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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1521

After taking our seats, Summer explained that Ashton was the one who arranged for them to return to the country. They had originally planned to come back with the elders, but due to having other plans, they arrived earlier but Ashton didn’t tell me because he wanted to give me a surprise.

I had to admit, he achieved his goal.

I wanted to thank him properly, but Summer clung to me and prattled on, “Mommy, do you know? I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world now. Mr. Cress said that you were sick like me too and went to a place where no one could find you. Dad couldn’t handle your departure, that’s why he left us. I was sad for a very long time but believed that you’d come back someday. And now you have! I knew that you would never abandon Audrey and me.”

As Summer spoke, she clung to me like she used to when she was younger, making her look like an overgrown child.

My lips curved into a smile and I gently rubbed the crown of her head with mixed emotions in my heart.

Perhaps to Summer, the “truth” that everyone so carefully maintained around her had become the best part of her life.

As long as the lie was built out of love and belief, it could protect a child’s growth.

It had been six years since Summer and Gregory saw each other. She had grown up into a cheerful person and was especially fond of her quiet and elegant little brother, constantly teasing him when she got the chance.

It seemed like absence indeed made the heart grow fonder because upon entering the private room, Audrey had hung around Summer and completely ignored Ashton.

As a result, the table was divided. My side was a lively long-lost reunion, while John and Ashton’s was quiet and lonely.

Summer’s attention was fully focused on Gregory. “Hey Greg, do you remember me? I’m Summer. Your big sister.”

Gregory shook his head. “No, but I’ll remember from now on.”

Audrey cut in right then with an expectant look on her face. “Summer, did you miss me?”

“Of course I did! I thought about you every single morning when I woke up,” Summer answered without missing a beat, then pinched Audrey’s chubby cheek before turning back to tease Gregory. “Greg, you’re so cute. I’m sure there are plenty of girls who give you love letters in school, huh? How many have you received? Tell me, hmm?”

Gregory fell silent for a moment before speaking. “I don’t like girls.”

“Huh?” Summer grew up in an open-minded environment after all. Hence, she smirked and continued probing, “Do you mean you like boys, then?”

“No,” Gregory immediately denied. “Children are too noisy. I don’t like all of them.”

Summer’s reaction was exactly the same as mine back then. She froze for a moment as astonishment flashed across her face. Then, amusement filled her eyes, probably thinking that she had underestimated this six-year-old brother of hers.

Gregory wasn’t insulted by Summer’s expression, but perhaps it was to take care of his feelings, Summer stopped interrogating him. During the meal, she made sure to treat Audrey and Gregory equally.

Although Gregory didn’t display any particular affection, I knew that it was only because he wasn’t used to being the one who needed protection.

This boy resembled Ashton in this regard. Due to his pride, it would take him some time to adapt to this sudden change of roles.

I didn’t eat much during the meal, but it wasn’t because I didn’t have an appetite. Instead, looking at Summer just filled every cell in my body with so much happiness.

She had become such a radiant and kind girl who effortlessly took care of other people’s feelings. It seemed like she had inherited at least half of Macy’s genes. Every time I stared a second too long, I would mistake her as Macy and feel like she was beside me again. Subsequently, I would take a few extra glances at her, which completely distracted me from the delicious food spread out on the table.

We stayed at The Jade until three in the afternoon before finally leaving.

It was rare for the whole family to gather. Hence, I was more than eager to return home and spend the rest of the day enjoying life as a family.

However, after getting into the car, Ashton took the liberty of changing our schedule. “Go to the largest shopping mall in the city.”

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