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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 165

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 165

I glared at him and finished the juice. “Please enjoy your dinner alone. I’ve got to leave as there is some stuff I need to attend to.”

He gave me a look of discontent and exclaimed, “I came all the way here, and you guys are all leaving me by myself! Why can’t y’all accompany me around J City?”

“You are already so familiar with this place. If you need to borrow a car, I can lend it to you. I really need to go.” I passed my car keys to him and left the cafe, headed to the yoga class.

I had been a lazy bum all my life. After half an hour of yoga, I was exhausted.

My phone kept on ringing while I was resting. It was from an unknown number. I did not answer the call and continued with my practice.

When I was just about to leave, Ashton called. I answered, and he exclaimed, “Quick, come to the hospital now! Macy and Jared got into an accident!”

My heart skipped a beat. There was no time to waste, so I hurried over.

Ashton and Joe were waiting at the ER. My legs were sore as I ran over, and I almost fell.

Ashton noticed and rushed forward to catch me. “Macy had a slight graze on her scalp. She’s in the dressing room and will be out soon.”

I sighed a breath of relief and looked at the ER and asked in concern, “How serious is Dr. Crest’s condition?”

“Jared is still in critical condition. Your best friend must’ve jinxed him.”

The person who would have made such a remark was none other than Joe.

That was not my first time hearing such remarks from him, so I ignored them. I looked at Ashton and asked, “What happened?”

He brought me over to take a seat and explained, “Macy and Jared quarreled in the car. Jared got distracted, drove past the red lights, and crashed into a delivery truck. Macy injured her head while Jared is still in the ER.”

I was stunned. “Any other persons injured?”

“The truck driver died in the crash,” Ashton informed regretfully. “I’ve already sent Joseph to handle the matter. You don’t need to worry too much.”

I sat on the chair with my hands trembling. Joe glared at me and said in sarcasm, “Wow, I didn’t know Scarlett was so easily scared.”

“Joe, that’s enough!” Ashton yelled in frustration.

Joe shut his mouth and glared at me again.

Rebecca ran over in heels and asked hurriedly, “I just got to know about this. What actually happened?”

Joe pulled her aside and told her while consoling her.

When she noticed that Ashton and I were seated together, she pouted. Then, she stood at the side and said nothing.

Shortly after, Macy was pushed out of the dressing room. The doctor called for someone to go through the admission procedures. Ashton did not want me to move, so he went with her instead.

I went into the ward to take a look at Macy. Due to the anesthesia, it would take approximately half an hour for her to wake up. I gave Jackson a call and stayed in the ward.

Rebecca crossed her arms and leaned against the door. “Seems like you and Ashton get along very well.”

I did not feel like conversing with her, so I replied sarcastically, “Thank you, Ms. Larson, for your attention to our relationship. Don’t worry, as our love will only grow as time goes.”

“Y-You!” Her face flushed in anger. “Scarlett, Ash is mine. Don’t even dream of keeping him by your side after the baby is born. You don’t stand a single chance against me!”

I nodded as I agreed with those words. I replied insincerely, “I believe in Ms. Larson’s abilities, but you’re telling the wrong person – you should tell Ashton instead. It is up to him who he chooses to be with.”

“If Ashton wants to be with you, no matter how attractive I am, I would not be able to keep him by my side. I believe you know that very well.”

She should be smart enough to get what I meant by those words.

I did not want to dwell on that topic further, as her face turned dark. However, she was not the type who would let such comments go.

She entered the ward, squinted her eyes and warned, “Scarlett, even though I can’t lay a finger on you, don’t forget that you still have a bestie.”

She pulled out the IV on Macy’s hand. I was astounded. My defensive instinct was to push her with all my might.

She fell onto the ground and knocked onto the corner of the wall.

She exclaimed, “Scarlett, this is too much! Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that I dare not lay my hands on you!”

Ashton rushed in before I could utter a word. Joe followed in as well. Seeing that his sweetheart had fallen on the ground, Joe glared at me and yelled, “Did you pushed her?”

I glared at her and exclaimed, “Yes!”

“Scarlett, do you have a death wish?” He raised his hand and was about to hit me.

“Stop right there!” Ashton yelled.

“I am just protecting Rebecca! Why does Scarlett get to harm others and get away with it?” Joe exclaimed.

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