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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 226

His brows were knitted tightly as he drummed the table with his fingers and only looked at me after a long time. “We’ve considered this possibility previously, but if we want to get involved in the AI field, we need their help. Never hire the person you doubt and never doubt the person you hire.”

Nodding, I took a glance at him. “If I can find a batch of elite local technicians and guarantee to make a breakthrough in the AI field, would you dare to give it a try?”

He froze for a moment before letting out a smile. “How can you be so sure?”

“I’m not, but I want to give it a shot!” If this project is successful, I’d probably have a way to go up against the Moore family.

After all, most of the Moore family’s success in the business world was attributed to technology.

Marcus kept silent for a moment before he nodded. “Go ahead.”

Almost all of the higher-ups of White Corporation were in the meeting room, including Sally. When she saw me, she furrowed her brows slightly, but her expression was back to normal almost immediately.

Marcus told me to take a seat, then got up to turn on the projector. “Let me introduce the person who just came in with me. This is Scarlett Stovall. I have appointed her as White Corporation’s project director, and she will be in charge of the company’s AI project from now on.”

A commotion broke out in the meeting room in an instant. Someone questioned, “Mr. White, even though the project director’s position is currently empty, White Corporation isn’t like other small companies. Not anyone can take on this role. Besides, we’re all here today to discuss if we should continue with the research on AI. We haven’t even finished our discussion and yet you have already made a decision. Don’t you think you’re being a little hasty, Mr. White?”

Marcus nodded his head slowly and raised his brows. “Am I?” He smirked, showing his unruly side. “It seems like all of you are used to being overambitious. That’s why you think the people you recommended are more competent, isn’t it? This isn’t a problem for me. If you feel that you have someone who is much more capable than Scarlett to take on this responsibility, you can make your recommendations anytime. My only goal is for AI to be introduced to our country’s market within a year.”

Someone replied, “Does that mean we won’t be discussing whether we’re continuing with the AI project?”

He nodded. “Yes. Within a year, if all of you decide that Scarlett isn’t suitable to manage this project, you can recommend someone else. But I expect to see results in a year. Otherwise, don’t waste my time.”

“Alright!” Sally said. The soft demeanor she had at the White residence was nowhere to be seen, and she resembled a lady boss as she spoke. “We’ve already invested billions in this AI project after all. Not only that, but we’ve also spent so much time and energy on it, so of course it would be great news if Ms. Stovall is capable of producing the results we want. And if she isn’t, we can just cancel this project.”

For a second, the people in the meeting room exchanged glances with each other before they started to discuss among themselves. After a moment, someone finally said, “Since Ms. Fuller has said so, let’s just give it a try. It would great if we manage to achieve our goal. However, if we fail, half of White Corporation’s assets will go to waste, and Ms. Stovall will have to compensate for that.”

I got up and assured them, “If I can’t make any progress with the AI project after a year, I will bear the losses that White Corporation suffered due to the project.”

“Hah!” someone snorted. “Which prominent family are you from, Ms. Stovall? Did you come to White Corporation to experience life? White Corporation invests at least a billion per year in AI research. It’s easy for you to say that you’ll bear the losses for it. But the corporation will still be the one paying if you leave by then.”

Unperturbed by his harsh words, I put on a faint smile. “I’m willing to hand over HiTech to you as collateral. If none of you believe me, we can sign a contract. In the case that our AI research doesn’t make any progress after a year, then HiTech will be placed under the ownership of White Corporation through acquisition. How about it?”

Even though HiTech wasn’t considered a big company, the new products they developed were hot sellers, and the source of Fuller Corporation’s profit came mostly from HiTech.

Back when George put HiTech under my name, he wanted to make sure that Ashton and I would be entangled for the rest of our lives. If I wanted to get a divorce, I had to make sure that I wasn’t the legal owner of the company anymore. But this process was extremely troublesome.

Everyone in the room began murmuring among themselves except for Sally. She glanced at me as she said, “From what I know, Ms. Stovall, even though you’re the wife of Fuller Corporation’s president, you don’t have the rights over HiTech. Don’t you think you’re being a little too ambitious here?”

“You might not know this, Ms. Fuller, but while HiTech is indeed under the Fuller Corporation, George already arranged a lawyer to transfer the company to me before he passed on two years ago. To be precise, I’m the legal owner of HiTech. Although it is under the Fuller Corporation, it doesn’t legally belong to the Fuller family.”

Her face darkened, but she said nothing else.

All of them could not find anything to pick on after they heard what I said. If HiTech was under the White Corporation, there would be more technical resources available. At the same time, the company would rise to a whole new level.

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