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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 202

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 202

Her voice was loud, attracting the crowd’s attention. The receptionist had no choice but to turn toward her and say politely, “I’m not concealing the information from you deliberately. Mr. Fuller receives many guests every day, but each of them has to make an appointment with him. If you don’t have an appointment with him, I’m afraid that I can’t let you meet him.”

Mrs. Eriksen was annoyed. “How busy is he? Does his wife need to make an appointment to visit him?”

The receptionist was stunned for a while before bursting into laughter. “Ma’am, Mr. Fuller’s fiancée just visited. How is it possible for him to have a wife? Did you mistake him for someone else?”

“That’s impossible!” Mrs. Eriksen placed the pastries on the table and said furiously, “Mr. Fuller has been married for almost three years. Why would he have a fiancée? He’s even going to have a child soon. Are you sure that you aren’t mistaken?”

The receptionist scoffed disdainfully. “You mustn’t spout such nonsense, Ma’am. Of course we’d know if Mr. Fuller is married or not. His fiancée has been visiting him for the past few days. We can’t possibly be mistaken, right?”

Mrs. Eriksen was about to rebuke when I interrupted, “Mrs. Eriksen.”

“Letty!” She looked at me and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Are you tired? Sit there for a while and I’ll speak to them.”

Chuckling, I shook my head and walked to the receptionist with my hand on my stomach. “There’s no need for that!” Looking at her, I asked, “Is Mr. Fuller’s fiancée’s last name Larson?”

She was shocked for a while before nodding. “Yeah! She’s the missing daughter from the Moore family. She got to know Mr. Fuller in J City and they already have a child together. I heard that they’re going to be married soon!”

“Nonsense!” Unable to stand it anymore, Mrs. Eriksen cursed, “What crap is that? Even until now, Rebecca’s still constantly pestering Mr. Fuller. It’s impossible for that child to be his.”

“Ma’am, please be more careful with your words. Don’t slander others so casually!” The receptionist seemed to be very defensive of Rebecca.

Mrs. Eriksen scoffed, “Slander her? Ha! If she’s a decent and upright woman, it’s impossible for her to be slandered.”

After glancing around at the silent crowd in the lobby, I looked back at the receptionist and asked, “Does Ms. Larson come here frequently?”

She nodded. Gazing at my stomach, she asked hesitatingly, “She’s been visiting regularly ever since Mr. Fuller came to K City. Who are you, Ma’am?”

“I’m Ashton’s official wife!” Pointing at my stomach, I smiled. “This is his child who’s going to be born soon.”

Then, I ignored the receptionist’s doubtful gaze and called Ashton.

The call went through almost instantly.

“Hello!” A female voice answered the phone, so it was obvious that Ashton was not the one who picked it up.

It was Rebecca!

“Let Ashton answer the phone!” I was not particularly upset either. After all, it was normal for other women to be obsessed with a man like Ashton.

“He’s having a meeting!” Rebecca said smugly. “Your baby’s about to be born, right?”

I narrowed my eyes and hung up.

When the receptionist saw that, she scoffed, “Don’t think that anyone can pretend to be Mr. Fuller’s wife. A random woman on the streets isn’t worthy enough of him!”

“Why are you so rude?” Mrs. Eriksen flushed in fury as she glared at the receptionist. She looked like she was on the verge of cursing at her.

I pulled her back and shook my head slightly. As there were many people watching us, it would be inappropriate to create a ruckus here.

I decided to call Jared next. He picked up the call almost immediately.

His voice was as calm as usual. “What’s up, Scarlett?”

“Are you in K City?”

He replied, “Yes!”

“I’m on the ground floor of the Prism Building. Can you bring me up? The receptionist said that I need to make an appointment, but I didn’t make one with Ashton.” I spoke calmly, my voice devoid of any emotion.

“Sure!” Jared replied and hung up.

The receptionist’s expression was turning unpleasant. Dumbfounded, she looked at me skeptically.

Stroking my stomach, I stood there silently with my head lowered. Mrs. Eriksen glared at the receptionist and mumbled, “How snobbish!”

She was about to retort when someone approached her. “Hello, I made an appointment with Mr. Fuller. Please pass the message on to him!”

The receptionist nodded. “Alright, hold on for a while.”

As his voice sounded familiar, I could not help but turn around and glance at the person. It was none other than Thomas, the president of AC Credit.

Stunned, I called out to him, “Mr. Lowe!”

When Thomas spotted me, he exclaimed in surprise, “Why have you come to K City as well, Mrs. Fuller? As your pregnancy is in its late stages, I thought that you’ll remain in J City to manage Fuller Corporation.”

I chuckled. Glancing at my stomach, I said, “My stomach’s getting bigger, so I can’t travel to work anymore. Why did you come to K City too?”

He smiled and replied, “Fuller Corporation is planning to expand its business in K City. Naturally, I’m here for potential future collaborations.”

AC Credit had been around for decades. The Fuller Corporation was a massive conglomerate with an extensive production chain. The gains from a collaboration with Fuller Corporation could amount to half of AC Credit’s annual revenue. Hence, he would not give up on such an opportunity.

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