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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 267

Ashton had moved the headquarter to K City due to the abundant resources and information that was available there. Stacey was right – the conglomerates from K City would never allow such an ambitious and capable man to get a share of the limited wealth the city had to offer.

The Moore family did a great job of disguising their actual motive – they wished to acquire Fuller Corporation through Rebecca’s relationship with Ashton.

If Ashton and Rebecca got married, the Moores and the Fullers would be affiliated with one another. By then, the Moore family would have nothing to lose. Instead, they would gain access to all sorts of information and resources through Ashton.

All things considered, I couldn’t figure out the sort of past Ashton and Jared had.

“I can barely recall the things that have occurred back then, but allow me to express my utmost gratitude to you, Stacey. Although I’m grateful, I can’t possibly put my future at stake for your sake because helping you is going to expose me to immeasurable risk.”

Even though I couldn’t help but sympathize with the things Stacey had to go through, I wouldn’t necessarily offer my help because I was never a kind woman.

In fact, if the Moore family couldn’t win Ashton over, they would consider him a foe in the future. Since I was Ashton’s wife, I would have to get myself ready to go against Jared and the Moore family with him.

Considering the number of foes we had to be wary of, I couldn’t afford to offend the nasty and pretentious Felix anymore.

Stacey felt dejected and decided to push her luck for one last time. She said, “Ms. Stovall, I’m conscious of your concerns, but what if I trade my future for my freedom? I’m sure you’re aware of my capabilities and educational background, aren’t you? As long as I get to leave Felix, I’ll infiltrate the Moore family on your behalf!”

She’s willing to infiltrate the Moore family on my behalf?

I peered at her in the eyes and confronted, “Are you trying to deceive me? Cameron and Zachary can easily get their hands on our relationship. What are you going to do if they find out you used to be my subordinate for two years?”

She chuckled because she found my words hilarious. “Do you really think the Moore family has time for such a trivial matter?”

“You can’t deny the fact you used to be affiliated with Fuller Corporation, can you?” Stacey was a capable woman. Hence, it would be odd if she were to tell others she had been unemployed ever since her graduation.

She looked at me in return and asked, “As long as you get John to do you a favor, he will never say no, won’t he?”

I raised my brows in surprise as I was shocked by the amount of information she possessed regarding my closed ones.

Due to my skeptical look, she sat upright and asserted, “Ms. Stovall, you don’t have to worry. I started gathering all sorts of information after Felix showed his true colors once you left J City. I had been keeping an eye on the things back in K City because I was pretty sure I was the only one who could be of aid to you.”

“Are you insisting I should offer my help?”

“I don’t have another choice! If you don’t help me, I’ll end up living a miserable life with him! No! I don’t think I can make it through another few months, let alone my entire life!”

I was clueless about the things that had occurred over the past six months. She used to live a blissful life with Felix, yet things took a drastic turn for the worst within six months.

“You have been acquainted with Felix for so many years. Have you only discovered his true colors after both of you are married?”

Stacey smirked as though she found herself pathetic and foolish when she heard of Felix. “You’re right. I used to think he was the right one after the years we spent together. However, I was wrong because he had been putting on a show to deceive me! I wasn’t the only one he had deceived. In fact, he even tricked his parents and his friends into believing he was a gentle and innocent man!”

Halfway through her speech, she started trembling and avoided my gaze. Perhaps she started recalling the horrifying memories she had with him again. “If I hadn’t witnessed the vicious things he had done behind others, I would never figure out he was such a cruel man! After we got married, he became another man. In the first few months, he would throw a tantrum and vent his anger on me, but eventually, he started abusing me. I once thought of acquiring the cops’ aid, but others would step up and vouch for him, stating he was a gentle and kind man. They blamed me for his vulgar acts and said I was the reason behind the change in his attitude! You saw how he behaved and got infuriated abruptly for no apparent reasons when we were in the restaurant, right? I had nothing to do with it, and I couldn’t figure out the reason behind it either!”

Hearing what she had said, I decided to stop poking my nose into her horrifying experiences and asked, “What sort of help do you need from me?”

I wasn’t in a position to judge, but I could definitely use another reliable ally instead of making myself another foe.

Perhaps Stacey didn’t expect I would give in to her request just yet; she stared at me wide-eyed and replied excitedly, “Felix is a perverted man deep down. He enjoys going after women who are hard to get, and that’s you! I need you to join me for a meal.”

“Have you been thinking about this all this while?”

She looked elsewhere and nodded because she felt guilty deep down. “You’re the only one who’s capable of taking Felix out once and for all amongst the ones I’m acquainted with.”

I cast a skeptical gaze in return and exclaimed, “I’m impressed because that’s actually a brilliant plan, Stacey! Once you’re ready, feel free to call me.”

She suggested and handed over a name card to me. “What about tonight? The address, contact number, and room number are listed on the card.”

I couldn’t help but scoff when I saw the name card. “What makes you think I’m going to give in to your request?”

“Haven’t you already agreed to it?” Stacey replied with a determined look.

“Great! I guess I’ll look forward to working with you!” I took over the name card and initiated a handshake.

She returned the favor and replied, “I won’t let you down!”

At 8 p.m., I reached the private dining room of a relatively miniature bar at a hidden alley.

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