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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1514

Since home delivery was fast and convenient in this day and age, I was worried that the bed would arrive at our doorsteps even before I got to dissuade Ashton.

By that time, I would have no choice but to sleep in the same bed with him.

As my mind wandered off, I didn’t notice that John had called me several times.

The latter raised his voice as he called out, “Letty, yoo-hoo! What’s in your mind?”

“Huh?” John’s voice brought me back to my senses. “What were you saying?”

With his brows knitted, John shot daggers at Ashton, casting blame at him for my absent-mindedness. “You never for once asked about Letty when she went missing for the past six years. Once she came back, you exhausted her in bed. Can’t you take care of her body and take it easy? You should be more considerate to her and control your desire. If anything happens to her, I will make you pay!”

Meanwhile, Ashton had paused eating while listening to John. He remained calm and impassive all the while.

I cast my gaze at him and then at John, realizing that the latter had misunderstood us. With my cheeks burning, I called out, “John! Don’t talk nonsense in front of the kids!”

John gave me a sidelong glance without saying a word. Though, the helplessness on his face showed that he was unconvinced and that he was not talking nonsense.

Just then, Ashton gave his words in a low voice, “I will try.”

Did he say he will try? I drew a sharp breath and turned to look at Ashton. I was right! This man is still thinking of sleeping with me!

Since Ashton had always antagonized John, it was rare for him to give promise, in which it successfully placated the latter. Soon, the two of them stopped talking and focus on their meals.

Feeling guilty, I lowered my head and decided to let the matter go.

After breakfast, we sent Gregory to school before heading to Nathaniel’s art gallery, bringing Audrey along with us.

When we reached a crossroad, Tiffany’s car cut us off and blocked our way.

A group of men in black suits got out of the extended SUV after Tiffany and surrounded our car.

Tiffany’s attitude did a one-eighty when compared to yesterday.

She must be up to something, or she wouldn’t show up in front of us again when it was only one day since she took over the company.

She made her way to our car and knocked on the rear car window.

It seemed like she had gotten familiar with Ashton’s habit during the past six years, for she knew exactly where Ashton was sitting.

After a while, Ashton rolled down the car window. “What’s the matter?” he asked impassively.

Tiffany peered into the car but said nothing when she saw Audrey and me. The next moment, she cut to the chase by saying, “Ashton, you haven’t told the assistant of the password of the company’s safe.”

“The password?” Ashton thought for a while. Then, he looked up at Tiffany with an innocent expression. “I don’t remember it.”

Hearing that, Tiffany was dazed. “You don’t remember?”

Without missing a beat, Ashton replied, “Didn’t the assistant tell you? I got into an accident a few days ago, and I don’t remember anything when I woke up.”

Unconvinced, Tiffany said jokingly, “Ashton, I won’t force you if you’re unwilling to tell me the password. After all, the company will be yours eventually. I’m only taking up your position for the time being, and I wish to do my best while I’m in office. Just say it frankly if you have any concerns. You don’t need to come up with this kind of joke to brush me off.”

Hearing that, Ashton’s gaze turned icy. “You think I’m lying to you?” The anger in his voice was evident.

Sitting next to him, I could easily sense the man’s overbearing aura.

Tiffany grew impatient with Ashton since she had almost died at the latter’s hands before. She retreated a few steps before suggesting, “Ashton, you’ve misunderstood me. Actually, I knew a doctor who is experienced with patients who suffer memory loss. Why don’t I make an appointment for you?

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