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In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 135

In love, never say never novel read online free chapter 135

I froze before muttering, “I’m going back for lunch at Peakville Estate. Mrs. Eriksen will be there.”

He sneered, “If my guess is right, you’ll probably lose your appetite after going back. After all, Ashton had been in K City’s hospital for half a month, and you’ve never expressed even a bit of concern for him. What kind of husband do you think will be able to tolerate such indifference?”

As he spoke, he leaned closer to me in a suggestive position.

I shifted my body to keep a distance from him and snarled, “I don’t think I can savor my food while eating with you.”

“You can ignore my presence,” he suggested as his dark eyes looked out of the window with a grin. I could sense the arrogance oozing out from him.

Turning around, I spotted a black Jeep parked close by. Soon, the car window winded down.


I had not seen him for half a month, and he looked tired. However, his weariness did not affect his good looks, and I could see that his eyes were fixed in our direction.

I could not decipher whether he was happy or sad from his gaze.

Instinctively, I pushed away John, who was in my personal space. However, when I raised my hand, John grabbed my wrist with a smile and pulled me into his arms.

He then looked in Ashton’s direction with a taunting smile and ordered the driver, “Drive.”

Then, the car window wound up again, and we were gone. I shoved John aside as my chest rose and fell from the anger I felt.

“John, there’s seriously something wrong with you!” Evidently, he was trying to infuriate Ashton.

After letting me go, he leaned back in the chair and muttered nonchalantly, “Have you just found out?”

Speechless, wrath overcame me, and I wished I could shred him like paper. In the end, all I could do was shoot him a glare before twisting my head to look out of the window, ignoring him.

Soon, we reached the restaurant. As John had pre-ordered the meals, the moment we took our seats, the servers served us.

As I was angry, I only ate a little of the food. After elegantly eating a few mouthfuls of the food, John lazily raised a brow at me.

“Is the food not to your liking?”

I sensed something different about him in comparison to five years ago, but I could not pinpoint what was the change exactly. Shaking my head, I replied, “I’m not hungry.”

He frowned and supported his head in his hand before looking at me. “Don’t pregnant women eat a lot?”

“Yes.” I did not know how to express it to him, so I took a few more scoops before muttering, “Maybe I’m not that hungry.”

He nodded. Softening his sharp gaze, he asked, “When did you fall in love with Ashton?”

That was a topic I did not want to talk about, not to mention with him. I creased my brows. “John, this is a private matter of mine.”

“You’re my sister,” he said in a quiet yet assertive tone.

Amused by his reply, I huffed, “You know we’re not biological siblings.”

He nodded and agreed, “Yes.”

It seemed like my response had not affected him at all, and I quietly sighed to myself.

Putting down my spoon, I said, “I’m full. It’s getting late now, so I’m going back.”

He stood up when I did and offered, “I’ll send you home.”

In the past, he was the personification of horror. Now, he was more like a pest that I could not shoo away no matter what I did.

Then, the car drove toward Peakville Estate, a luxurious residential area. As the car drove on the path sheltered by trees, I listened to the occasional bird cries.

He was silent the entire way, and I did not start a conversation either.

Finally, the car stopped in front of the house. Looking at me, he asked, “Are you not going to invite me in for some tea?”

“This is not the right time.” With that said, I left the car.

He followed me out of the car and stopped me. “Even if you refuse to admit it, we’re still siblings. There is no reason for me not to meet my brother-in-law. Scarlett, you can’t deny the fact that you have no other family members. Other than me, your brother in name, you have no one else.”

His words were a dagger that pierced through my heart, making it difficult for me to take in the next breath. Looking at him, I felt rather upset that my chest felt tight. “John, you can’t take your story and make it mine. You have no family and no friends. You have nothing in your heart. You can’t define me with your story.”

I knew he was lonely, but I had never broached the topic with him. The moment the topic started, there would be no reason for it to stop. Looking at his gloomy expression, I continued, “I once had Grandma, and now, I have my husband and child. I have Macy too. I’m not like you. You’re a lone wolf, and that’s why you have nobody.”

His grip on my wrist was hurting me, and his expression was as dark as night. “You’re the same as me, Scarlett. You can’t deny the fact that Ashton doesn’t love you. You know this well.”

His gaze landed on my stomach, and the look in his eyes turned apathetic. “This child won’t bear the bright future you’re looking forward to. As for Macy, you know better than anyone else that she’ll leave one day. That’s why you’re the same as me; you’re a lone wolf too. In that case, why do you refuse to be with me? I will give you everything you want. We will form a family like we used to be, and we’ll quietly live our lives in the house at R Province. Doesn’t that sound good?”

I furrowed my brows before I pulled my hand away. However, I could not, so I raised my head to look into his eyes and I pitied him. “John, there are many people in this world that can be with you for the rest of your life. Stop looking for me, okay?”

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