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In love, never say never chapter 971-972-973-974-975

“Mrs. Fuller!” Suddenly someone stood beside me, giving me a scare. I smiled as I noticed it was Stella.

I managed to squeeze myself in when the elevator doors opened. Maybe everyone knew my identity, so no one mentioned the rumors between Ashton and me. They were chatting to Stella instead.

From their conversation, I could deduce that Stella was well-liked by the other employees. Well, pretty and bubbly girls were always well-liked by others.

I got out when the elevator reached Ashton’s office. However, I was thunderstruck because I would need Ashton’s fingerprint to enter his office.

I decided to call him. Just as I whipped out my phone, the door opened, and out came Stella again.

Her gaze flickered between me and the door. “Mrs. Fuller, were you busy recently? I don’t see you visit Mr. Fuller much these days.”

I gave her a once-over and saw she was holding documents that require Ashton’s approval. “Yes. I’ve been busy with something.”

She smiled faintly in response then entered Ashton’s office. As I followed her, I stared at her back. It gave me a sense that it was all thanks to her that I was able to enter.

In the office, Ashton was sitting behind his desk reviewing documents while Stella stood silently by his side waiting for his signature. As Ashton lifted his arm, Stella passed him a pen. Their whole interaction displayed their excellent teamwork from working closely.

I stood rooted at the entrance, staring sightlessly at the scene, thinking they were a perfect team.

A few minutes later, Ashton lifted his gaze from his work, focusing his attention on me. “Aren’t you tired standing there?”

I smiled. “Isn’t Ms. Collins standing as well? It’s not appropriate if I sit while she stands.”

His brows drew together as he understood my insinuation. He ordered Stella, “You may leave first. I will send these documents to you later once I’m done.”

Stella nodded, “Sure!”

She smiled as she said goodbye to me.

The room fell into a dead silence after Stella left.

Finally, Ashton said, “Standing too long is not good for you now.”

I arched my brow and leaned against the door. “It’s fine. Mr. Fuller, please finish your work first. My feet can stand for a few more minutes. I shouldn’t bother you, seeing as you’re busier than a bee.”

He raised a brow and stood. “Scarlett, do you have to talk to me like that?”

I laughed, “Like how? It looked like Mr. Fuller didn’t even want to speak to me anymore. That’s fine. Mr. Fuller, please continue with your work. I won’t disturb you further.”

I turned and left.

However, Ashton wasn’t the kind of person who let problems fester into the night. He blocked my exit. “You know that is not what I mean.”

I chuckled, “It’s fine. Finish your work first.”

He grabbed my wrist. “Let’s settle this. The person who should be mad is me. You know the kind of person Armond is, yet you still meet him privately. I’m angry because I’m worried about you. Why can’t you understand that?”

I raised my head and stared at him. He looked more mature as if he had experienced the vicissitudes of life. It made me panic for a second. I kept my panic in check and smiled. “So in your opinion, I’m a useless person who didn’t know how to take care of myself? I’m just a clueless idiot, is that it?”

His forehead creased. “You know that is not what I mean.”

I chucked, “But that’s what your words are implying.

“Whatever. You don’t have to explain anymore. Go and finish your work. Don’t bring emotion into your work. It’s not professional.”

I left his office and entered the elevator.

I left with a smile as I looked at Ashton’s frowning face. I knew that it was my fault regarding Armond because I didn’t explain it clearly to him, but there were times when things were more complicated than it seems. An explanation could’ve saved all this trouble, yet we persisted with the solution that made us all unhappy.

I saw Stella again after I exited the elevator. She seemed to be waiting for me. “Mrs. Fuller, are you heading back now?”

I nodded with a smile, “Yes.”

She looked at me hesitantly, so I stopped and asked, “You seemed to be focused on your work recently. Are you dating now? Your parents must be urging you to get married at your age.”

She was surprised by my remark. “Not really. My parents were quite open-minded. I haven’t met anyone compatible, and they respected my decision.”

In love, never say never chapter 972

I chuckled, “I see Justin treating you well. Are you guys together?”

Her face turned dark at the mention of Justin. She was keeping her anger in check, but I was still able to discern it. She answered after a short pause, “We’re just friends. He has someone he likes, and it’s not me. So please don’t misunderstand. I am dating anyone at the moment as I want to focus on my career.”

