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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1528

“Maybe it’s a total coincidence,” I rambled on. “There’s so many types of paper in the world. Maybe they just feel similar.”

He laughed out loud. “I haven’t even gotten started on the many possibilities, but you’re already jumping to Nathaniel’s defense. Are you really trying to patch up our relationship with the Hall family for me?”

“Not exactly.” I walked over and sat back down, placing the banknote on the desk. “This is a minor problem; we don’t need to make a mountain out of a molehill. All I want is to get our plans over and done with so that our family can spend the rest of our days happily. There’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish and keeping out of other people’s business as long as it doesn’t involve the safety of our family.”

“I’m just concerned that if the country is thrown into danger, it’ll be hard to ensure the safety of our family as well,” he said lightly, masking any and all emotions.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the point of view he was speaking from. Any other person with such a high-ranking position like him would find it hard to stay neutral in this sort of situation, and the Fuller Corporation was currently the nation’s largest chain of estate brands. After becoming a billionaire, Ashton had gotten involved in an increasing number of other industries and countless deals regarding money. He only had so many chances to turn a blind eye.

John soon returned, leaning against the doorway as he gave us both a meaningful stare. “Hook, line, and sinker.”

At that exact moment, Ashton’s phone started ringing. It had to be Nathaniel.

But when he picked up his phone and checked the screen, Simone’s name was clearly displayed as the caller.

He answered the call and put his phone on loudspeaker before casually saying, “Hello?”

“Ashton! How could you not inform us that your in-laws had come back? You’re lucky your dad has connections and managed to get someone to go pick them up, or else they might think that we were being impolite! But never mind about that; hurry up and bring the kids over, and let’s all have a reunion dinner!”

There was a lot of background noise coming out from the speaker. It sounded as if the two families were getting along quite well.

And with that, the call ended.

We all exchanged confused glances with each other and at the phone.

Had we guessed wrong? What if Nathaniel wasn’t the one trying to cause us harm, but the Hall parents who had been watching over the whole situation since the beginning?

Ashton quickly gave us our answer.

He slipped the phone back in his suit jacket pocket, buttoning it back up. “Using other people to do your bidding prevents your own hands from getting dirty.”

He left the study, and John followed him out shortly after. I had no other choice but to trail behind them, the only one left dazed and confused.

I had gotten into the car when the realization suddenly dawned upon me: Nathaniel had woven Mr. and Mrs. Hall into his scheme! What a manipulative, calculative asshole.

What on earth does Nathaniel want?

There was no time to wonder about that. They were all enemies, and there was no guarantee that Mr. and Mrs. Hall would be easier to handle than Nathaniel.

Ashton appeared extremely calm and composed, keeping his head held high as he gripped my hand in his. “It doesn’t matter who we have to deal with first. Let’s just be grateful that Nathaniel made the decision for me.”

No one could have expected that a reunion after six years would turn out this way.

At the Hall residence, everyone was sitting on the couches in the living room, casually chatting with each other.

Even though I had seen them through video calls before, Cameron was still excited when she laid her eyes upon me. She nearly got to her feet and came over to us, but Zachary held her back, effectively preventing our planned “emotional reunion scene” from happening.

Ashton held my hand as we walked over towards them instead, bowing his head humbly. “It’s been a while, dad and mom. Uncle Louis, too.”

The “dad and mom” he was referring to was Zachary and Cameron respectively, completely ignoring Nicolas and Simone beside them.

I’d expected an immediate conflict to occur, but Nicolas surprisingly took everything in stride as he grinned at us. “It’s good to see you back!” he bellowed, patting the empty spaces next to him on the couch. “Dinner is starting shortly after, so have a seat.”

“Where are the kids? Did you bring them?” Simone looked around for Audrey and Gregory, glancing at the entrance and then us.

I wanted to make up some excuse, but Ashton beat me to the punch. “There’s no need to bring the children into the adults’ matters.”

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