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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1515

So, Tiffany wants to help Ashton recover his memory? I find it hard to believe that the Halls would be so kind to Ashton.

Ashton was not interested at all in accepting Tiffany’s “kindness”. He retrieved his gaze and said perfunctorily, “We’ll see.”

After a short pause, he raised his voice as he warned, “What, are you not going to let me go if I don’t agree?”

Anyone who knew Ashton could tell from his serious tone that he was annoyed, and things could get really bad if he got mad.

Although Tiffany was unwilling to give in, she couldn’t tell if Ashton was telling the truth about his memory loss. As reluctant as she was, she ordered her bodyguards harshly, “What are you still looking at? Move the car!”

“Yes, Ms. Hall.”

In no time, her bodyguards moved the car aside and made way for our car.

Joseph stomped on the accelerator and drove past them.

When Tiffany and her bodyguards were no longer in sight, John gave rare praise to Ashton, “Ashton, you have dealt with the matter well.”

Ashton didn’t say anything, and his expression was impenetrable.

Indeed, Ashton had brushed Tiffany off. However, that didn’t mean it would deter the Hall family. For the benefit of their business, the Halls might come up with other plans to force him into receiving treatment for his memory recovery.

We’d better get rid of them as soon as possible so they would no longer pose a threat. After all, it was easy to dodge a spear thrust in the open, but it was hard to guard against an arrow shot in the hiding.

With that in mind, I patted consolingly on Ashton’s hand.

Upon my touch, the man turned to face me. I flashed him a reassuring smile, conveying that the whole family would be there for him.

Ashton’s expression softened as he nodded and held my hand in his.

John didn’t fail to notice our holding hands from the rearview mirror. With a hint of jealousy in his voice, he teased, “Audrey, did you sense a funny smell?”

Hearing that, Audrey started sniffing in the car, yet she smelled nothing. With her brows knotted, he asked curiously, “No. Uncle John, I smell nothing.”

“How could you not have sensed it?” John looked at Audrey through the rearview mirror while saying sarcastically, “Smell your daddy and mommy. They are giving out the distinct odor of love.”

Audrey cast her eyes at both Ashton and me. Still, she couldn’t seem to sense the funny smell that her uncle was talking about. The poor little girl scratched her head in confusion.

I caressed her head while explaining, “Your uncle John was kidding with you. There’s no funny smell.”

“Uncle John is a liar!” Frustrated, Audrey kicked her legs. She then pointed at the passenger seat while saying accusingly, “You’re bad. I’m going to tell Aunt Emma that you bullied me.”

Instantly, John panicked. He turned around to coax the little girl, “If you tell your Aunt Emma, then I can no longer squirrel away money to buy you princess dress. Audrey, are you sure you want to sell me out?”

“Um…” Audrey pouted as she gave her uncle’s words some thought. Being as clever as always, she started bargaining with John, “Alright. I won’t tell Aunt Emma about it, but you need to buy me and Greg new clothes.”

“Deal!” John readily agreed. Then, the two made a pinky promise.

With heartfelt smiles on our faces, Ashton and I watched as the uncle and niece played together.

Nathaniel’s art gallery was being set up in the Golden Villa in the suburbs. He was waiting for us at the entrance by the time we arrived.

As soon as the car came to a halt, he came up to greet us, “Welcome!”

Seeing Ashton, he greeted, “Ashton, you’re here too!”

Ashton simply uttered a response.

Soon after, I spoke up, “Nathaniel, Audrey and her Uncle John felt bored at home, so I brought them along. I hope it won’t cause you any inconvenience.”

“Of course not.” With a pleasant smile, he said, “I’m glad to have them here. Please come in.”

With that, he led us into the villa.

Apart from our car, there were about a dozen luxury cars parked some distance away. It seemed like we were not the only guests today.

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