I nodded with understanding. “Both career and relationship are equally important. A woman will only get married once in their lifetime, so you have to take your relationship seriously. When Ashton and I were younger, we didn’t get to experience the whole dating scene. We just got married. Now that I think about it, it is quite regretful. I think it is best if people could date more before getting married.”

Her eyes sparkled at my comment. “Did you and Mr. Fuller got married without dating first?”

I nodded and replied, “Ashton and I were an example of love after marriage. Our grandparents were the ones who arranged our marriage. His grandfather and my grandmother were good friends.”

Surprise crossed Stella’s face. “So you and Mr. Fuller didn’t have the freedom to date.”

I nodded in agreement. She couldn’t hide the look of surprise. “I thought that both of you had dated freely, and it turned out that it was actually because of your grandparents’ friendship. But I heard from my colleagues that the Fullers prioritize status above everything else.”

I laughed at her remark because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Not many of the employees knew my background. Rachel had always thought that Ashton was way out of my league all these years. She considered herself to be on par with me and that she could marry Ashton as well.

I laughed at my thought. “Ms. Collins, are you close to Ms. Zimmer from the Technology department?”

She was puzzled at my remark but shook her head in reply. “We’re not close. Why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head and prepared to leave. “It’s getting late, and I have a date with someone, so I’ll be taking my leave.”

She opened her mouth to say something but snapped her mouth close when she saw that I was leaving. She finally uttered, “Bye!”

After leaving the company, my phone received an apology text from Ashton. I gave it a glimpse, then stuffed the phone in my purse.

It wasn’t that I was mad at him. Sometimes, some things didn’t need to be clarified too clearly.

Shortly after, I received a call from Nora. “Scarlett, what are you doing right now? Are you busy? I’m so bored that I could watch the paint dry.”

I glanced at the time, and it was two in the afternoon. I just realized that it was possible that Ashton hadn’t had lunch yet. He went to search for Zachary in the morning, then was busy searching for me. So all his work from the morning must have had compiled to be cleared in the afternoon.

“Scarlet, are you there? Why are you not talking? What’s wrong?” Nora’s questions from the phone dragged me back from my thoughts. “I’m here. What’s up?”

“Do you know the location of the company Armond is working at? I couldn’t reach him since I’ve arrived at K City. He didn’t pick up his phone, and I didn’t get any replies from him on WhatsApp. Do you know if something had happened to him?” Worry was laced in Nora’s tone.

Thinking back to the morning when I just met Armond, I frowned and said, “K City has many places of interest. Take some time out to visit them. It could be that Armond is quite busy with work these days, so he didn’t have time to take care of you.”

She breathed out a long sigh. “I know he’s busy with work, but he couldn’t have been busy the entire day, right? Even if he is busy, don’t tell me he didn’t even have time to glance at his phone. I have never asked him to pick up all my calls, but it has been a few days, so I am sure he must’ve seen the texts on his phone. I mean… he could’ve at least replied to one of my messages!”

My head was starting to ache. “I’m not sure where the headquarters of the Murphy Corporation is in K City, but even if I do know, Armond may not be there.”

She sighed, “I understand. I don’t know what’s wrong with him these days. It felt like he was avoiding me, and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Scarlett, could it be that he had met someone he likes?”

“Nora, how much do you like him?” I didn’t know how to advise her because Armond wasn’t sincere in dating her. I had kept quiet initially because I didn’t see his true color. However, I knew it now, and she would fell deeper into the rabbit hole if I continued to remain silent. I was worried that she would hate me for not telling her.

She was silent for a while. “I couldn’t say how much, but I was planning to spend the rest of my life with him. Scarlett, I know it isn’t wise to tie my emotions and everything on a man, but I can’t control it. He was the first person I loved in my entire life. When I couldn’t find him these few days, I wanted to head to the Murphy Residence to look for him. I know I’m not inferior to him, but I just couldn’t control myself.”

In love, never say never chapter 973

I pursed my lips as my head spun from it all. “Nora, maybe Armond is not the man for you. I think you deserve someone better.”

A long silence ensued. Nora calmed down on the other end and finally spoke, “Scarlett, do you know something about Armond? Has he found another woman, and fallen in love with her? Is that why you’re saying this?”

