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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1498

I was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh when I snapped back to my senses.

Ashton just got ignored!

Upon hearing my laughter, he shot daggers at me and I instantly felt his intimidating aura.

I quickly acted as though nothing had happened and walked towards the kids confidently.

Gregory was the first to notice me and he quickly strode towards me. “Mommy, you should bring us out next time. It’s so boring to stay at home. I want to spend time with you.”

Audrey then added, “Me too! I want to go out too! Mommy…”

Left without a choice, I could only agree for the moment. “Alright, alright. I’ll bring both of you out next time.”

A certain someone was still angry as he sat on the couch. It’s okay. You can treat me like I don’t exist all you want. I’m invisible after all.

Gregory, Audrey, and I played all afternoon and I only realized that John wasn’t home during dinner.

I was about to give him a call when he appeared at the entrance.

“I’m back.” John took off his coat and handed it to a maid as he walked over as if the place was his own home. “Hey, Audrey. Do you miss me?”

“Yes, I miss you!” she replied without any hesitation. “Come have a seat, Uncle John. Let’s have dinner.”

He had a huge smile on his face and he took a glance at Ashton as he pulled up a chair. His grin widened when he saw that the latter wasn’t smiling at all.

“Where have you been today?” I asked as I scooped some soup into a bowl for him.

“I went out to settle some stuff,” John replied. He took a sip of the soup and smacked his lips in satisfaction. Then, he asked while staring at his bowl of soup, “This tastes familiar. Did you make this?”

I smiled in response.

I muddled along the days I spent with my children with no thoughts of tomorrow but I still hoped that I could take care of them as much as possible. That was why I had decided to make them a few dishes myself.

He finished up his bowl of soup once he was done speaking and handed me his bowl. “Another bowl, please. I’ve been craving this soup for six years.”

Ashton then joined our conversation, “You couldn’t even satisfy your craving in six years. I wouldn’t mind giving financial aid to the Stovall family if you don’t have enough money to hire a chef.”

Oh no… I was rendered speechless at that.

Have you forgotten that you’re the son-in-law?

Are you out of your mind? Giving financial aid to the Stovall family? How are you even going to do that when you’ve left the Fuller Corporation with nothing?

I shook my head and I couldn’t help but pity him for being so innocent. He was such an outstanding man, yet he ended up being so dim-witted now.

“Hmph…” John scoffed coldly as if he wanted to make Ashton upset deliberately. Then, he reached out and handed me his bowl, insisting that I fill it up with soup. Only then did he finally draw back his hand.

He blew lightly on his bowl of soup as he insulted distractedly, “Letty’s my sister. No matter where I am or how much time has passed, I would remember the taste of her food and who she is clearly. Unlike someone who vowed that he loves her so much but he ended up forgetting about her faster than anyone else.”

The moment he said those words, the atmosphere at the dining table turned so tense one could cut it with a knife. Ashton’s body exuded an aura that seemed to have lowered the temperature of his surroundings.

I had been paying attention to his eyes earlier. They were once calm and indifferent but they turned icy cold the moment John finished speaking.

This made me doubt that he had actually forgotten the past.

John, on the other hand, was acting as if nothing had happened even though he was the one who started it. He was still drinking his bowl of soup and was in an entirely different world as Ashton.

I rested my forehead in my hands. They were always in dispute and I wondered when it will finally end.

It would be a problem if they stayed in this tense situation and I was about to say something to ease the tension when a maid entered to inform us, “Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Fuller, you have a guest.”

“Please let them in,” I said.

There was finally something to interrupt their situation. I was so afraid that it would be like the day they just met when John pressed Ashton down on the ground. His injuries had just recovered not too long ago so it was better to avoid any confrontations for the time being.

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