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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1501

Ashton didn’t feel accomplished after being scolded by his daughter so when he took his seat, he teased John by saying, “You’re still so happy even after being scolded. You’re going to spoil Audrey.”

The latter put down his bowl said with a smile, “I just thought of Emma suddenly. That’s how she would reprimand me and I can’t believe that Audrey has picked up her stunts. Besides, what’s wrong with me spoiling her? She’s my niece so it’s none of your business. Any boy who tries to pursue her in the future will have to get my permission first.”

“Sons and daughters are ordained by the gods. There are very few others who have both a son and a daughter like me. Some people are destined to only have daughters while some are destined to only have sons. Blood kinship isn’t something that can be compared to a few simple words,” Ashton drawled in his low voice.

His mouth is simply too…

John was amused by Audrey earlier and was in a great mood. He wasn’t angry at his comment at all. Instead, he was serving the little girl a few dishes as if nothing had happened. “It’s okay. I won’t talk about anything fake. Having the household register is the real deal. Isn’t that right, Audrey?”

She knew nothing about the household register. All she knew was that her uncle had served her with her favorite dishes so she answered with a bright smile, “Yes!”

Ashton was flushed red with anger that he left the table immediately. However, he was probably afraid that Audrey would nag him again so he was very gentle when he put down his bowl. One wouldn’t have noticed that he was angry if they didn’t look carefully.

The little girl noticed that he had left when he had taken a few steps up the stairs. She asked in confusion while chewing on a piece of lobster meat, “Why isn’t Daddy eating anymore, Uncle John?”

John continued serving her some dishes and gloated, “He’s full.”

“Oh… Daddy hasn’t eaten much.” She didn’t think too much about it and resumed eating her dinner.

There was nothing I could do about this. The Ashton who had lost his memories was indeed too weak, and it was obvious that he had no mood to continue eating because of his anger.

He was someone who liked to keep everything to himself. If this continued, he’d turn himself into a balloon and would be blown away someday.

“You should stop bickering with Ashton in front of the kids next time,” I warned him.

“You wouldn’t understand the joys between men. We know what we’re doing so you can just let us be,” John said vaguely as he waved his hand.

I wanted to continue with the conversation but I knew that he wouldn’t reply so I had no choice but to shut up.

Ashton had shut himself off in the study on the second floor the whole night.

Since he hadn’t eaten much earlier, I made him a bowl of pasta and took it upstairs for him. I knew that he liked stronger flavors so I purposely added more spices.

I pushed open the door and saw that he was sitting before his desk. The light from the computer shone on his face and it made him look extremely unapproachable.

“I wasn’t full from dinner so I made supper. I prepared a little extra. Do you want some?” I put the plate before him as I asked.

He took a glance at the plate and pointed it out relentlessly, “It has such strong flavors. Are you sure you made extra?”

My face flushed red and I asked in embarrassment, “So do you want it or not?”

For some reason, I would always lose control of my temper whenever I was alone with Ashton.

He stared at me for a moment before picking up the fork and started eating.

Perhaps it was due to his natural-born elegance, but it was pleasing to watch him eat.

I fell into a trance staring at him and I quickly shifted my gaze when I finally snapped back to my senses. While doing so, I accidentally saw the content on his computer’s screen from the corner of my eyes.

#Winning A Child Custody Battle#

What’s going on?

He couldn’t remember anything but he could remember the issue about getting custody of the kids?

I was enraged when I remembered how he acted previously and that he might just be putting on an act. “Why are you reading up about this?”

His movement froze for a second before he continued, “Is there any reason why my child’s name should be written in their uncle’s household register?”

I suddenly understood what he was talking about. I was lost for a moment before I finally recovered from my shock. So he’s trying to compete with John.

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