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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 272

I acknowledged his words with a nod and said, “The cunning man started hurting himself once he noticed that the cops were near.”

“Did he know you before this?” I furrowed my brows when I heard his question because he had brought up the topic I wished to avoid the most.

A few seconds later, I told him the truth, “Rebecca used to send him to abduct me.”


“It was during the period when I had just taken over AC Credit and HiTech…”

Ashton frowned once again. He rebuked my statement with a determined look, “It’s impossible… Rebecca couldn’t be the one behind it…”

I chuckled at his response, but I felt dejected deep down. “I know Rebecca still holds a special place in your heart…”

Immediately, his face loomed with a gloomy expression as he stated, “It would be impossible for her to utilize Cameron’s subordinate because she had just reunited with them back then.”

“Ha! You’re right because I don’t think she’s capable of executing such a complicated scheme! To begin with, she was never a smart woman!” I had no intention of rebutting his statement.


Initially, I thought he was there because he was worried about me. However, I seemed to have misperceived his intentions – he was there to interrogate me.

As I was sleepy, I yawned and said, “Mr. Fuller, it’s time for you to leave because I need to sleep.”

Nevertheless, the infuriated man showed no signs of leaving as he leaned against the chair while glaring at me in the eyes indifferently.

His presence had intimidated the nurse who had dropped by to change the bag of fluid. She wouldn’t stop shivering in fear because she thought she had done something wrong and offended Ashton.

After she got the bag of fluid changed, she heaved a sigh of relief and walked out of the ward with the used bag of fluid immediately.

However, after she walked a few steps, she turned around and stuttered while delivering her instructions. “S-Sir, you have to apply the o-ointment that has been prescribed by the doctor on Ms. Stovall’s n-neck. I believe Ms. Stovall has the ointment with h-her.”

Immediately after the nurse departed, he stared at me and asked callously, “Where’s the ointment?”

“I’ll deal with it myself! You should just go back!” I pouted my lips as usual because I had enough of him.

He got up from his seat and neglected my words, searching high and low for the ointment. After he found the ointment on the nightstand, he squeezed some of it on his palms.

“I can do it myself!” As he approached me to apply it to my neck, I inched away from him because I didn’t want him anywhere near me.

It was too late because, by the time I finished my sentence, I could feel his palms on my neck. I pursed my lips and allowed him to apply the ointment.

I frowned due to the tingling sensation I felt and tried to move away from him because it was unpleasant.

“Does it hurt?” He hushed and started blowing my bruised neck to alleviate the pain I felt.

“No!” Since I was the one who decided to get myself hurt, I wasn’t in a position to complain about the injuries.

“You have to refrain from acting on impulse in the future. Even if you want to lure someone out, you have to ensure your own safety.”

I closed my eyes and remained silent while nodding because I had no intention to carry on with the conversation.

After he applied the ointment on my neck, he asked, “Anywhere else that hurts?”

I shook my head because there were certain parts that I couldn’t share with him.

He took me by surprise and unfolded the blanket, exposing my stomach that was bruised due to Felix’s aggressive kick. The tender skin on my stomach had turned purple as a result.

Glaring at me once more, he gritted his teeth and asked, “Does it hurt?”

I knew it wouldn’t do me any good to reply to him, so I kept mum.

After he applied the ointment on my stomach, he checked on my body to ensure I was fine before placing the ointment aside and tucking me in. In the end, the man instructed, “You should get some rest.”

“Alright… Thanks!” I replied with a nod.

He narrowed his eyes and queried, “What are we?”

“Uh… Humans?”

I rephrased my reply because I knew he was rendered speechless by my reply.

“We’re a married couple!”

“Since we’re a married couple, is it necessary for you to express your gratitude for such a trivial favor?” He cast a skeptical gaze at me.

Ultimately, I decided to keep my mouth shut because I was at a loss for words.

After spending most of my time on the bed for the upcoming few days, I heard the word of Felix’s conviction. John was spot on – Felix was sentenced to death due to his involvement with a few other victims.

Meanwhile, Hector was terminated from his position because of his wrongdoings over the years.

As there were a lot of people that were involved in their dealings, Louis instructed some of his men to investigate those who used to be in touch with Hector when he brought back Hector to K City with him.

On the other hand, Marcus had long made his way back to K City because of an emergency that had arisen within his company that required his attention.

After Ashton had people back at the company to take over his role, we made our trip back to K City as well.

A week after we returned, we found out Rebecca had lost her baby. Consequently, she started behaving like a madwoman due to her miscarriage.

I had to follow up with the deal we had with OrbitTech and set up the necessary groundwork for the operation to take place soon.

Therefore, I spent the entire week working after we returned because I had a full schedule.

As Felix had launched a fatal blow on my abdomen area, we dropped by the hospital for a few rounds of check-ups as the doctor in J City advised.

When Ashton and I dropped by the hospital, we encountered Cameron and Rebecca in the corridor. They were on their way to the doctor’s office for an examination as well.

To be honest, I was shocked because Rebecca was much skinnier than the last time we met.

Rebecca’s eyes started brimming with tears as soon as she saw Ashton. She catapulted in his direction while wailing, “Ash, you’re finally here for me!”

Ashton evaded her, but the fragile woman, who had collapsed to the ground, grasped Ashton’s pants and stopped him. “Ash, I have lost my child! When Parker passed on, he told me I would live a blissful life as long as I have you by my side! What am I supposed to do when you’re no longer around? I-I can’t rely on anyone else… My life is miserable without you!”

The moment she spoke about Parker, Ashton leaned over and helped her up. “You need to take good care of yourself because you still have a long way to go in life.”

I couldn’t be sure of the emotions behind his words because he enunciated his reply callously.

Nevertheless, his words of encouragement were the best remedy Rebecca could ever ask to pull herself together. She held him firmly in between her arms as she started wailing again. “A-Ash, I don’t want anything else… Please forgive me for the things I have done! A-As long as you’re willing to forgive me, I’m willing to forsake other things in my life… I’ll behave myself and treat your wife with respect as though she’s my beloved sister!”

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