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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1538

This scary and unethical human experiment shouldn’t exist.

At that moment, tears streamed down the young researcher’s face, and his eyes became blurry. Hearing my words, he muttered an address, “M-M Country… Cranur… St. Peter’s Orphanage… Unit 118…”

His voice was too soft, so I didn’t hear what he had said. Running out of patience, I didn’t continue asking him. Instead, I gave Joseph an order, “Mr. Campbell, make a trip to that place to figure out the situation. Try your best to save the children.”

“Yes, Mrs. Fuller,” Joseph answered without any hesitation and signaled for the subordinates to take the researchers out of the room before he left.

Once they had left, there were only the three of us left in the living room. Maybe everyone was worried about the unknown gene mutations in my body, so the atmosphere was tense at that time.

Furrowing his brows, John had his hands in his pocket with a preoccupied face.

In the meantime, Ashton’s face was grim. He always liked to give orders, but he didn’t talk much just now, and now, he even took out a cigarette and lit it up.

Letting out a deep sigh, I walked toward him with a frown on my face. I reached out to grab the cigarette in his hand and stubbed it out in the ashtray.

“If I catch you smoking again, I’ll punish you based on our family rules,” I said with a serious and fierce look on my face. I thought I must have looked like a tigress at that moment.

So what? I was just trying to liven up the atmosphere.

To me, I was not sure if gene mutations would occur in my body. Perhaps, I might not experience any side effects forever. But I had no regret for becoming Ashton’s lab rat because I was certain that he wouldn’t go blind now.

If a person didn’t want to have a relationship with someone, he would draw clear boundaries between them, just like how Ashton treated Rebecca. He tolerated and forgave her to repay Parker.

However, Ashton and I were husband and wife. We were one, so we should be there for each other. It was only natural for us to owe each other.

When someone fell in love with the right person, he would definitely be willing to sacrifice for that person.

At that moment, there was about half a meter of distance between Ashton and me. We stared at each other for a period of time. His eyes were dark and mysterious.

Although I was complaining about him, I hoped that he knew I didn’t mean it and I would never regret marrying him.

I didn’t blame him for that and I didn’t want him to put all the blame on himself for the choices that Nicolas made. For now, we should look forward and stop brooding over past regrets.

After a long while, Ashton’s expression changed from one of gloom to relief. Then, he let out a faint smile as he put his hand up to his forehead like a soldier and said, “Yes, Honey.”

Looking at him, my lips curled into a smile unwittingly.

A single look by the both of us made us let go of the grudges. At that time, I felt like my life was complete because I had found someone who knew me so well.

After a while, I remembered that John was also in the living room. When I turned around, I saw a sullen John crossed his arms over his chest and stared at Ashton and me. The scene that he had witnessed just now made him doubt his eyesight.

When he realized that I was looking at him, he lifted his chin and said angrily, “You guys continue. Just ignore me. I’ll see how far you will go. Let me take a lesson from you so I can do this with my wife too.”

I guessed what he really meant to say was, ‘When my wife gets here, I’ll show you how affectionate we are!’.

Upon hearing that, I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Instead, I teased him, “Hmm. I hope the children don’t see you as a henpecked man.”

“Tsk! What did you say? What henpecked man? Besides, does someone need to learn from me to be submissive to his wife? Recently, someone excelled in both his work and household. I think he is the real henpecked man!” John retorted angrily.

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