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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1497

Indeed, I lied to him, fooled him, and distanced myself from him. His family was the reason I had to lie in bed for six whole years while being separated from my children. Couldn’t I avenge myself?

I merely wanted him to side with our family for once even though he had lost his memory.

Tamping down my irritation, I flashed a smile while shaking my head. “No. We’re married, and you’re my closest partner. Why would I lie to you?”

Ashton held my hand tightly. “That’s right. Let’s go home. Audrey must be missing me by now.”

I joked, “John has been with her all the while, so clearly she can survive without you.”

As I said that, I tried to get up by pulling on his hand. Suddenly, Ashton’s expression turned grim and yanked his hand away.

I heard him snorted above me before he stalked away angrily.

I pressed my lips in frustration seeing how unpredictable his temper was.

It was Joseph who helped me out of the car.

“Mr. Fuller has forgotten about a lot of things. That’s why he feels uneasy and keeps losing his temper. Don’t take it to heart.”

Suddenly, it hit me that Joseph had spent a lot of time with Ashton, hence he should know the latter well.

Coming to a stop, I asked, “Does your boss really not remember anything?”

Joseph knew I was suspecting him and hurriedly clarified, “No, he doesn’t. Ms. Sto…” He paused and hurriedly corrected himself. “No, Mrs. Fuller. I’ve explained everything to him for the last two days. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.”

After John moved in, Joseph realized I was merely pretending to have lost my memories. He started treating me respectfully like he used to do in the past. It didn’t seem like he was lying to me.

Clearly, I couldn’t get anything else from him.

Sighing, I stepped into the house and cursed silently, Sly fox!

John was nowhere to be seen while Ashton was standing by the couch in the living room, watching the kids’ antics patiently.

Gregory was scheduled to learn the global financial news online from a lecturer using the tablet every day at this hour. If Ashton wasn’t home, he would secretly use his father’s laptop. The little boy was particularly excited if that was the case.

I had witnessed a few times myself how Gregory split the laptop screen in half. The upper part was the lecturer’s figure, while the bottom part would be his coding program. He would even ignore me as he was too engrossed.

Women were prone to compete to get attention. As Gregory and Audrey were twins, she refused to leave his side.

Gregory’s attention was focused on the screen, while Audrey was waiting for him with her doll in her arms. Soon, she started fidgeting. “Greg, how long do I have to wait? When will you play with me?”

“Greg, let’s buy lots of dresses for my doll, okay?”

“Greg, why are you ignoring me?” She seemed close to tears.

Gregory’s reply was calm. “Wait a bit more.”

Audrey pouted unhappily.

Right then, Ashton went over to her and picked her up.

Audrey giggled once she realized it was him. “Daddy!”

Ashton’s lips curled up as his gaze softened. “Do you want me to play with you?” he inquired softly.

As soon as he finished his words, Gregory shut the laptop and stood up.

“Audrey, I’m done.”

Immediately, Ashton’s gaze darkened, the delight on his face gone. He glared at Gregory as though warning his son not to compete with him.

Alas, before Gregory could change his mind, Audrey had already hopped out of Ashton’s arms and led Gregory away from the living room. Ashton was still rooted to the spot, utterly dumbfounded.

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