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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1542

Nathaniel remained unruffled despite her outburst. He acted as if he hadn’t even heard her. “In the few days that you left the company, Tiffany has taken advantage of the company’s interests countless times through embezzlement. She even tried to sell the company’s equity and attempted to transfer the properties for herself. Seeing that you were busy, I decided to step in and clean things up on your behalf. Now that I brought her here, I’ll let you decide her punishment.”

His words sent a chill skittering down my spine.

Nathaniel’s wickedness had no bounds. Even after sabotaging Nicolas and his wife, he still harbored such evil intentions towards his own sister.

Catching Tiffany red-handed must have been a scheme that he plotted for a long time. After all, it was impossible that he managed to expose her on a whim.

Despite her cautiousness, her own brother was the one who stabbed her in the back.

This must be Tiffany’s worst nightmare. She finally managed to elude Ashton and had a chance to achieve her goals. Yet, her path to success was blocked by her meek and gentle-mannered younger brother. It was no wonder that she seethed with resentment and reluctance from the moment she stepped foot inside the house.

Ashton glanced downwards; he seemed to disregard Tiffany’s existence entirely. Instead, he locked gazes with Nathaniel. “At this point, we should learn to get along with each other. If we don’t, the consequences of our falling out will be severe.”

“What are you talking about? I can’t seem to understand what you’re saying,” Nathaniel laughed despite Ashton’s cold gaze.

“Oh, I get it now!” he exclaimed after a brief pause, “From now on, we should support our family business to the best of our abilities! After all, we are brothers; we should watch each other’s backs. Am I right? You can relax. Blood is thicker than water. We will never be separated.” Sarcasm dripped off his every word.

Not only was he unashamed of his actions. Nathaniel even dared to blow his own horn.

Despite his goals to obtain revenge, Ashton had not acted out of the line by harming innocents. On the other hand, Nathaniel was willing to sacrifice his family and friends without mercy. Not to mention, he might have even dabbled in human experimentation.

How could such a revolting person like him hold a candle to Ashton?

Although Ashton’s broad back was facing me, the gloomy atmosphere that hung around his figure was easy to read. He must have a troubled expression on his face.

Nathaniel was aware that he wouldn’t be able to enter by force. With that, he decided to take the initiative and retreat. “Since I’m not welcomed here, I’ll take my leave.”

“Ashton, you should appreciate both of my gifts. You shouldn’t hold back on behalf of me, alright? I believe that you’ll show me satisfactory results,” Nathaniel recached out his hand and straightened Ashton’s suit.

After giving me a knowing look, he turned around and left.

Now that a huge crowd had disappeared from the magnificent living room, it seemed much emptier than before. The sudden emptiness amplified Tiffany’s presence.

Just as Ashton took a step away, he paused and turned around again. “Give me a reason to forgive you,” he uttered with restrained patience.

After several years of experience, Ashton had become more cautious when he was faced with picking a choice.

Although Tiffany had nearly lost her life to Ashton in the past, she seemed to hold no regard for it. “There’s nothing much for me to say. If you and Nathaniel wield the same ideals, you must see me as nothing more but a woman who isn’t worthy of receiving my share of the property. Why don’t you report me to the police? I have contributed to the Hall family countless times. Thus, I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with me taking away what belongs to me,” she replied stubbornly.

“Your parents have been kidnapped. Even until now, there is no trace of them. Despite their disappearance, you have been busy transferring money into your own account. Your greedy actions have revealed your true colors. It seems like you’ve inherited the wonderful trait that the Hall family shares,” Ashton said nonchalantly as his eyes narrowed.

“They are missing?” There was a trace of surprise evident in her tone. Yet, she refused to believe his words. “There’s no way that’s true. No one is smart enough to defeat Dad’s tricky schemes and sly wit.”

She shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts. “Are you saying the truth? Is father never coming back?” she questioned Ashton again.

Ashton’s sharp gaze narrowed as he remained rooted firmly in the spot. An aura of fury seemed to emanate from his figure when he took a deep breath to regain his composure.

Although he did not comment any further, the tense silence that filled the air confirmed her question.

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