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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1465

Why are they checking me?

Noticing my doubtful expression, Ashton said, “Take it as a normal physical examination. Everyone does it once or twice a year. There’s no need to worry.”

When he was done, he gave the doctor a look, and before I realized what was happening, I was being taken away by the doctors and nurses.

“Hey! I’ve been going to the doctor regularly so I don’t need your people to be nosy. I know my body the best. Ashton, get them to stop!”

For the very first time, I felt the coldness of the medical staff. No matter how much I shouted, they paid no attention to me and simply continued their checkup procedures.

As it was difficult to take on so many people at once, I soon gave up on struggling.

It was already eight in the evening when all the checks were completed.

When the nurse brought me into the office, Ashton was sitting leisurely on the sofa as he scrolled on the tablet.

I had been “manhandled” for so long, but he was sitting there so happy and carefree?

Resultantly, my anger rose. However, upon taking a closer look, I noticed that he was looking at my checkup data.

My mood instantly changed, and I took a seat beside him. “So, why on earth am I doing so many checks?”

“In case you’re hiding some serious illness from me, which will affect Gregory’s health,” Ashton replied, not even looking up at me. His toneless voice sounded somewhat heartless.

I stared at him, feeling embarrassed. “You’re quite good at seeing things from a different perspective, Mr. Fuller. I can’t believe you came up with such a crappy excuse.”

Ashton seemed to have finished looking through all the reports as he put the tablet aside. He looked at me and said with a straight face, “You’re special too, Ms. Stovall. You’re clearly angry, but you can still force a smile out.”

Then, I was speechless for a long time.

I locked eyes with him for a few seconds but eventually looked away first. He was simply too thick-skinned. Admitting defeat, I looked away and muttered to myself, “Think whatever you want then.”

For once, Ashton did not talk back to me. However, instead of him being kind, it was because the head doctor had entered the room.

The doctor immediately placed a thick hard copy of the report onto the coffee table in front of Ashton.

“Generally speaking, Ms. Stovall’s various indicators are stable. However, her body’s still a little on the cold side and needs some treatment. These are all just minor issues. As for…”

Ashton then cut him off. “Get to the point.”

The doctor obviously knew who Ashton was, for he was afraid to annoy him. He instantly changed his previous kind expression to a more serious one.

“Ms. Stovall’s memory loss is probably because the oxygen supply to her brain got cut off for too long, causing the hippocampus to be damaged. According to the medical reports, it’s unlikely for her to recover her lost memories.”

He paused for a while before he looked at Ashton and continued thoughtfully, “As for your condition, Mr. Fuller, I’m not very sure as of yet.”

Ashton reassured him and said, “Just tell me. I won’t hold you accountable.”

The doctor was able to breathe a sigh of relief then. He relaxed and said carefully, “Although both of you met with an accident six years ago, your situations are very different. Your body is normal, Mr. Fuller, and there’s nothing that would cause you to have amnesia. The only possibility left is hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis?” Ashton’s expression darkened, and his eyes turned bitter and cold, causing his entire aura to turn frosty.

Even I was a little surprised, not to mention him.

Isn’t hypnosis something that only appears in TV dramas?

“Hypnosis has always been a controversial treatment method in the medical field, and is mostly only used to calm patients’ emotions…” The doctor pushed up his glasses and continued with a serious expression, “As the public knows, hypnosis plays a very prominent role in memory editing, and it is quite consistent with your situation. However, I don’t specialize in that area, so I may not be of much help…”

As soon as he was done speaking, the doctor got up to leave but was blocked by the bodyguards at the door.

“Mr. Fuller?” asked a bodyguard while waiting for Ashton’s instructions.

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