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In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1457

He slowly forced his eyes open and mumbled, “It’s so noisy… “

What? I’m doing everything for him, yet he treats me with such disdain?

I rolled my eyes at him in frustration and decided that was the last straw. “Is anybody out there? There’s something wrong with Mr. Fuller. Please come up immediately!”

I had already known how much of a control freak Ashton was. The second floor of his house was his personal space, and he didn’t like having anyone coming around other than for cleaning duties. Thankfully, I was with him when he had his seizure. Otherwise, it’d have been a while before anyone found him.

Before any of his staff could reply, Ashton muttered, “I’ll throw you out if you speak again.”

I looked down at him and saw his bloodshot eyes staring back. The worst seemed to be over, and I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“You can throw me out if you like. But if you don’t let go of my hand, you might end up getting thrown with me.”

When Ashton realized what he had done, he pulled his hand back immediately and staggered to get back up on his feet.

Finally free from his grip, I tried to get up from my kneeling position.

Unfortunately, my legs had gone numb from having knelt for so long and buckled under me.

I was about to fall when Ashton rushed forward to help me up. He then quickly let me go before taking a step back. “You can leave now,” he ordered. I looked at him incredulously and crossed my arms in annoyance. “Mr. Fuller, where have your manners gone? I just saved your life after all. Shouldn’t you at least thank me?”

“Unfortunately, I have lost my manners. If you don’t mind being taken advantage of, you may stay here for as long as you like.”

I had nothing left to say as I glared at him.

It was appalling how someone as atrocious and misogynistic as him could have a child as adorable as Gregory.

I had had enough. There was no point in staying and trying to reason with someone that obstinate. My leg was still numb, but I couldn’t care less as I limped my way out.

I had only managed a few steps when Ashton suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up.

His behavior caught me by so much surprise that I had to hold onto the collar of his shirt to steady myself.

There was still shock written on my face as I looked up at Ashton, who had a cheeky grin on as his eyes sparkled with mischief.

Is this guy trying to be funny?

“Ashton, please behave yourself and let me down!” I warned through gritted teeth.

“I’m the kids’ father, and you’re their mother-to-be. How do you expect me to behave?” he questioned while carrying me toward the bedroom. The tone in his voice was casual and yet so suggestive.

My cheeks turned red in embarrassment. I bit my lips, not knowing how to respond. How did a shameless man like him become one of the most powerful and richest men in the world?

We had only just gotten to the bedroom door when we ran into Gregory coming up the stairs.

He stopped in his tracks when he saw us, puzzled by the scene in front of him. With his tablet in his hands, he began circling Ashton and I.

Before long, he threw his hands up in joy and exclaimed, “I want Daddy to carry me too!”

I bit my lips and pounded Ashton’s chest. “Hurry up and put me down!” I threatened.

Because of our close body contact, I could feel my words reverberate through Ashton’s body. The next thing I knew, he had let go of one of his hands without warning, and I fell out of his embrace.

Just as quickly as he had let me go, Ashton grabbed me by my waist and had his other arm around my shoulders. My feet could touch the ground, but the way he held me kept me suspended. We were now in an even more intimate position than before.

The longer we stayed in that position, the more my mind raced. Should I compliment Ashton for being nimble, or should I admonish him for once again trying to take advantage of me?

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