell to her knees with a loud thud while sobbing profusely.

Everyone in the hallway, including the patients in their wards, craned their necks to see what was going on.

Cameron, who was silent for the entire time, immediately tried to help her up. As her daughter refused to budge, she sank to her knees, too. “Scarlett, it was all my doing. Rebecca doesn’t know I tried to abduct you. You made Rebecca lose her baby the same way. Do you feel better now?”

I furrowed my frows.. Interesting.

“Young lady, everyone makes mistakes. You should forgive them.”

“Yes! Besides, she’s still ill. Don’t make things difficult for them.”

The crowd’s voice grew louder, criticizing me for being unreasonable.

I had run out of ideas. “Ladies, if you want me to forgive you, pay your respects to my child, whom you choked to death. Rebecca, your miscarriage has nothing to do with me. Did I choke or suffocate your child to death? You were the one who was afraid Sally might run a DNA test after you gave birth. If the results prove the child isn’t Ashton’s, he’ll leave you for sure. You dared not give birth to your child and blamed its death on me!

“If I am that capable, I would’ve saved my child when Ms. Anderson kidnapped me and murdered my child. You did something wrong. I’m not obliged to forgive you every time you beg for forgiveness shamelessly.”

With that, I stepped back and entered the elevator.

Ashton soon caught up to me as we entered the car.

I sneered. “Mr. Fuller, won’t you accompany your crush?”

He sat in the driver’s seat and grabbed my chin to kiss me deeply.

“Scarlett, why are you this rude?”

I shoved him away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your crush. I’ll control myself next time.”

After struggling in vain, my anger heightened. “Ashton, you don’t have to insult me this way. If you want to defend her, you’re welcome to slap me. We’ll both feel better that way.”

He stopped and forced me to meet his gaze. “You’re not mad. Is it because it’s unnecessary, or do I disgust you?”

I was stunned.

His gaze darkened. “Do you think I will defend Rebecca? You don’t think of me as your husband? Am I that heartless?”

I pressed my lips together and glanced at him silently.

“No!” I responded after a pause.

He felt responsible for Rebecca. Even if he knew what was going on, he had to fulfil his promise to Parker.

Besides, both Rebecca and I lost our babies. To others, we suffered from the same plight, so we should call it even.

From the perspective of a bystander, I shouldn’t be holding a grudge against her.

Ashton gazed at me before sneering. “You’ve never thought of me as the father of your child. You don’t care what I’ll do, right? After losing the child, you asked for Marcus’ help. You wanted to help John. You’ve never thought of asking me. Scarlett, what am I to you? A useless ornament?”

I was amused by his outburst. “Ashton, you’re the one who can’t get over Rebecca. You weren’t there when I was in trouble. Did you forget how you went to Rebecca several times after midnight? I don’t know what your feelings for me are.”

Why is he so upset? I’ve tried my best to be magnanimous. Whenever he went to Rebecca, I said nothing. I didn’t hold a grudge against her for killing my baby and forgave her. When she needs him, I even advised him to take care of her.

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