Her question made me realize that my remarks were out of line. Stumped, I spoke, “No, I just didn’t want you to head into a blind alley. I’m just trying to remind you that there’s more to life other than being in a relationship. Don’t overthink it. I’m really swamped these days. I’ll ask you and Hailey out for lunch after this. Speaking of which, how is Hailey doing?”

Nora did not dwell on my words, and snapped out of her emotions and said, “She’s doing okay, but I really find her so odd sometimes. She just stands by the window and lets the cold wind brush past her face, and she rarely talks. Even if she does, she’s making all these weird remarks like there’s something wrong with her. Hailey’s really not good business material. I mean, people are put off by her somber outlook, and really reluctant to talk business with her.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “Right, I accidentally saw her taking a shower in the bathroom yesterday, and noticed a really long scar on her left breast. Has she gotten injured in the past? I didn’t dare to ask her since we’re really not that close, and I haven’t known her for long. Are you close to her, Scarlett? To be frank, I’m a little scared of her.”

I creased my brows slightly and said, “There’s nothing wrong with her. It’s just that she has depression because of what happened to her father. Don’t worry, she’s still in control of her emotions. Just chat her up more often if you have the time.”

“Huh?” Nora seemed surprised at my statement. “She has depression? I didn’t know that! How did you know that? How long have you known her anyway? Why do you seem to know a lot about her?”

I was rendered speechless. Nora was just pining over Armond moments ago, but now the woman was inquiring about Hailey with such gusto.

I found it hard to explain everything to her and merely said, “I met her when I was back in A City. She’s really not business material, but I think her father is the reason why she’s so hung up about doing business. Don’t overthink it. Just talk to her when you’ve got the time. The same goes for Armond. Don’t waste your time overthinking things. He will call you if he really wants to see you. I think you should know that if the man doesn’t want to see you, there’s no way you could reach him anyway.”

I initially planned to go the hospital after I hung up the phone. However, at the thought that Ashton might not have had his lunch yet, I bought some of his favorite foods at the city center before dropping by.

Since Jared’s bone marrow did not match Summer’s, the only way right now was to get to A City as soon as possible. I was not sure if the name card Armond gave me was of any use, but I got to give it a try no matter what.

I called Cameron and asked him about Zachary. I didn’t know what Ashton said to him, but according to Cameron, he had calmed down and was no longer rushing to A City.

Organ trade is never an option. These words were only fit for people whose children were perfectly healthy.

The truth was, they might have a paradigm shift once their children could benefit from it. Outsiders would not have a clue as to what the parents were put through when their children were diagnosed with a terminal illness.

I went back to the Fuller Corporation and took an elevator with some of the employees. I noticed that the girls were stealing glances at me. Frowning, I could not help but wonder if there was anything odd with my appearance.

Nobody liked to be stared at, and I was starting to get annoyed. “Which department are you guys from?” I asked with a stern face.

Stumped at my sudden question, the group looked at me and replied, “We’re from the Publicity Department.”

I merely nodded and said nothing. The group went silent as well.

After some time, the group was at a loss and asked, “Mrs. Fuller, are you going to see Mr. Fuller?”

I nodded and gave them a slight smile. “I’m going to send him lunch.”

The others nodded and smiled. “Mr. Fuller is so lucky, but normally Ms. Collins will prepare snacks for him…”

Another woman nudged at the person who was clearly talking too much. She managed an awkward smile and stopped talking.

The smile on my face remained unchanged as I commented, “That’s very thoughtful of her.”

The others smiled and said nothing further.

The elevator door finally sprung open and I stepped out of it. The smile on my face disappeared. It’s never easy to try to ignore the elephant in the room, is it?

In love, never say never chapter 974

A rhythmic clacking of heels rang in the hallway. I lifted my head and noticed that it was Rachel. She was carrying some documents. After noticing the food in my hands, she asked, “Are you sending lunch to Mr. Fuller?”

I nodded. There was no common topic for us to talk about, and I did not try to stretch our conversation. After a brief pause, the woman looked at me and said, “I guess you should be quite busy lately.”

Oh, so she has something to say to me.

As expected, she continued, “I know you’re busy, but don’t neglect your family. Some things can really sneak their way in when you’re not paying attention.

