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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 235

I looked at Jared and forced a smile. “See? If you think this isn’t enough of a reason for me to hate him, I can tell you more. He’s like a brother to you, so I can understand why you feel the need to defend him, Dr. Crest. Perhaps to you, I merely lost a child, and no matter how you think about it, it just doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Well, I’m sorry to say this, but this is how I am. I must get my revenge at all costs. Not to mention, that child was my life!”

No one in this world could truly empathize with others. Some couldn’t even bring themselves to feel sympathy, and most would only stand on the sidelines to watch the show.

After leaving the hospital with Marcus, he sighed with a contemplative gaze. “John really went over the top this time. It’ll be difficult for you to do anything from now on. There’s no doubt that the Moore family will have their guard up.”

I nodded and released a tired sigh. John had directly played the video in the hospital so that Ashton would feel anguished upon watching it.

Whatever. Since things have already been put into motion, there is no reason to stop now.

As he started the car, I looked sideways at him and asked, “Did you take a photo of the child?”

My voice was calm, but his body visibly stiffened. He glanced back at me and said, “Didn’t you say you didn’t want to see it?”

My breath caught in my throat as I looked out of the window, struggling to breathe through the pain in my chest. “Mm, I don’t. Send it to John. Tell him to hack it into Rebecca’s phone discreetly. If possible, do it at midnight.”

He nodded and drove for a while before changing the subject. “Is there any news about the AI project?”

I nodded. “John is a computer expert. There’s a tech company in J City. Many of their researchers are geniuses, but they have poor management. We’re planning to make a trip there one of these days and find a way to acquire it.”

He raised his brows. “A company like that exists?”


“Alright, it seems like you don’t have to risk HiTech anymore.” He smiled faintly with a subtle tease in his tone.

My eyes dipped to my lap before looking at him again. “If it fails and I lose HiTech, I’ll have to live off you.”

He bellowed with laughter at that. “Sure!”

By the time I reached home, it was already past midnight. Fortunately, there were many rooms in the house. He found a random one to sleep in while I went to my bedroom. With so many things on my mind, it was yet another sleepless night.

Sharon would be celebrating her 56th birthday on the fourth of November.

The Baumans were considered scholars in K City. Sharon had stayed with them after her divorce from Benjamin. They weren’t a large family, and among them were two elderlies who were close to a hundred years old.

Sharon had two older brothers; one was in politics while the other in business. They both had a son each, who had moved abroad and settled down with families of their own there. Hence, they rarely came back to visit.

Sharon was the youngest daughter in the family, so she was rather spoiled and arrogant. Marcus was aware of his mother’s temper and would occasionally advise her on it, but he eventually gave up.

When Marcus said he was taking me to her birthday banquet, I refused flatly. After all, I had rubbed elbows with Sharon before, but the outcome wasn’t very pleasant.

Marcus smiled. “The Baumans are scholars. The two elders will be holding a birthday banquet for my mother, and they’ve invited many business and political figures. The Moore family will be attending too. Don’t you want revenge? Well, this is the perfect time to strike.”

I was stunned for a while and came back to my senses after his words registered in my mind. If I was really serious about bringing the Moore family down, I had to become their equal or perhaps superior to them. Only then would I be able to overturn them. Otherwise, everything I did would be insignificant, and I would never achieve the desired effect.

I glanced at Marcus and nodded. “Fine. I’ll go!”

The world’s social structure looked simple. All of us were human beings living on the same planet.

However, no human was the same. We were all divided into different categories, like a pyramid. Some people would never be able to climb from the bottom to the top even if they were given a few lifetimes.

Poor people could rely on education to climb up one level at most and live a relatively comfortable life, but to climb another level higher, they would need talent and wisdom.

However, when you reached a certain level, talent and wisdom were no longer valid. The next thing was to rely on connections and blood relations. Gaining a firm foothold in the upper-class circles at the pyramid’s apex depended on how tactful you were at garnering admiration and respect from others.

The reasons Cameron was shunned by the Moore family for many years were her family background and lack of wisdom.

It was only because of Zachary’s persistence, the discovery of their long-lost daughter, and the wealth Cameron had accumulated over the years that the Moore family begrudgingly accepted her.

Rebecca’s instant boost through the ranks was solely because of blood relation, and such was life; no one could control the direction in which it flowed.

Marcus informed me the plan for that day, “I’ll come to pick you up at 6 p.m., which is an hour earlier. Then I’ll take you to shop and get your makeup done.”

I nodded since doing it myself would probably be a bad idea. Seeing how compliant I was, he grew slightly worried.

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