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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1492

“Mm.” Ashton took the laptop from him and placed it on the desk.

Glancing at my watch, I realized there was five minutes left before the half an hour was up. “Gregory, it isn’t time yet. Why did you stop playing?”

Gregory shook his head. “I’ve finished my coding. I want to play with Audrey.”

He took Audrey’s hand and offered, “Do you want to play with me?”

Audrey hopped excitedly. “Yeah!”

They exchanged gazes and laughed merrily before heading to Gregory’s room. Soon, we could hear their giggling from afar.

Ashton’s voice rang out behind me. “Is something up?”

“Yes.” I met his gaze before walking in slowly and sat down in a chair against the wall. “Since you’re recuperating at home, we need to talk.”

Ashton signaled for Joseph to leave.

“Joseph isn’t an outsider. He can stay.”

Hearing my words, Ashton turned and sat down in his chair. “You can begin now.”

“Mm.” He was calm, so I didn’t know where to begin. Lowering my head, I gathered my thoughts before looking up to speak. “You’ve gotten used to your status now, right?”

“What status?” asked Ashton.

“My husband, the kids’ father, and the Stovall family’s live-in son-in-law,” I raised my voice when I reached the last one.

Clearly, Ashton was stung by the term “live-in son-in-law.” He looked dazed for a moment before coming back to his senses. “Yes. So?”

He wasn’t refuting my words, so I could continue with my lie.

“It’s nothing serious,” I replied. “The kids should grow up together, and my brother can’t handle his business alone. I was thinking, why don’t you resign from your current position in Fuller Corporation? We can return to M Country and start anew there.”

Instead of replying to my question, Ashton narrowed his gaze and scrutinized me doubtfully.

I knew what he was thinking, but he had lost his memory now, so I bit the bullet and charged forward. “I’ve suffered from two miscarriages and taken countless hormone injections before giving birth to the twins for you. Are you suspecting my motive? Or have you never thought of living with us?”

I applaud myself silently for the logical and touching words I had just uttered.

It was a ruse to trick Ashton, but I was telling the truth.

My confidence grew at once. Ashton’s resolve was swaying, so I hurriedly pressed on, “No matter how unreasonable I am, you’d always understand and accept me. Ashton, you said that yourself. Even if you don’t trust me, don’t you trust Joseph? He had been working for you over ten years!”

Joseph, who had remained silent the entire exchange, blanched in shock.

He was already terrified seeing me manipulating Ashton. Now, I was dragging him into this mess. His heart must be pounding furiously against his chest.

Without giving him time to ponder, Ashton drawled dangerously, “Tell me.”

Joseph’s head hung low as he didn’t know what to say.

Usually, he was as stern and cautious as Ashton. Hence, I was amused to see him panicking right now.

Chuckling silently, I reminded him. “Mr. Campbell, why are you nervous? Your boss is asking you if I am right. Back then, will Ashton risk his life for me? Be honest.”

Joseph heaved a sigh of relief and replied loudly, “Yes, Mr. Fuller. Mrs. Fuller has always been the most important person to you!”

I couldn’t believe how good he was at lying to his employer.

Ashton’s gaze narrowed as he considered the credibility of Joseph’s answer.

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