Surprisingly, I was not as vexed as I thought I would be at her remarks. I merely replied, “I think you can be more outright with what you’re trying to say. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

She shrugged and said nonchalantly, “I’m not trying to beat around the bush, actually. It’s just some words going around, maybe I’m overthinking this.

“Hmm, I really have a lot of work to do. I’d better get going then, talk later,” she said as she trotted away with documents in her hands.

I pursed my lips as I watched her silhouette walking away. Damn it, this is really starting to get on my nerve.

I reached the entrance of Ashton’s office, and his door was ajar. I stood at the door with the food clutched in my hand and hesitated for a moment before deciding to just go inside.

However, a voice rang just when I was about to push the door in. “Mr. Fuller, since you’re already done with these documents, I’ll send them downstairs.” It was Stella Collins.

“Okay.” Ashton’s voice sounded impassive.

Seeing that he was still busy with work, I did not rush to head in. Instead, I played with my phone in the visitors’ room.

Exchanges from inside the office could be heard. Everything seemed normal. After half an hour, his office door sprung open, and Stella headed out with a pile of documents in her hands. She was stumped at the sight of me before she snapped out of it and smiled. “Mrs. Fuller, when did you get here?”

I gave her a thin smile. “It’s been some time. I didn’t want to interrupt you guys working.”

She smiled in response. “Mr. Fuller is reviewing some documents. He’s been swamped with work lately since a lot is going on in the company, and he might not have time to accompany you recently. I think he’ll be able to spend more time with you after this.”

With a thin smile, I mumbled a response and said nothing further.

Ashton heard my voice and came out of his office. His furrowed brows eased a little, and his impassive face lit up with a warm smile at the sight of me. “What did you bring me?”

I looked at him and gestured at the food I brought. Looking directly at Stella, I said, “I heard the girls over at the Publicity Department saying that you would bring Mr. Fuller dessert every day. I have a sweet tooth too. Am I in luck for any today?”

Her smile stiffened for a brief moment before she said, “I brought Mr. Fuller some because he did not have lunch just now. He’s always had some trouble with his stomach, and I was worried about him getting gastric. What do you think if I bring you some when you come over next time, Mrs. Fuller?”

I smiled at the woman and nodded. “Thanks for the trouble then, Stella.”

Ashton had shown no interest in our exchange and had already removed the packaging of the food that I brought over. Noticing that Stella kept talking to me, he furrowed his brows and ordered her, “Go get busy.”

The woman nodded and took the documents away.

As I watched her leave, I could not help but think that the girl really was something else.

Ashton noticed that I was eyeing her. Frowning, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

I turned around to look at him, my annoyance with what happened back in the elevator just now dissipated into thin air. “Is Joseph going to stay for long at Moranta?”

He nodded. “The project is quite demanding. He wouldn’t be able to come back for some time.”

I noticed that he was wolfing down on the food that I brought over and asked, “Does it taste good?”

Maybe I had changed the topic too abruptly, as the man paused and looked at me. “Why do you care about when Joseph is coming back suddenly?”

I pursed my lips in frustration. “So you like having Stella around?”

Bemused, the man furrowed his brows. “Something is off with the way you talk. Aren’t you quite close to her? What’s the matter with you lately?”

“What do you mean I’m close to her?” I was surprised at his remark. What have I done that made him think I was close with that woman?

He raised a brow in response. “It seems like I’ve misunderstood. No big whoop. I’ll just swap her out after a few days.”

I frowned at his nonchalant reply. “What will other people think when you promote her and dismiss her for no apparent reason? Since you like having her around, just put her to good use, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work.”

Maybe I was being too sensitive about the matter.

His phone rang after a few bites. He picked up the call, and dived right back into work. Noticing that it was almost time for him to get off work, I decided to just wait for him for a visit to Summer later.

A document appeared right in front of me when I was preoccupied with my thoughts. Ashton handed over the document to me and said, “Mrs. Fuller, would you be a dear and send this over to the Finance Department?”

In love, never say never chapter 975

Despite furrowing my brows, my face split into a grin. “You’re good at ordering people huh!”

He gave me a slight smile and put the document in front of me. “You’re going to get so bored just sitting around. Why don’t you take a walk instead?”

I walked out of his office after taking over the document. I had been feeling quite bloated recently, perhaps because the baby was developing in my belly.

Meanwhile, at the Finance Department.

