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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1506

  • My tolerance had a limit, and they didn’t seem to change after all the chances I gave them, so it was time to make a clear cut.
  • I had been enduring what they did to us for the last six years. I continued to wish for them to be smitten by their conscience, but now, I wouldn’t sit by and do nothing while they did as they pleased to cause us more suffering. They weren’t worthy enough to be family, so there was no need to tolerate them.
  • Only those who had gone through death knew the true happiness of life.
  • I loved Ashton, but I didn’t want my love to be used as a reason for his so-called family to take control over others close to me.
  • “Ashton, do you still agree to become the live-in son-in-law if I force you to go against the Hall family?” I felt the urge to cry as I spoke my words. This was the last time I was fighting for our relationship.
  • To lose the love of my life was rather painful for me, let alone I had loved the man for over ten years. My life wouldn’t be the same if Ashton wasn’t by my side anymore.
  • However, if he continued to neglect what his family did, those close to me would have to live their lives in fear and chaos. I believed Ashton knew the pain of losing those close to him as he had experienced it before, so he would understand my choices.
  • One could go on being blinded by love only for a moment, but not one’s entire life. I had awakened from my daze, but I still wanted to wait for the man I loved. I hoped that he would realize his mistakes as well.
  • Ashton didn’t give me a response all the while I was the only one doing the talking. After listening to my words, he kept silent and stared at me for about ten seconds before his lips curled into a smile.
  • I was in a mess from the fit I threw just now, and my lips were chapped. However, the man paid it no attention and tilted his head sideways as he planted a kiss on my lips.
  • Before I could react, his moist lips touched mine continuously.
  • Cupping my face gently, he landed kisses all over my face while my tears rolled down my cheeks.
  • As he planted the last kiss on my forehead, he slowed down his movements and lowered his gaze lovingly at me.
  • The man said, “I had given you my answer ever since you walked into the room and ordered me to cook the pasta, “
  • Silence ensued in the room after he had spoken his words, and only our heavy breathing resounded.
  • I was still lost in a daze as he was too sudden with his kisses. My mind was in a complete mess, so I couldn’t react on time and blurted out, “What?”
  • Suddenly, Ashton grimaced as he wrapped my face with his hands gently. His hands felt like feathers brushing on my face as he treated me with care.
  • Wiping away my tears with his thumb, he smiled while furrowing his brows. His deep eyes reddened with tears as he said, “The moment you appeared before me, I had decided to give up everything to be with you. Even if it’s just a dream, I will make it so that it will go on forever and I will never wake up and stay with you.”
  • The man burst into tears as he pulled me into his arms. We were so close to each other that I couldn’t catch my breath. “You mean the world to me. Without you, nothing matters to me, be it the Hall family or the Fuller Corporation. I can give them all up as long as it makes you happy.”
  • Pausing for a while, he sniffled before continuing, “It seems forgetting everything in the past can give me the life I wanted. I just want to be with you and our kids and to pick a fight with you sometimes, these are all I ever wanted. Scarlett, it seems I’ve become a burden to you.”
  • He hugged me as his voice slowly returned to normal. However, sorrow was still written all over his face.
  • As calm as one tried to be when their emotions were stirring, they were deeply hurt inside.
  • I didn’t say anything in reply and hugged him back while listening to him talking about the six years that felt like forever.
  • Six years ago, the Hall family’s search team found Ashton stranded on a shore full of rocks and took him back for treatment.
  • When he regained consciousness, they gave him new memories- He was the long-lost heir of the Hall family, and he had just acknowledged his paternal roots and reunited with them. Scarlett was his wife and was a heartless woman who betrayed him, while Audrey wasn’t one of the Halls, and Gregory was his only child.
  • The Halls sent Tom away, so Ashton could only accept the subordinates Nicolas arranged for him.

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