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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1540

Emma and Drew had a flight scheduled at six. At seven o’clock, John had arrived with his subordinates.

After resting for a whole day, both Louis and Cameron made an appearance in the evening.

After six years, our family was finally reunited. As the children played together, the adults gathered and shared tales about events that had occurred last night. Occasionally, they would discuss the hardships that they had experienced in the past years too. As time has flown past, they all harbored mixed feelings.

When the dishes were served, Emery brought the kids back. “Congratulations! The two of you have finally broken free of the nightmare that plagued you for years!” she exclaimed cheerily as she took a seat.

The neutral relationship between Emery and Zachary had remained unchanged throughout the years. After her divorce from Hunter, Emery and her children relied solely on each other. Additionally, Emery no longer attended such boisterous events. I was worried that she’d become too detached from society if she continued down this path. Thus I decided to invite her. Seeing her joyful mood, it seems like I was worried for nothing.

In terms of social settings and relationships, Emery would be able to mingle well unless she bumped into someone she disliked.

“It’s too early to celebrate,” John added, “We can’t forget about Nathaniel. He is no better than the Halls.”

He took a seat beside Emma as he spoke. Nonchalantly, he reached out a hand to toy with her long hair.

John pulled Emma into his embrace and wrapped his hands around her waist with a pleased look across his face. On the other hand, Emma remained calm despite John’s actions. She continued to listen attentively to the ongoing conversation and treated John as if he was invisible. The stark contrast in their reactions painted John as a clingy and affectionate lover.

When Hannah was still here, I had envisioned such a scene too. Although things have remained unchanged, they were no longer the same people they used to be. However, who could claim that John and Emma were a bad match? Things would turn out best when decided by destiny and fate.

Seeing that I was looking, John’s movements grew bolder. He raised his arm in a semi-circle and placed it on Emma’s shoulder as he caught her in his embrace. The scene was reminiscent of the sweet affection of a married couple.

It seemed like he was still affected by Ashton. Now, he was desperately trying to regain his dignity and pride.

I wasn’t sure if the years had softened him, or maybe Emma was the one responsible for melting his heart. Right now, John had finally gained his fighting spirit.

The thought made me smile with joy.

“What’s on your mind?” Ashton asked and pulled me into his embrace when he caught sight of my grin.

“Nothing much. It looks like everyone is doing well,” I beamed and placed my hand over his left shoulder.

No matter my presence, I can finally let go of the past and start a new life.

I kept the last sentence to myself. Ashton would have been unhappy if I said it aloud.

“It’s because you are here,” Ashton replied with a soft smile. Gently, he tucked a stray lock of hair behind my ear.

Despite his languid movements, Ashton’s dark gaze was fixated intently on my face.

Although I remained silent, he was able to read my thoughts as clear as day.

“Scar,” Cameron called out all of a sudden. Her voice snapped me out of my daze, and I turned around to address her. “What is it? I’m listening.”

Cameron nodded in acknowledgment. “John mentioned that your sickness isn’t diagnosable?” she asked in earnest.

I had no wish to ruin the cheery mood by talking about it. Yet, I noted that she had asked me out of concern for my well-being. “Yes. However, it hasn’t shown any symptoms in six years. I figure that it will not bring me any more trouble,” I replied reluctantly.

Cameron shook her head profusely. “You cannot neglect your health. How can you take such a risky gamble? Maybe the resources and facilities in this country are not up to date. After everything is settled, why don’t you visit M Country with us and take this opportunity to confirm your illness?”

After six years, Cameron – a renowned and respectful figure in our generation had aged greatly. Yet, her kind eyes were filled with nothing but concern and worry.

In order to relieve her worries and settle the root of this problem, the best scenario would be to accept her good intentions.

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