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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1493

This must be the first time Joseph had lied to Ashton. As a heavy silence ensued, he kept his gaze on the ground lest Ashton saw through his lie.

John had been waiting in the hallway all along. As we had stopped talking, he strolled in and uttered, “It has been ages since that accident happened. You had your reservations about us, but did your family show themselves? You might’ve lost your memory, but did you forget what it was like to be a disowned son?”

Nothing on earth was worse than being compared.

Ashton had been under the Halls’ control for the past six years, but from what I know, his house was miles away from the Hall residence. In private, they led separate lives. Ashton didn’t really have friends, so he could stay at home for a few days without having to go out.

However, as Ashton had lost his memory, he became easily provoked and agitated. John’s words only served to amplify the Hall family’s indifference.

After meeting John’s gaze for several seconds, Ashton caved in calmly. “You’ve made up your mind. Can I even say no?”

With that, he rose to his feet and went after the kids.

John chuckled at his retreating figure. “I’ve underestimated him. He acts like a live-in son-in-law, but he’s still hot-tempered and annoying as usual.”

“It must’ve been hard on him.” I hurriedly changed the topic. “Tomorrow, Ashton and I will be going to Fuller Corporation. Get someone to inform the Halls, especially Nathaniel.”

“Got it.” John nodded. Before he left, he went to Gregory’s room and watched the kids having fun with a wide grin on his face.

I chuckled and shook my head in exasperation. In the end, they were all kind despite their sharp tongues.

Joseph was here on business, so he kept Ashton in the study for the entire night. Nothing much happened after that.

The next day, after sending the kids to school, Ashton dressed up smartly.

When I came downstairs, he stood up from the sofa and came to me. With his chin stuck in the air and stern expression, he seemed like a mannequin on display.

After coming to a stop, he raised an arm and gestured for me to hold it. There was an air of superiority about him, and I was like an accessory hanging on his arm.

Raising the hem of my dress, I marched toward the door without paying him any heed.

I could sense Ashton gazing at me, so I quickened my pace and left him.

Ashton only came into the car a minute later, his face scowling in displeasure. The air was tensed.

He was obviously upset, but I was unable to stop myself from giggling. I covered my lips and hastily opened the window before turning away from him.

Silence ensued. Ashton was still grim by the time we arrived at Fuller Corporation.

I curled my lips up into a smile before leaning into his embrace. Taking his arm, I comforted him. “Alright. People are staring. You don’t want the others to gossip about us, right? Cheer up.”

Ashton looked down as a smile flitted across his lips. “Yes, I should cooperate with my wife.”

He was cooperating, but there was something about the look in his eyes that didn’t look right to me.

We went straight to the HR department. When the elevator doors opened, all employees on that floor greeted Ashton respectfully. “Good morning, Mr. Fuller!”

Unfazed, Ashton took my arm and stalked past the corridor.

The nearly bald HR manager, Claus Oleson, trailed beside us meekly. His height only reached Ashton’s shoulder, but he bowed politely and said, “Mr. Fuller, your arrival was too short notice, so we didn’t have time to do any preparation. Which department do you wish to inspect? Please let me know, and I’ll make the arrangements.”

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