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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1464

Ashton ignored his words and turned to me. “Come with me.”

He’s so harsh and disdainful.

“Where to?”

Before I could even ask how he managed to find me, he had even made other plans for me…

Ashton handed the gift bag over to Joseph and said lightly, “Take Gregory home first.”

Joseph bowed. “Understood.”

Then, Ashton looked down at Gregory. “Go home with Mr. Campbell first. Daddy and Mommy have to go and do something. Wait for us at home, okay?”

Gregory had probably realized that Ashton had not rejected the new computer. Thus, he was acting especially well-behaved. “Okay.”

Ashton was even taller than a model. Thus, although Gregory was already almost at my waist, he looked tiny beside his father. Even though no affectionate words were exchanged, the child’s innocence and his father’s maturity worked well together to create a heartwarming scene.

However, Ashton seemed to have no interest in creating such scenes. As soon as he was done speaking, he pulled me out, leaving me no time to bid goodbye to Emery and the others.

I could only shout to Gregory as I walked off. “Greg, remember to listen to Mr. Campbell! We won’t be gone for too long. Bye-bye!”

Subconsciously, I did not want him to think that we could leave him behind at any moment.

However, Gregory did not think too much about it. He looked at me dazedly, then eventually smiled widely.

Just like that, I was dragged away by Ashton.

Once we entered the elevator, I broke free from his grasp. “Stop trying to take advantage of me. I know how to walk by myself.”

This man had made plans for me as he pleased, left our son behind, and had not even said anything affectionate when he saw me. Seriously, is there anything he thinks is worth being gentle for?

Ashton glanced at me but kept silent as he pressed the button for the parking lot.

Upset, I got in the car and asked angrily, “Can you tell me where we’re going now?”

Instead of avoiding the question, Ashton said straightforwardly, “The hospital.” After his reply, the entire drive over was silent. Soon, we arrived at the hospital.

When I got off the car, I pretended to tie my shoelace, purposely fell behind Ashton.

He only took a few steps before he suddenly stopped in his footsteps and turned to look at me coldly. “Are your feet tied to a rock or something?”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. The hospital’s only so big. It’s not like I can get lost.”

For whatever reason, Ashton could not stop nagging at me.

His expression was dark as he stared at me motionlessly.

Not wanting to bother about him any longer, I straightened my back and looked straight ahead, then walked briskly to overtake him.

Peeved, Ashton subconsciously quickened his own pace and managed to follow closely behind me.

Even though I could not see him, I could feel the heat from his fiery gaze, which made me uncomfortable.

Then, I paused and took a step back so that Ashton and I were standing shoulder to shoulder.

Ashton narrowed his eyes slightly as a glimmer of imperceptible pride flashed across his eyes. However, he quickly composed himself.

We then walked into the elevator together, as if nothing had just happened.

When the elevator doors opened again, I noticed the empty corridors and realized that the hospital was rather deserted.

Ashton instantly knew what I was thinking and said faintly, “This saves time.”

Was this how the rich lived their luxurious lives? By booking the entire hospital just for a mere visit? If you don’t need the money, you can donate it to those in need, okay?

Immediately after exiting the elevator, a bodyguard came forward to greet him. “Mr. Fuller.”

“Is it ready?” asked Ashton expressionlessly.

“Everything has been prepared.”

I was confused for a second but then thought of Ashton’s painful look that morning. Did he come just to do a check on his body?

Just then, Ashton’s toneless voice sounded out. “Bring her over.”

Her? Who?

I turned around to see that a group of doctors and nurses had suddenly appeared, blocking the way.

As soon as Ashton was done speaking, a slightly older female doctor stepped forward and said, “Follow me, Ms. Stovall.”

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