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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1483

“It is a husband’s job to fulfill his wife’s wish if they are reasonable,” uttered Ashton, seemingly pleased with himself.

He was, indeed, acting like a desirable husband.

Yet, I found it annoying.

I put down my fork and stalked out.

Ashton called out, “Where are you going?”

I pretended not to hear him and strode away.

Sensing my intention, his voice grew louder. “A husband has the right to know his wife’s whereabouts.”

Ha! Duty? Right? One will think he’s a lawyer!

I didn’t want him to come after me, so I dismissed him with a wave and said, “I’m going to get you a doctor. It’s part of my duty, so just stay at home!”

Millie stopped the car in front of Tiffany’s house. I got down and went in, but a bodyguard stopped me from going further. “Who are you?”

“Scarlett Stovall, your employer’s sister-in-law,” I replied politely.

The bodyguard studied me for a while before replying doubtfully, “Wait here. I shall inform her on your arrival.”

Shortly after he went in, Tiffany appeared in my sight.

She was wearing ruby red silk pajamas; her face drained of color. It seemed like she was gravely ill. She waved the bodyguards away.

When we were left alone, she uttered icily, “Why are you here? Do you seriously think you are Scarlett? My brother is siding with you because of your face. You won’t gloat for long. If you’re here to laugh at me, I think you should take a look at yourself!”

Before I could speak, Tiffany started attacking me verbally. I felt my head throbbing from her swift speech.

Frowning slightly, I retorted, “I’m not interested in your matter. I’m here for one reason. Tell me who hypnotized Ashton back then.”

It should be a well-known fact, but something triggered Tiffany as she yelled at me, “Get out of my sight now!”

“Get out of my house right now!”

Her face was contorted in anger as she shrieked with all her might.

I wasn’t close to Tiffany, but I remembered her being a haughty socialite. She would never lose her composure in public.

Right now, Tiffany seemed like a madwoman instead of a socialite brought up in a well-to-do family.

I pursed my lips and asked, “Tiffany Hall, are you alright?”

Upon hearing her name, her eyes lit up as she returned to her senses.

She calmed down and immediately changed the topic. “When Ashton remembers everything, he’ll dump you as you’re just a substitute. Why are you wasting your efforts on him?”

She was acting strangely, but I couldn’t be bothered to interfere in her business and answered, “You don’t have to remind me about that. Just tell me who hypnotized Ashton back then. Where is he? Do you have his contact?”

“Why don’t you just give up? I don’t know anything. Even if I do, I won’t say anything.” Tiffany got ahold of herself and announced haughtily, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s a bad idea to try to conquer Ashton. You’re not the woman he loves. He’s a rock that won’t respond to your feelings.”

Clearly, she was trying to sow discord between me and Ashton.

I thought about it before replying icily, “Ashton’s life had nothing to do with the Hall family. What about you? You used him to reach your goals. Have you ever thought of him as your brother? If he’s a rock, what are you then?”

Hearing my exclamation, Tiffany studied me nonchalantly before scoffing, “Carlette, you need my help, right? Why are you acting this way, then?”

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