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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1484

“You’re wrong. I’m not asking for your help.” I was unfazed. “Ashton is in this state because of the Hall family. He’s the only one keeping your family afloat. If you want to lead a wealthy lifestyle, you should pray for his safety. Otherwise, you won’t remain a socialite for long even without me in the picture.”

“Carlette! Know your place. How dare you talk to me that way? Do you seriously think you will be Mrs. Fuller forever? I will drag you down from that position one day! I’ll let you pay the price for being arrogant!”

Tiffany seemed to recall something and let out an odd chuckle. “Ashton forgot he used to love Scarlett, so you got to be Mrs. Fuller. Since his wife just needs to look like Scarlett, do you think our family will choose someone as arrogant as you or create a perfect substitute ourselves?”

The Halls were smart, but they had used it in the wrong way.

I couldn’t bring myself to comment on their crazy idea.

However, Tiffany thought she had something on me as the grin on her face widened. “I know what you’re planning. You want to help Ashton reverse his hypnosis, so he will be indebted to you. That way, you can get the Halls’ and Fullers’ fortune, right? Dream on! The expert who hypnotized Ashton is a world-class hypnotist. He won’t be able to break free from our control!”

She paused before leaning closer to me. “Guess how long will it take before the next substitute takes over your position?”

Suddenly, she looked up and cackled crazily. “He won’t revert back to the man he was! He will be nothing but an emotionless machine for the rest of his life, incapable of love or reciprocating your love!”

I clenched my fists as my body tensed up. Gritting my teeth, I retorted, “You’re wrong. Ashton isn’t a machine. At least he knows how to retaliate. What about you? You depend on the Hall family to survive. You knew Ashton went through a lot just to avenge you lot, but you abetted the devil and destroyed his hard found happiness. People like you are puppets controlled by others. You’re so cold-blooded. What right do you have to criticize him?”

“Shut up!” Tiffany reacted angrily. “That’s nonsense!”

I stuck my chin up and scoffed, “You know perfectly well whether I was talking nonsense or not.”

Seeing how Tiffany’s expression contorted in anger and shame before falling silent, I relaxed and stalked away happily.

Since six years ago, I knew Tiffany and Ashton were different though they were related by blood.

Tiffany was selfish and would remain quiet if it concerned her own benefits.

Meanwhile, Ashton might seem indifferent, but he cared for his loved ones. No matter how badly he was hurt, he would still carry his burden and move ahead.

Tiffany stretched her arms wide and yelled, “Carlette, don’t you leave! You better explain yourself!”

Ignoring her annoying shrieks, I entered my car and buckled my seatbelt.

When my car drove away, I smirked for I had an answer now.

The person who hypnotized Ashton was none other than Nicolas.

Those with vested interests would not remain silent for the interests of others.

I was about to search for world-class hypnotists when I received a text from Ashton.

Ashton: John is here.

He was asking me to return home now.

I had texted John to ask him to bring Audrey home so she could get to try Ashton’s cooking. John wanted to see Ashton make a fool of himself, so he agreed readily.

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