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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 213

After the anesthesia wore off, my body began to ache everywhere, especially in the abdomen. It was the kind of pain that comes with every breath.

“The doctor said you can’t eat for these six hours, and you can only drink water. You can only eat after the effects of the anesthesia wear off.” The person who spoke was none other than Marcus.

Never had I imagined that he would be the one to appear. I had thought it would be Ashton or John, but he was the only one I had never thought of!

I could not speak, so I just looked at him with tears flowing from the corners of my eyes.

He seemed to understand what I was thinking. He sighed softly and said, “Take care of your health. In the future, you can still have kids.”

In that instant, I felt like my heart had been torn apart, and salt was being rubbed into my wounds. An intense pain started spreading, right to my bones.

Unable to control the pain in my heart, I began to tremble and sob. Marcus held my hand, his expression gloomy, and in his dark eyes was this deep bottomless pain.

Silently, he held my hand and let me cry. I did not know for how long, but I cried myself to sleep. He called me a few times as I dozed off. I responded in a daze and fell asleep again.

This catastrophe was indescribably painful, and the pain seemed to have no end. It felt like I had been physically broken into pieces and then joined back together again.

After three days of suffering, I was able to get down from the bed and speak a little. Pulling at Marcus’s sleeve, I spoke in a hoarse voice, “I want to see my child.”

With tears in my eyes, I said, “At the very least, let me see what he looks like.”

After carrying him in my womb for nine months, I wanted to see him face to face.

Marcus frowned, and his brows throbbed faintly as his veins pulsated noticeably, “In the morgue, I’ve handed him over to the hospital!”

“No!” I pleaded with a heart-rending voice, pulling at him as I shook my head, tears rolling down my face, “Don’t throw him away like this, please! He is my child. He had just come into the world. Even if he is… dead, as his mother, I should take care of the funeral.”

He knitted his brows while his dark eyes were filled with distress. “Okay, take care of yourself well. When you have fully recovered, we shall do it, alright?”

I nodded even while my heart ached. All this while, the pain gnawed at me ceaselessly.

Marcus looked after me well. He hired two confinement nannies for me. Everything that women must have after giving birth was provided for, and every care that was needed was met with.

The child was suffocated to death inside my womb. His dead body was taken out by surgery. Hence, there was a long scar on my abdomen that was slowly flattening.

Every time I touched it, the painful memory returned. This kind of pain had no visible outward sign, and I had no one to talk to.

Nearly a month passed by before I realized that the hospital I was in was a private hospital, far away from K City, and belonged to Marcus’ industry.

These days, all my thoughts had been on the child, and there was nothing else on my mind. Then, I realized that I had to tell Macy and Jackson that I was safe.

I borrowed a mobile phone from one of the nannies to call Macy, but then I realized that I do not remember any phone numbers, so I gave it up.

Marcus came to visit me every day. He brought me a lot of news each time, mostly about finance and trade. Some of them I could understand, some of them I could not.

I knew that he meant well, and he just wanted to distract me from thinking about the baby.

One month passed. My confinement was over, and I could sunbathe in the garden yard. Sometimes I would stare blankly at the plants and flowers, thinking of my baby.

It was late autumn, and the trees in the surroundings were turning brown. Fallen leaves were covering the landscape, and it was a depressing sight.

“It’s windy outside. Come back inside soon!” A low magnetic voice was heard, and I turned around to find that it was Marcus.

I smiled and said, “You’re back!” He was holding some documents, so I guessed he had just come from his office.

After handing the file to the nanny, he walked up to me and was about to pick me up according to our ritual as of late. I quickly avoided his arms and smiled, “I’m getting better now, and my confinement is over. Besides, my wounds have healed well.”

He had been carrying me lately because I could not walk as my wounds were deep. Now that I have healed, I did not want to burden him.

He frowned, narrowing his dark eyes, and he said, “What would you like to eat later?” He always tried to get me food for fear that I would die on a hunger strike.

I shook my head, smiling as I replied, “I’m not hungry. I just had my breakfast not long ago!”

He turned around and looked at the nanny, asking in a low voice, “What time did she eat?”

“Seven o’clock in the morning!”

Marcus frowned and raised his hand to look at the Swiss watch on his wrist. He looked at me with his dark eyes. “It’s already afternoon. You need some food!”

I nodded. These days, I seemed to have grown accustomed to his temperament. Externally, he looked distant, but he had a kind heart deep within.

Perhaps it was because of the child I lost. For one month, I hardly ate, and even after the one-month confinement period, I had no hunger pangs. If not for Marcus’ constant reminder, I would have skipped many meals.

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