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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 257

Money was not a solution, though. Even if they were well-endowed with funds, the company would still be plagued by problems they did not know how to manage.

Over the past year, John and Ashton had realized OrbitTech’s advantages. As experts in management, the first thing they thought of was not to invest but to acquire it directly.

After spending half an hour speaking, I returned to my seat. One of OrbitTech’s shareholders asked confusedly, “Ms. Stovall, have you worked in Fuller Corporation previously?”

I was stunned because I had never interacted with the people of OrbitTech, nor have I appeared on the newspaper headlines. Staring at the person, I replied in surprise, “Yeah, I was the Project Director at Fuller Corporation previously.”

The people at the meeting table exchanged glances with one another. After a short pause, Richard looked at me and said, “Ms. Stovall, I’m sure that you know this even better than us, but Ashton, the president of Fuller Corporation, has plans to acquire OrbitTech too. We initially planned to accept his proposal. However, for some reason, the Fuller Corporation suddenly gave up on acquiring OrbitTech. We would like to know if you had a role to play in this.”

Smiling, he continued, “Although the White Corporation would be acquiring OrbitTech, we all know that you value our people and technicians the most. Hence, I wish that we can be honest with each other.”

Richard was very straightforward. Hence, I laughed and admitted, “Mr. Fuller is my husband. As for why he suddenly gave up on acquiring OrbitTech, it’s true that I played a role in it.”

When I said that, everyone starting whispering to each other. Richard asked calmly, “In that case, why did you stop Fuller Corporation from acquiring OrbitTech? In comparison, there’s more potential for our development if Fuller Corporation acquired us instead.”

I nodded. “That’s true!” After a slight pause, I continued, “But has everyone forgotten that Fuller Corporation also owns HiTech? Both HiTech and OrbitTech are technology companies. Upon closer analysis, you’d realize that Fuller Corporation doesn’t actually want OrbitTech that badly. They’re only after a certain technology owned by OrbitTech, but these aren’t that hard to find in the market either. As a result, acquiring OrbitTech would not reap a lot of profits for Fuller Corporation. This is the reason why Ashton has been delaying the acquisition of OrbitTech for the past half a year.”

Glancing at Richard, I persuaded, “Mr. Blackwood, you should know this better than us. No corporation will acquire another technology company when the potential of their current one has not been maximized. Most of Fuller Corporation’s revenue comes from real estate development, and their only technology company is HiTech.”

Richard nodded. Pursing his lips and deliberating about it, he said hesitatingly, “We don’t really know about what’s going on in Fuller Corporation. If we just take the current situation into consideration, the conditions they offered are quite attractive. However, we can’t guarantee that OrbitTech will become better under the control of Fuller Corporation.”

Raising his eyebrows, Marcus stood up and declared, “The White Corporation’s businesses revolve around technology. Although we have jewelry and other businesses under our wing, our forte still lies in technology. The largest reason why we decided to acquire OrbitTech is because of your research in AI technology. Naturally, we have some conditions that need to be met for acquiring OrbiTech. If OrbitTech doesn’t develop a new AI technology in the coming year, we will regard it as any other technology company. All of White Corporation’s funds and manpower will be withdrawn and reinvested in other areas.”

His speech caused most of the shareholders at the meeting table to turn pale. In other words, he was saying that even if White Corporation acquired OrbitTech, it would still face potential collapse if it failed to meet White Corporation’s expectations.

Looking at their strange expressions, I felt anxious. Marcus is being too straightforward.

OrbitTech is very capable. Hence, it’s impossible for the outcome he described earlier to happen.

After a long while, Richard looked at Marcus and said, “Mr. White, can you guarantee that you’ll invest in AI research and development?”

Marcus nodded firmly. “That’s a given!”

As the rest at the meeting table were investors who did not know much about technology, they did not have a large say in things. Hence, they all directed their gaze at Richard and waited for his response.

A long time passed before Richard slowly stood up from his chair. He walked towards Marcus, offered his hand, and said, “We look forward to working with you, Mr. White.”

I was stunned for a while before realizing what had happened. Does this mean that the deal is sealed?

Quickly after that, we signed the contracts. After the lawyers from both parties had reviewed the contract, Richard looked at Marcus and me. “It must’ve been tiring for both of you to come all the way from K City. Why don’t I treat you to a meal tonight? It’ll be an honor if both of you would dine with me. Let’s eat at the Pavilion Restaurant.”

It was a common business practice to have dinner together after the signing of a contract for further negotiation. Even if Richard did not extend an invitation, Marcus would.

As there were still a few hours left, Marcus and I left OrbitTech. He went to the hotel while I returned to my villa.

It had been ages since I had come back to Peakville Estate. Luckily, someone had been keeping the place clean, so it looked no different from before.

When I returned to the villa, the maid whom Ashton hired had already prepared some food. But since I did not have much of an appetite, I took a few bites before going back to my bedroom to rest.

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