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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1508

“You’re a smart woman who knows how to avail yourself of your strength. Unfortunately, you’ve picked the wrong target. If you want to become my wife, you should just come after me.”

Ashton knew that I, who had lost my memories, would have a bad impression on him for what he said. He knew the young lady who was passionate about love would probably find him hateful.

His heart was dripping with blood. Nevertheless, he plastered a smile on his face.

Scarlett, stay away from me like how you did today. Forget about our past and live your own life. Let me deal with all the troubles and conspiracies.

If everything went according to the plan, we wouldn’t need to go through all these sufferings.

Ashton wanted to let me go, yet his resoluteness and composure fell apart after reading the document brought to him by Joseph.

Even if it would mean putting himself at risk of being found out that his memory had recovered, Ashton had insisted on moving out of the Hall residence with Gregory and moved into the house next door to Marcus.

He wasn’t sure if I had really lost my memory, so he resorted to other methods to take me away from Marcus. As such, he had made use of some of the Hall family’s secret hideouts. After he found Camelia and the child, he made them reunite in front of me.

Those harsh words he threw at me about the cooperation and that me being a substitute were just his tactics to make me stay by his side with the fake identity.

He was afraid I might recover my memory way before he sorted everything out.

John’s appearance, on the other hand, was not within his expectation. He had forgotten that John was an old acquaintance of Zachary; our encounter would increase the chances of me recovering memories of the past.

As expected, I became a completely different person after meeting John.

Although his plan went slightly off course, that would only light a fire under him to retaliate. Soon, he set his first target – Tiffany.

Ashton knew I had recovered all my memories. Regardless of his reluctance to part with me, I was the one who got to decide whether I wanted to stay or leave him.

It was a surprise and a huge relief when I came back to him. My return was the best reassurance given to him.

Meanwhile, Ashton and I were snuggling up on the couch in the living room. I leaned against his chest while the man wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Our back views looked like an elderly couple who had gone through thick and thin in life.

“In the mall, my mind went blank when the explosion occurred. When you showed up, all my memories came flashing back, including that piece of memory of me being hypnotized.”

With a self-deprecating smile, he went on saying, “How ridiculous! The culprit that messed with my memories turns out to be a little pocket watch.”

I felt slightly disappointed. “I thought you would remember the person who hypnotized you.”

Ashton held my shoulders, and his eyes bore straight into mine. “To a hypnotist, his pocket watch is as important as a violin to a violinist as they represent their identities. Besides, the carved pattern on the pocket watch is unique. That might be a useful clue. I believe we can find the hypnotist pretty soon.”

I felt unused to seeing the serious look on his face. “Ashton, actually, I find you more likable as the live-in son-in-law.”

Ashton was slightly bewildered by my remark that came out of nowhere. Nevertheless, he curled his lips while hugging me tighter. “If you wish, I can be the Stovall family’s live-in son-in-law from now on. I’m just afraid that you might be sick of me being a jealous husband.”

“I won’t!” I shook my head. “You look more… real to me that way. I will be happy every day as long as you’re here by my side.”

Ashton’s tightened his arms around me. “Finally, I don’t need to feel your warmth and heartbeat in my dreams. I have you in my arms now,” he uttered in a deep and husky voice.

My face flushed scarlet at his sweet words. I buried my face deeper in his chest and started raking up the past in an attempt to hide my shyness, “You were still in a hypnotized state before I recovered my memories. At that time, you thought I was a heartless woman, and you couldn’t be happier if I could just get lost. How would you even dream about me?”

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