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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1502

After keeping silent for a while, Ashton said, “I don’t really remember what happened in the past, but since we’re reunited, let’s live a normal life. I’ll accompany you to complete the required documents and merge Audrey’s registry with us. I’ll take care of her from now on, so there’s no need for an outsider to meddle with our family affairs.”

Outsider? Is he talking about John?

John had taken care of Audrey for six years. He took her as his own daughter and showered her with love. It seemed men were on par with women in jealousy.

Even if he had lost all of his memories, pride still flowed strongly in him and he stood against John, fighting for the custody over Audrey.

It was as if we had returned to the past when Ashton was in high spirits and vigor. As he gleamed with ambition and determination, he seemed like a lone wolf emerging from the heavy blizzard at the North Pole, marking his territory and taking everything under control.

I was worried that he would harbor hatred against John, so I reminded, “Your father was in charge of everything back then, and you obeyed his orders by giving up the custody over Audrey. John did nothing wrong.”

Upon hearing what I said, Ashton was taken aback as he slowed down at eating his pasta.

I figured he was rendered speechless because he was the one who made the decision of letting Audrey go.

Even if people lost their memories, they still remembered how to differentiate between right and wrong. That was the case with Ashton. He knew he couldn’t take back what he let go.

Ashton finished the pasta very soon and placed his cutlery down before shutting his laptop. He lifted his gaze at me, devoid of any emotion. “Are you happy now?”

He sat on the chair with a serious expression while some pasta sauce was left on the corner of his lips. It was as if he was fighting with me in silence.

Having loved each other for ten years, Ashton had always been good at picking fights with me.

I’ve only exposed the ugliness of the Hall family, so does he really have to be angry at me for this?

This man. Huh… He is getting caught up in the past.

I didn’t have the time to act all childish with him. Shooting a glare at him, I cleaned up the table before leaving him alone.

When I went downstairs, Nathaniel came.

Hearing footsteps approaching, he stood up with a gentleman-ish smile on his face. “Scarlett.”

The man was still the gentleman he was for six years as gentleness and kindness were etched into his charming features.

I smiled faintly and greeted him as I walked down the stairs. “What’s the matter, Nathaniel? Why are you here at this hour?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I heard Ashton has resigned from the company, so you guys might have some time to spare. I’m here to invite you guys to my art exhibition.” Nathaniel smiled and took out two invitation cards from his pocket before asking Gregory to pass them to me.

“Here, Mommy.” Gregory lifted the invitation cards to me and looked at me as I scanned the card. “Mommy, Uncle Nathaniel’s paintings are beautiful. Plus, there are many other paintings from top artists in the world. Many people from different places come here just to view them.”

I patted Gregory’s shoulder and smiled to show that I understood what he was trying to say. “Good boy.”

Frankly speaking, the gold-plated invitation cards were more than enough to show the significance of the Hall family’s art gallery.

A fox wouldn’t give without wanting something in return. When Ashton resigned from the company, Nathaniel didn’t show up. Now that he took the initiative to visit us, he must be up to no good.

Knowing one’s enemy would only benefit in one taking control of the whole situation. While I wanted to understand Nathaniel more, I pondered over the matter for a few seconds before agreeing to it. “Thank you, Nathaniel. I’ll be there tomorrow.”

The man only curled his lips slightly and said nothing in return.

Gregory headed toward the coffee table and took the computer to Nathaniel’s front and asked, “Uncle Nathaniel, there were some errors in the information of computer coding you sent me before. I studied it, but I couldn’t correct them. Can you help me take a look?”

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