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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1488

I could only pretend to suffer from amnesia.

We spent some time together peacefully before fate brought me to Ashton again. It was a familiar but cruel moment, for Ashton didn’t seem to recognize me. Pain ripped through my heart when his indifferent gaze landed on me.

I could only watch, breathless with anger, as my son became a part of the Hall family.

After reuniting with Emery and Alexander, I thought things would get better, but they were also hiding something from me.

John was the only one who hadn’t changed. His jaw was unshaved, but he was still my brother who’d go against Ashton anytime to protect me.

That moment, I knew I could be Scarlett Stovall again.

However, I wasn’t sure if Ashton had been hypnotized.

If he had been hypnotized, why did he bring Gregory to provoke me and Marcus several times?

If he hadn’t been hypnotized, why did he ask me to pretend to be Scarlett Stovall?

Also, Ashton’s eyesight and the toxin in my body seemed to have faded away with time.

I was deep in thought when the sounds of footsteps jolted me out of my reverie. Turning slightly, I saw Ashton standing there. I didn’t even know he was here.

He was still wearing his apron as he stood expressionlessly beside the sink, his gaze fixated on me.

We had seen each other naked before, but I still instinctively slid in so the bubbles could cover my whole body.

After making sure I wasn’t exposed, I turned over and put on a calm front. “Don’t you know I’m taking a bath in private?”

“Mm,” came Ashton’s calm reply. “We have two kids. There’s no need to be shy.”

“Hey!” I can’t believe he’s using my words against me!

I nearly suffocated from fury.

Meanwhile, Ashton remained unfazed and righteous as though he was Superman in disguise.

The more I thought, the angrier I got. Immediately, I smirked as an idea came to me.

After confirming Ashton was still there, I schooled my expression into a seductive look. Rising from the tub, I pressed my body on the edge and winked at him invitingly.

“It’s no fun to take a bath alone. Won’t you come and join me? After all, you’re my most intimate partner in the world.”

I raised my hand and placed it at the edge of the tub, allowing water to drip down my hand before winking at him flirtatiously.

“Won’t you join me?”

I was certain he couldn’t resist my advances.

Hence, I flashed a smile and waited for him to react.

Ashton stood rooted to the spot. His gaze was burning with desire like it had caught fire.

He moved swiftly and took the bathrobe from the rack before throwing it to me without warning.

Before I could react, the bathrobe had covered my entire body. The romantic atmosphere was ruined, and I no longer looked sexy.

His voice rang out. “If you continue, the dishes will get cold. Don’t let Audrey wait too long.”

With that, he turned to leave. I removed the robe from my head to see his figure walking out of the bathroom. Furious, I flung the robe at his back.

What is this? Is he ignoring his wife because he has a daughter now?

That’s no fun!

When I arrived downstairs, dinner was ready. John and Ashton were waiting for me at the table with the kids.

Everyone only began eating after I took my seat.

Ashton was deadpanned as though he was working in his office. He could’ve easily intimidated the other party to give in.

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