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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1541

“Alright,” I nodded in agreement.

Regarding the matters of my flight, the schedule would be discussed on another day.

When I shifted my attention elsewhere, I realized that our casual conversation had garnered everyone else’s attention. A few of them even nodded solemnly in accordance with Cameron’s words. It seemed like they had taken this matter to heart.

Under their heavy scrutiny, my shoulders trembled with guilt. Yet, I chose not to elaborate any further.

Fortunately, the men had a short attention span. It didn’t take them long to shift the topic elsewhere. “How confident is everyone against Nathaniel?”

The question came from Louis. As John had brought up the topic regarding the oil painting materials, Louis took this matter very seriously. After all, he was a veteran officer with a strong background.

As soon as he spoke, a knock echoed from the door. “Mr. Hall is here,” the maid announced politely.

Hearing her words, Louis burst out in laughter. “Speak of the devil.”

“Why is he here? Is he looking to beg for forgiveness on behalf of Nicolas and his wife?” Emery guessed.

“He can try if he has the guts to do so,” John scowled and said in an angry tone.

“Come in,” Ashton called out calmly.

On the other hand, I didn’t believe that Nathaniel would act so generously. He wouldn’t have let them fall into Ashton’s trap if he had genuine feelings for Nicolas and his wife. Nathaniel must have an ulterior motive behind his visit.

My suspicions were confirmed when I caught sight of Tiffany alongside Nathaniel.

Upon closer look, I realized that she had a very disheveled and unkempt appearance. Her hair was a mess of tangled curls, and her body was bound in countless coils of rope. Additionally, Tiffany was missing a high-heeled shoe. It was an utter shock to see her like this because Tiffany always maintained a dignified and elegant appearance.

“Bring the children upstairs,” Ashton instructed the maids. After delivering the order, he rose to his feet and strode towards the door. There, he blocked the path of Nathaniel and his henchmen as he kept them cornered near the stairs.

Hurriedly, the maids scurried to obey Ashton’s command as they rounded up the children. In the midst of the chaos, Gregory somehow managed to slip from their grasps. In the blink of an eye, he rushed towards Nathaniel.

“Uncle Nathaniel,” Gregory greeted him respectfully with a slight bow, “I’ve finished studying most of the books. Will you be able to teach me when you are free?” Gregory had an earnest expression across his face when he asked.

A young child like him was oblivious to the politics and complicated relationships between adults. In his eyes, he viewed Nathaniel as a wise teacher. Needless to say, he approached Nathaniel with an open heart.

How was this any different from Summer’s trust towards Jared?

Although wickedness was terrifying, seeing Nathaniel put on an act like a wolf in sheep’s clothing terrified me even more. At least I’d be able to respond to any imminent danger. If he ever decided to lash out, Nathaniel would cause irreparable damage.

Learning from my past mistakes, I refused to let my child fall for such deceiving traps again.

“Gregory,” I called out and beckoned him over with a crook of my hand.

When he noticed that I had called for him, Gregory jogged over immediately.

I held his hand in my own and patted his chubby cheeks. “The adults have something to discuss. Why don’t you head upstairs first? You can take care of Audrey with Summer, alright?” I told him gently.

In Gregory’s viewpoint, Mommy’s words were to be obeyed immediately. Furthermore, he was fiercely devoted to Audrey. With a determined nod, he trailed after Summer and went upstairs.

When they finally vanished from sight, Nathaniel made a move to enter. “I’m here to congratulate my brother for his splendid victory. Aren’t you going to let me in?” he smirked without any ounce of shame.

In response, Ashton raised his hand to halt Nathaniel’s path. Ashton had a stormy look on his face.

Despite the stony silence, it was clear that he would not entertain Nathaniel’s visit.

The two brothers locked gazes for a long moment as tension filled the air. Finally, Nathaniel backed down.

Nathaniel took a step back. At the same time, he gave his henchmen a look. Immediately, his henchmen yanked Tiffany forward and shoved her to the ground.

“Ah!” Tiffany fell to the floor with a loud thud. The pain caused her to inhale sharply as she struggled against her restraints. “Nathaniel, I am your sister! How could you mistreat me this way! All I did was take what I deserved in hopes of spending my future with my lover! What have I done to you?” she yelled.

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