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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1509

Ashton shook his head. He sounded tired as he spoke, “For the past few years, a woman’s figure kept appearing in my dreams every single night. When I tried to take a closer look at her face, a transparent wall would appear, stopping me from getting any closer. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t break the wall. It was only until I met you that I stopped having the same dream, and I could finally sleep well at night.”

At that moment, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was more agonizing to live without memories for six years or being haunted by nightmares while living like a puppet.

Fate had brought us together; nothing could separate us. If either one of us suffered, the other would feel the same as well.

I patted on Ashton’s back and decided to let bygones be bygones. “Let’s forget about it. You should get some sleep now.”

Hearing that, Ashton let go of me.

The next moment, before I had even realized it, the man had carried me in bridal style with my arms instinctively wrapped around his neck the moment he stood up.

As I looked up, my eyes met with his that were full of passion and desire. “W-What are you doing?”

“What do you think I’m doing?” With a calm expression, Ashton spoke up while he carried me into the bedroom, “When you were not around, Nicolas has always tried to set me up with other women.”

This was the first time I heard about it. Nevertheless, I said jokingly, “You’re talking about Thora, huh? Well, I know you. Careerwoman is not your type.”

Ashton halted in his steps. Casting his eyes downward, he stated, “Thora is just one of them. In fact, I would meet those ladies from the prominent families every month.”

Hearing that, I sneered, “It looks like you enjoyed life better when I was not around. I guess I’ve made the wrong decision in coming back.”

Hmph! Men only think with their d*cks!

With that, I pushed him hard on the chest, trying to get off of him.

Ashton briskly walked toward the bed. Then, he placed me on the bed before he climbed on top of me.

I struggled harder to push him away the moment I felt him pressing his lower body against mine. “Get off me, or I’ll call for help! John and the kids are here, so don’t disgrace yourself.”

Disregarding my warning, Ashton pinned my arms above my head. Fixing his eyes at me, he leaned closer and smiled faintly. “Scarlett, you’re a mother of a six-year-old. How come you’re still so hot-tempered?”

“Hmph! Because I’m a woman.” Holding my head high, I retorted sarcastically, “You’re a generous man. You can give your love to a lot of women out there. Mr. Ashton, I’m not like you. There is only room enough to fit a man in my heart. Only the one who is loyal and faithful to me gets to hold the key to my heart. If the man fails to remain faithful, I will not hesitate to leave him.”

Ashton narrowed his eyes while the corner of his lips went up. “Are you done?”

As he spoke, I wished to wrench my hands free from his grasp. Yet, my effort was in vain. The man held my hands even tighter after finding out my intention.

Glaring at him, I said through gritted teeth, “I’m done. Now, get out! I won’t embarrass you in front of the kids.”

Ashton let out a chuckle. He then glanced at his hands that were gripping mine and teased, “Scarlett, let me remind you that you’re the captive here. You’re at my mercy now. I’m the one who gets to call the shots, not you.”

His words rendered me speechless. I clenched my teeth and blustered, “Let go of me before you regret it.”

Before he could even react, I screamed out loud, “Help! Somebody, help… Mmph…”

The next moment, the man mashed his lips against mine. At that instant, I froze as my whole body was burning up by the flame of his passion.

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