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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 190

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 190

In the end, I put on a pair of flats and went back downstairs.

Upon realizing I was about to leave the house, Molly cried out, “Mrs. Fuller, are you going out? No, you can’t! Mr. Fuller gave specific instructions not to let you leave the villa alone. Give me a moment and I’ll go with you!”

With that said, she hurriedly cleaned up in the kitchen.

I told her, “There’s no need. I won’t be going far. I’ll probably just walk around the neighborhood for a while.”

Dr. Linnard, who had come over to give me a checkup, suggested, “Why don’t you let me go with you instead?”

Molly paused and said uncertainly, “Is that okay?”

That question was clearly aimed at me. I nodded. “Sure.”

With how pregnant I am, having someone with me is probably a good idea.

After exiting the villa with Dr. Linnard, we did not take the car. Instead, we took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood.

Dr. Linnard looked at me and commented, “I can see that you’re the same as me, you don’t seem to be too used to the fast-paced lifestyle of the bigger cities, huh?”

I nodded. “While J City is considered quite a developed city, the lifestyle is just not as rushed as K City.”

“You know, the first few days after I came here, I took the time to wander around and scout out the neighborhood. I stumbled upon a quaint and quiet cafe that sells delicious desserts. It’s a good spot to listen to the rumors and gossips of the various influential families here in K City. Interested in checking it out?”

“Sure!” I was bored out of my mind anyway.

I had thought the shop would be a distance away. To my surprise, it was right next to the villa neighborhood. The shop was a villa that had been converted into a cafe. The atmosphere inside was indeed very peaceful and quiet.

“What do you think? Not bad, right?” Dr. Linnard asked me.

I bobbed my head in agreement, my spirits lifted by the soothing atmosphere. While she was busy chatting with the waiter, I took the opportunity to take in our surroundings.

“The view on the second floor is amazing. Let’s go!” She ordered a few desserts and took our table number. Then, she dragged me up to the second floor.

Going up a wooden revolving staircase, she searched out an empty table for us.

A few seconds later, she came back and tugged on my arm. “Hey, um, let’s go to the first floor instead. There aren’t any empty tables for us.”

I was bewildered at her words as I could clearly see several empty tables scattered around. Why did she…

It was then that my gaze landed on a couple sitting by the window. For a moment, I was stunned. So, the reason Ashton didn’t come back after so long is because he’s here having tea with Rebecca!

“Mrs. Fuller, shall we go downstairs?” Dr. Linnard queried nervously.

I shook my head. “No need. You said so yourself, the view here is amazing. So let’s just stay here!” With that, I headed for a table by the window as well.

Dr. Linnard came over and sat down opposite me. Her tone was awkward when she asked, “Is there anything else in particular that you want to eat?”

“No.” From my current position, I had an unobstructed view of Ashton and Rebecca’s table.

Our own table was not exactly in a hidden corner either. If Ashton were to lift his head, he would immediately see me. I wonder what they’re talking about.

Based on Rebecca’s stony expression, I could tell that the conversation was not going in her favor.

Probably getting thirsty from their chat, Ashton lifted his glass of water to take a drink. It was then his eyes locked onto mine.

In an instant, his brows knitted deeply before he set down his glass. He seemed alarmed to see me.

I shot him a bland smile in greeting. At that moment, the waiter appeared with our desserts, so I turned away from him. Lowering my head, I focused on tasting the desserts.

After taking a few bites, I smiled at the doctor. “No wonder you recommended this place – the desserts are superb!”

She returned my smile. I could see how she kept throwing uneasy glances behind her, clearly feeling uncomfortable.

I did not blame her. After all, Ashton and I were already married, yet, here he was, currently enjoying tea with another woman. And not just any woman either. Rebecca and his relationship had been a hot topic of debate even back in J City.

“Mrs. Fuller, maybe we should go say hi to Mr. Fuller? I’m sure his discussion with Ms. Larson is going to end soon. We can all head back together then!” she suggested awkwardly.

What a way of phrasing it! A discussion, huh.

I took a few more bites of dessert before raising an eyebrow and answering, “There’s no need for us to go over. Mr. Fuller is coming here.”

Right on cue, Ashton came to a stop beside our table. He chastised me with a frown, “You only just got out of the hospital. Why are you running around already?”

I propped my chin on one hand and looked over at Rebecca. Her expression was incredibly stormy. I wonder what they talked about that has her looking so furious.

Of course, it could be possible that she just did not want Ashton to realize I was there.

“Aren’t you afraid she’ll get mad that you just came over like that?” I fixed my gaze on Ashton before narrowing my eyes.

He scowled and snapped in displeasure, “Scarlett!”

His tone had me straightening up in my seat as annoyance swelled in me. “You don’t have to be so loud. I can hear you just fine.” Eyeing the desserts on the table, I found that my appetite had left me.

What a pity.

I shot Dr. Linnard an apologetic look. “I’m afraid your good intentions have gone to waste. I don’t really feel like eating these anymore. Perhaps we should bring them back home?”

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