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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1512

After a short pause, I continued saying, “John, you know how Ashton became what he is today. It is Nicolas and his wife’s fault. Over the past twenty years, Ashton has trained himself into living like a tool for revenge, cold and unfeeling. He ignored me during the past six years because of his parent’s words.”

Soon, my eyes became watery. I turned to look at Ashton through my teary eyes. “Ashton has always been a hard-headed man who wouldn’t compromise for anyone. Or else, he would’ve married another woman a long time ago.”

My words brought mirth to Ashton’s eyes. Feeling pleased, he interlaced his fingers with mine.

John was sick of seeing our physical intimacy. He rose to his feet, looking down at us while voicing his dissatisfaction, “I don’t have the time watching you guys acting lovey-dovey. Anyway, I have asked my subordinate to investigate the matter. If I receive bad news, Ashton Fuller, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”

Hearing that, Ashton turned to face John. “Oh, my dear brother-in-law, why are you so angry? I didn’t tell you I was the one sending the letter, did I?”

John’s face darkened, his expression demanding an explanation from Ashton.

Meanwhile, Ashton watched as his hand toyed mine, caressing my finger joints. In a casual tone, he spoke up, “Most of the time, a clever hunter would appear in the form of prey. My subordinate has indeed visited M Country. However, the purpose of me asking the elders back is to use them as baits instead of hostages.”

With that, he planted a gentle kiss on the back of my hand, which tickled.

My eyes brightened as Ashton briefly explained his plan to make the mastermind suffer from his own scheme. If his plan succeeded, we could snare the mastermind and eventually find out about his identity.

His plan had dispelled John’s doubt. Yet, the latter was still pulling a long face, staring at us as if we were the thorns in his flesh.

Knock! Knock! Just then, the maid knocked on the door.

John said coldly, “Come in.”

The door was being opened, and in came the very maid who was outside the study earlier. The aroma of coffee permeated the room as she brought in a cup of steaming hot coffee.

She nodded politely at both Ashton and me before asking John, “Mr. Stovall, here’s your coffee as per your order. Are you going to have it here or in your bedroom?”

“Take it away.” John waved his hand dismissively as he stood up. While making his way toward the door, he sulked, “Hmph! I’ve had enough!”

John left the study, leaving the maid scratching her head while holding the tray with the cup of coffee.

I shook my head at John’s childishness. Then, I dismissed the maid, “You can leave now. John doesn’t need the coffee anymore. Let him have a good night’s sleep.”

“Yes, Mrs. Fuller.”

The maid soon left the study with the coffee.

Since we had finished discussing our plan, all that was left was to meet Nathaniel at his art gallery tomorrow. Feeling a little sleepy, I decided to head back to the bedroom.

Just as I stood up, Ashton grabbed hold of my wrist. “Where are you going?”

“To sleep,” I blurted out. “We are going to meet a jackal tomorrow. This doesn’t only concern John, but us as well. So, of course we need to sleep well and be prepared.”

Ashton frowned slightly and asked in a pitiful voice, “Then what about me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling confused. The next moment, when I realized what the man was talking about, my face fell. “You!”

Ugh! This man is always thinking of getting me into bed with him!

If it weren’t for the kids who had probably fallen asleep in our bedroom, I would definitely give Ashton a payback for what he did in the bedroom earlier.

After collecting myself, I made a face at him and snorted, “Hmph! You reminded me that our bed is too small. Tonight, you should sleep in the guest room.”

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