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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 210

Upon receiving his birthday wishes, I glanced at the phone to look at the date and realized it was my birthday.

“Thank you!” I was stunned. I had forgotten my birthday after getting married to Ashton. Truth be told, if it were not for the occasional glances at my identity card, I probably would have lost track of my age.

“Do you have any plans for the evening?” He inquired.

I raised my head and looked at the sunset. The night was falling. I seldom went out as I was about to deliver the baby. Thus, I answered, “I’m staying at home!”

“Oh. Do you want me to come over then? To celebrate your birthday?” John asked.

“No, thanks! It’s fine.” I appreciated his kindness, but Ashton would rather not see him.

I thought it was Ashton when the doorbell rang. Why did he press the doorbell when he could unlock the door with his fingerprint?

John ordered, “Open the door! There’s a gift for you!”

After sitting there stunned for a while, I got up and opened the door.

The was a huge pink cake placed at the entrance, surrounded by many heart-shaped balloons with fluorescent lights inside. They looked beautiful in the night.

“Do you like it?” John’s voice traveled over from the other end of the line.

I was stunned and tried to suppress the feeling of joy. “You made that?”

He replied softly, “Yeah! Raise your head and look at the sky!”

I followed his instruction and was amazed by the beautiful fireworks. The night sky was filled with colors and light.

“Thank you, John!” I was touched, and I could feel myself tearing up.

It was great to be on someone’s mind.

“You’re welcome! I’ll celebrate your birthday every year onward,” John responded calmly.

Watching the fireworks shattered into thousands of sparks, I was dazzled by its beauty. Rebecca and I shared the same birthday.

After the colorful sparks faded, the pink cake was carried into the villa. Mrs. Eriksen and Molly looked around and asked me whose birthday was it.

I smiled and told them, “It’s mine!”

Mrs. Eriksen was shocked to learn that. “Oh my, it’s your birthday today, Letty? I should call Mr. Ashton right now! I’ll tell him to give you a big surprise!”

I smiled and rejected, “No. I’ve never celebrated my birthday all these years. We can all have dinner together once he comes back. That’ll be more than enough.”

Mrs. Eriksen was trying to call Ashton but to no avail. She frowned and complained, “Why did he turn off the phone? Could it be out of battery?”

Staring at the beautiful cake, I wondered how Macy was doing as she did not call me recently.

During those years on my birthday, she used to call and wish me well, or she would get me a cake.

Thinking of Macy, I tried to call her, but she did not pick up.

After a few attempts, I was worried and called Jackson instead.

When the call was connected, he spoke anxiously, “Letty, something happened to Macy! Make a move to Clermont now!”

I was shocked to hear that. “Isn’t Macy by the countryside in J City? Why is she back here all of a sudden?”

“I’m not sure. Nick called to inform me that he found Macy unconscious in his courtyard half an hour ago. He has called the doctor. We have no idea what’s going on.” He then continued, “I’m at the airport now and should arrive tomorrow morning. Please check on her first. Take care!”

After I ended the call, I put on a jacket and called Nick. There was no time to give anything any thought.

Seeing that I was so anxious, Mrs. Eriksen followed me and asked worriedly, “Letty, what’s going on? Don’t panic! I’ll call Mr. Ashton.”

I had no time for her nagging and left in a hurry. “Mrs. Eriksen, please inform Ashton that I’m going to Serene Villa in Clermont.”

I ordered the bodyguard to drive me to Clermont.

Nick finally answered my call after few attempts. I could hear the background noise.


I hurriedly asked, “Is Macy at your place? Are Macy and her baby all right?”

I could not calm myself down and was so anxious that my hands and feet turned cold and kept trembling.

He assured me, “The doctor has checked on Macy. Both she and her baby are fine. She has taken some sleeping pills and will awake when the effect of drugs is over.”

Then he tried to comfort me. “Don’t panic and rush over! You should stay at home and get ready to deliver your baby!”

I was so panicked that I could not think straight. Why would someone give Macy sleeping pills? Why is she back here in K City instead of J City?

All those questions, including Cameron’s words, came into my mind.

Thinking about these, I panicked, tried to call Ashton but he did not pick up.

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