Perhaps my visit to Fuller Corporation was too frequent, the staff over at the department was not at all surprised by my unannounced appearance. However, it was surprising to bump into Stacey there. It suddenly hit me that I had not seen her for some time.

She had lost some weight, and her figure was lean. Her long hair was now short, and there was a certain dignified aura to her. Her clothes accentuated that aura, but not because she was piling on designer pieces. Rather, it was her keen sense of style that brought out her noble vibe. Overall, she looked like a shrewd iron lady.

We locked gaze, and I smiled. “I thought you weren’t at K City!”

She replied with a smile too. “This is my battlefield. I can’t get used to the environment out there anyway. This feels right to me.”

I shrugged. “Yes, obviously. K City really agrees with you.”

One thing that bugged me was that we were in the same building, and it was not like I was a rare visitor here, but we had never bumped into each other. Fate has a funny way to bring people together.

She kept the document I brought over and looked at her watch. “I’m getting off work soon. Want to have dinner together?”

“Not today,” I said, smiling. “I have a lot going on at home recently, and there’s not much time for me to have a night out. Let’s take a raincheck, and maybe we can go shopping next time?”

She nodded. “I notice that you’ve gained some weight. Are you pregnant?”

I was taken aback at how spot-on she was. However, I did not want to deny nor confirm her guess and merely replied, “It’s only normal because I have a little bit too much to eat these days. Anyways, go get busy first. Let’s meet up next time.”

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Are you and Mr. Fuller doing okay recently?”

I chuckled in response. “Are you saying that Mr. Fuller has done something over the line to make you guys misunderstand him?”

“No, it’s not that. I’ve just heard some rumors going around, and it’s just me being nosy. You know how women are, we gossip.”

My lips curled into a smile once again and said nothing. “I think it’s because there are too many women in Fuller Corporation.”

Stacey smiled, and changed the topic. “Alright, I’m going to get busy first. We’ll meet up some other day!”

I nodded and headed out of the Finance Department, lost in my thoughts.

I took the elevator to the floor where Ashton’s office was, and headed toward the bathroom. I’ve heard other people saying that pregnant women were more likely to be constipated. I did not whether it was true, or I was merely conditioning myself to conform to the stereotype.

After heading into the bathroom, I stayed in my stall, taking my time. Suddenly, I heard sobbing outside. And then, someone spoke up to comfort the sobbing woman.

“Don’t cry. Just stay away from her radar. You already know what kind of person she is. Why get on her nerves then? See, now you’re going to have pull an all-nighter.”

The sobbing woman spoke, “I did not do anything wrong. She’s just coveting something that doesn’t belong to her, and yet doesn’t want others to talk about it. It’s so obvious that Mr. Fuller has no feelings for her at all. Is she oblivious to how pretty Mrs. Fuller is? Does she think she stands a chance just because she’s working closely with him? She really needs to take a piss and take a good look at herself in her own reflection.”

“Forget it, there’s no use grumbling about it. You’re the only one who’s going to suffer while she’s still out there living the best life. She’s been taking care of all Mr. Fuller’s meals. You know for a fact that Mr. Fuller has rewarded that woman with what she deserves.”

The woman continued to sob, “What do you think Mr. Fuller has in mind, exactly? It’s not like Mrs. Fuller is only here once in a blue moon. How does he think he can get away with this? Is Mrs. Fuller really not aware of it all?”

The other woman replied, “I don’t think she’s totally oblivious to it. But maybe Mrs. Fuller doesn’t think that Stella is a threat at all. Anyway, that woman is not going to be able to stir anything up unless Mr. Fuller gives her a chance to do so. Otherwise, she’s just going to be a clown entertaining herself. Well, it’s not going to last.”

There was a hint of anger in her voice as the sobbing woman continued, “She is a clown! Mr. Fuller doesn’t even care about her. She knew that Mr. Kroner had a crush on her, and she wouldn’t have gotten this chance if she hadn’t begged the man to recommend her to Mr. Fuller for a promotion. Otherwise, Mr. Fuller might even not be aware that she exists. That woman really has no shame.”

The other woman sighed. “What can we do, though? She’s on the crest of a wave right now, and you’d better not offend her. She will be punished once she steps over the line. We have no backer to do anything like that. Don’t forget that Justin is going all out for that woman. The only thing we can do right now is to just wait.”

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