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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1550

At that moment, I felt that I was too cynical. I had assumed that a child would behave in the same way as a scheming adult.

“Alright,” said Ashton. He didn’t seem to be suspicious of anything, he just nodded and excused Shaun. “It’s getting late, you should go get some rest.”

“Yes, sir.” Shaun bowed slightly in a respectful manner and turned to leave the living room.

Everything was silent once again. I noticed that Ashton’s gaze was pinned on Shaun’s retreating back. Evidently, he was just as suspicious of him as I was.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

Hearing my voice, Ashton turned to face me. Out of nowhere, he said, “No matter how obedient or cultured he may sound, these are not reasons for him to stay and get close to Audrey.”

After saying that, he lifted the cup of hot tea to his lips. He then took his time savoring the tea and did not say anything else.

Since our thoughts were aligned, there was no need to say everything out loud. Seeing that Ashton was as concerned as I was, the uneasiness that I felt arising out of worry for my daughter’s safety was repressed.

The next day, Ashton woke up early in the morning. After having breakfast, he took Gregory and me to the villa in the western suburbs.

The normal accompanying staff was replaced by M Country mercenaries who were hired by John. After they changed into casual clothes, they were put under Millie’s command.

Joseph was already waiting at the entrance of the villa.

“Where is she?” Ashton asked coldly.

“In the master bedroom on the first floor. Ms. Hall kept begging for us to get a doctor…”

Ashton simply ignored what he said and went into the villa with long strides.

I expected a Hall property to be either luxurious yet low profile or high-class and extravagant. Upon entering, I immediately noticed the peculiar interior of the villa. Colorful graffiti covered the walls. There wasn’t much furniture in the living room, but there were many carefully placed items in various shapes. It seemed to be for practicing skating.

Tiffany always appeared before everyone in heels. Who would have known that she had such a hobby in private?

While curiously studying the house, we followed Ashton to the room where Tiffany was.

As soon as Joseph opened the door, we saw a man and a woman huddled together at one side of the bed.

Looking more closely, the woman was none other than the haughty Tiffany Hall. Perhaps due to lack of rest, her face was pale at the moment.

The man was seated on the bed, with the lower half of his body covered under the blanket. He did not make a move to get down from the bed even after seeing us.

Both their eyes were slightly red and swollen. It was quite obvious that they had cried before we came in.

“Ashton! What right do you have to chase away my personal doctor? Can you bear the responsibility if someone dies?” Tiffany started yelling at us the moment she saw us. “He is your brother-in-law! How could you be so heartless?”

Tilting his head slightly, Ashton glanced toward the bed indifferently. “So? Isn’t he still alive and well?”

“You…” Tiffany was so angered that she could not speak. She kept sputtering and was unable to form a coherent sentence. “I… You. You’re being unreasonable!”

Ashton was unfazed by the maniacal Tiffany. He walked to the side of the bed and stared down at the man. Even while standing at the door some distance away from them, Ashton’s formidable aura could still be felt.

Except for Tiffany, everything else in this villa was unusual. From the bizarre renovation to the baffling furniture, it was hard to tell whether the scruffy and bearded man was an artist or a reclusive shut-in.

If I wasn’t mistaken, when Tiffany mentioned “brother-in-law”, she was referring to the man on the bed.

From what I remember, Tiffany was not married. Moreover, based on her identity and status, it was hard to link her and the man together with the concept of love and marriage.

Tiffany seemed to be very afraid that Ashton would harm the man. As soon as he got close, Tiffany sat on the side of the bed and held the man in her arms tightly. Her eyes were alert and panicked. “Ashton, please don’t hurt him. I was the one behind everything. I will bear responsibility for all of it. Please consider the fact that I am your sister and hire someone to care for him. I have already caused him too much harm. I cannot drag him into my mess anymore.”

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