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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1507

Ashton was having doubts about Scarlett betraying him and eloping with another man, so he ordered his men to look into it secretly. However, the information he received was all prepared and fabricated by Nicolas.

Later on, he was caught up in a lot of matters, such as fighting for custody over Gregory and merging the assets of the Fuller Corporation and the Hall family. He had no choice but to put his suspicion aside as his memories of me were sealed.

On the day we had our reunion, Ashton recognized me, even though my features had changed a lot.

However, the only impression he had of me was just as what Nicolas told him. In his knowledge, Scarlett was nothing more than a woman who betrayed her husband, so he humiliated me when we met by saying, “Not all women are worthy of me.”

Not only was that an insult to the person who betrayed him, the way he said it made it obvious that he wouldn’t accept me into his family, as the woman had left Gregory behind for six years.

However, when Gregory mentioned about his mother, Ashton instructed the child to forget about her, but the image of the woman inside the car kept on surfacing in his mind.

It was the same when he returned to the Fuller Corporation. The scene at the intersection continued to play in his mind repeatedly. It was right at that moment, the emotions in his heart erupted and surged through his body like an electric current. The man clenched his fists and groaned in pain as he felt suffocated while his memories came flooding back.

“You are getting bolder now, aren’t you?”

“I agree to file for a divorce.”

“Today is Grandpa’s funeral!”

“You’re overestimating yourself.”

“My baby’s gone…”

“Ugh!” Ashton’s head throbbed in pain and he passed out.

When he woke up, it was already the next day. His memories of the past returned, and he remembered everything he did.

Six years. I had actually caused Scarlett to suffer for six years.

Lying on the ground, the man stared at the ceiling with his red eyes and he gripped his fists tightly before punching the ground. “Oh, Ashton Fuller, you are a useless scum!”

Realizing his actions had hurt Scarlett, he continued to lie on the ground in agony until the assistant knocked on the door. Then, he had no choice but to get up from the ground and return to his usual self.

The one who came in wasn’t Joseph, and this reminded Ashton of his identity—the cash cow of the Hall family.

Before the assistant could say anything, the man roared, “Scram!”

The assistant thought he had heard wrongly and raised his head to look at Ashton, but his gaze was met with a deadly glare by the latter.

Fear overwhelmed the assistant, and his arms felt weak, scattering the documents on the floor.

Soon after, the assistant picked the papers up with trembling hands and left the office quickly without glancing back.

The office fell into silent once again, but there were no signs of joy on Ashton’s face.

He had regained most of his memories, but he couldn’t recall the reason behind his memory loss, so he decided to look into it. The first thing he did was to call Joseph back to investigate the truth behind the explosion on the island and the culprit who had hypnotized him.

Before he got the results, Ashton received intel from his subordinates and knew that Scarlett would show up at The Jade, so he changed his schedule to meet her.

The Halls were around him, so he could only try this best to remain calm when he finally saw the woman he loved in front of him. However, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, his heart started racing when he saw her.

Scarlett was standing in front of him. She was still the same woman he knew, but she seemed to have lost a lot of weight and her eyes looked dull and lifeless.

The light that brightened up his life was lost.

The man gulped as his heart pained for her and he dared not even get close to her.

Perhaps it was because he was blaming himself. He wanted to make Scarlett leave him, even if it meant to become the type of man the woman hated the most.

“If it’s not because of this, you won’t be able to get close to him.”

“There are a lot of women who wish to become Mrs. Fuller, yet no one has tried something as silly as this.”

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